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  1. Can't remember nerd
  2. Can I grab Hive? Bugs me to have 2 e's https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/49489-hive/
  3. Well, border wars was fun, honestly loved every second of it. Apart from getting killed by POSEIDON on solar tower smhmh. Overall it was amazing

    1. Jason


      I'm ready for the salt to roll in.

  4. means one less mouse 1 warrior. good.
  5. Would like to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone in the community. Hope everyone is well and doing good! 🙂

  6. Hivee

    PIlot helmets

    +1 Agree with nate, dunno why people are against it, its a helmet that helps you see AAHA. Already got downvotes aswell, for a helmet...
  7. So, some great points I have seen after spending nearly 45 mins reading. Arma 3 has been out for so many years, being realeased in 2013. Back then roleplay was huge, like really big. People actually bought the game to get some amazing roleplay experiences, but as time goes on stuff dies out, and for this Roleplay has kinda died out. Sure, there are still many roleplayers out there who look for a good bit of fun, but not many. Agreed, each faction gives another faction to do something - Rebels give Poseidon and Police things to do. With no rebels, nothing happens at all.
  8. Hivee

    Border Wars

    Agreed with nate on this one, Maxim is tryna save the server basically, yes it might be another massive zone for gunfighnts, but its gonna {hopefully} increase server population. Other servers have events based around this and look at there population, high! I mean, hey ho go play KOTH if you want, if thats what you want. No one is actually gonna stop you. The point being is that the server is lacking heavily and needs something fresh for once, to bring players. Also agreed with that, would rather this than anything else. What else you need to actually understand is that not only
  9. Hivee

    Border Wars

    Agreed with both, but NO ONE gets it... Big sad, i dont wanna say bye to this server.
  10. Hivee

    Border Wars

    Thats the biggest +1 from me, this can help the server come back from the dead.
  11. @Coco another community meeting might need to be arranged ? Servers going again ..

    1. YoCo


      @Cocohas been forum restricted for a month.


      Gradual server pop decline since his restriction, coincidence? I think not!!!!!

    2. ReissMate


      he's the mastermind behind this !

    3. Hivee


      He actually got forum restricted? rip

  12. 34 Players on a sunday night, big sad ;( 

  13. Hivee

    The most fake peep fan

  14. Kayn

    fake peep fan 

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    2. Bob Wilkinson
    3. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

       i thought it was broken, but then i just realised it was a couple weirdos going back and forth

    4. Samantha


      Nah @Sou Cheng, just wanted to get my daily dose of weird stuff. All good now, cheers

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