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  1. Last update: Prices: 06/15/2018 Calculator: 06/15/2018
  2. I'm guessing your best bet would be to speak to staff about it, maybe management (?)
  3. That's probably because you originally signed up with your Steam account and it became your login method
  4. Happy Birthday mate ✨

  5. Congrats man ! Well deserved

    1. Aiden


      Molte grazie!

  6. @JUICEVEGAS take a look at the guide here: https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/AAN_News
  7. Apologies for not responding earlier @KingGodDiabloZ, I am running on a fairly tight schedule. I'm sure you know that, as it usually happens in most gunfights, specialist units like NCA (in this case) are often called in after the gunfight has started and so player to player interaction can be very limited. Since I was not the "initiating officer" and instead came in aid to another unit in distress, I did not have voice interaction with any of the other rebels I shot. Despite that, I did not have to question their involvement in the situation as I do believe that every rebel with a firearm out in the middle of an active firefight is to be considered a threat.
  8. Considering the kind of situation and the fact that during a gunfight I do not necessarily go around getting player nametags, I would feel more more comfortable with a longer video. And like I mentioned in my initial response, I still am of the idea that a person with a firearm out within the area of an ongoing gunfight is to be demeed a threat to the nearby officers and hence why I discharged my weapon.
  9. I think this report is fairly petty considering you're very well aware that hobo-looking players with hidden guns going behind cops to kill them are a thing on the server. But let's focus on the facts: You knew you were getting into a gunfight when you approached the town as it was stated "ohh gunfight" after clearly hearing Mk1 shots. You then proceeded to run out, with a visible rifle and pistol during said active gunfight on that side of the town and you were deemed a threat for the Police officers sitting nearby. Now, to address the fact that I didn't want to take responsibility nor compensate, I had a consultation with an admin (which I made you aware of, but you ignored it and closed the chat) and it was in fact suggested that, due to the circumstances, I should not grant you compensation. Also, I believe that a 3 minute video is still required for RDM cases (?) Not gonna beat the bush around more than we have to, so I'll only answer questions made by the staff team from this point.
  10. @LiderrGaming follow this guide! It explains everything you need to do: https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Altis_Bus_Service
  11. Tbh I like the light cream version more. And I agree with you when you say it's better without dirt or wtv else +1
  12. Congratulations @Dexterr, msg me to get the TS5 beta code Thank you all for participating
  13. I have x1 key left for TeamSpeak 5 so if you'd like a chance to try it out, feel free to enter the giveaway! To enter, react with heart on this post and leave a comment of your choice below. The giveaway will close in 1 week, on January 1st. I'll randomly extract the winner then. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all!
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