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  1. Hey @Ram I started recording after our first meetup, so i don´t have recordings of our previous interactions and my recording program, did´n record my voice. Only other video i have of the incident, is when they chose to camp me, while i was bleeding out.
  2. I got recordings of me sitting injured in the backseat one of your cars that the shirtless guy locked. and one of your gang member sat on top of the car, camping it, while i was slowly bleeding out, so its not misguided information, its facts. I was talking about your negative attitude ingame. I´m coming from the Arma 3 RP community, so i´m not familiar with the turf dealing and "Tax" that you where talking about. Just because the meta is, that if you deal on gang territory, without paying tax, you get shot, doesn't give you the right to just shoot me there, without providing threat to life and demand. A threat of life was given, but the demands where to not sell more drugs to a specific lady, which i complied, but got shot anyways, because i did´n follow a hidden demand. Stuff like this would´n fly on the Arma Community, so i don´t see why it would here. That is true. I started to record, after our first meetup, since i thought you where trolling and was about to RMD at that second. But the recordings shows me driving past your shirtless friend multiple times and selling on the turf, without him interfering with hostile RP. I´m also within the Report guidelines, since the video is 6 minutes long and shows how it went from normal RP to Hostile RP randomly. FiveM requiremens: At least one form of physical proof (i.e a video or screenshot) so we can make the best judgement possible. 3-5 minutes of footage before the initial rule break occurs. The only exception to this is blatant rulebreaks. Session ID of player's being reported. (more information about obtaining a session id can be found here)
  3. Report a player Your In-game Name: Nema Johnson Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: ID 894 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 08/14/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 530 What best describes this incident ?: RMD Please (in detail) describe the incident: I was driving around the area, trying to sell some weed that a player had provided to me and my friend. I began selling near the church, since NPC where spawning there, where most places where bugged and did´n render for me. I then met Player 894, and he asked me, if i had payed my taxes. I assumed he was trying to roleplay a good Samaritan, who was checking if i was evading tax or something. He sounded moody, like it wasn´t his day, and last time i met a player like that, i got rmded, so i started recording after our first meetup. He then said if i sold more drugs to a specific lady, i was getting shot, so i did´n sell anything to her. This was his only threat to life, that he made, and i complied, so i continued selling to other npc´s, as you can see in the recording. 6 minutes later, he and his gang wanted to talk to me, and asked if i had payed my taxed. I thought that they where trolling me, and i played along and said yes. Out of nowhere, Player 894 shot me in the head and drove off, and got his friends to camp my body, until i was going to bleed out. I wrote to him on OOC chat, why he shot me, he said, it was because i was selling on his turf or something and the tax thing, was about paying him to do that. This was incredibly unclear instructions that he gave me, since what he said, was "have you payed your tax" That can mean a lot of things and since they never specified, what they meant, it got very confusing and impossible to tell, if it was Normal RP or Hostile RP. His only threat to my life, was when he threatened to shoot me, if i sold drugs to a specific lady, so i did´n do that. I passed by that area many times in the video, without any hostility, so i kept selling. When they asked me again after 6 minutes of non hostility about the taxes, i still had no idea, what they really meant. I guess Player 894 thought i was fooling around and his anger took over, and he just shot me. He could easily extended his RP and given me a reason to why he was about to shoot me, but he didn't and i was never told, that i was getting shot, if i came back there, so therefor i believe this to be RMD. (G1.2) Random Death Match (RDM) - Attacking another player without engaging in any form of quality roleplay is considered RDM. (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. “Put your hands up or I will shoot” and countdowns are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering violence.) I did tell him, that what he did, was rdm in OOC, but he believed his action, to he right and he already sounded furious, so i did´n see a point talking to him on Teamspeak/Discord. My Mic did´n record my voice in game, so you won´t be able to hear me in the recording. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoLQ5Lf_awc This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  4. I tried to use the Codebreaker on the door and at the time there where 69 people online and 15-14 cops online. When i tried it, it said "There are not enough people online for you to do this!". I had a similar problem on Altis where there where 68 people and 13 cops online at the time and i got the same message. I tried it another time on Altis, where there was 81 people online, but only 7-6 cops and then i got a different message, where it said something like there is not enough cops online for you to do this. That´s why i always assumed that there was a pop limit around 70-80 people had to be online.
  5. That might suggest that the RBA International Reserve needs a little change, to make sure those scenarios doesn't keep happening, but i still think having that high server pop requirement isn´t realistic anymore. To change it to 50 is a more reasonable server pop requirement. The outcome of the heist couldn't change much if server pop requirements gets lowered and the police pop requirements stays the same.
  6. Brief Summary: Lower/Remove civilian population requirement on the RBA International Reserve. Detailed Suggestion: At the moment, the RBA International Reserve is requiring a certain server population, that is unreasonable high. I don´t want to change the police requirement since that would tilt the balance into favoring the rebels. I only want to lower the population requirement. I was in a scenario, where there was 15 police currently online. We had spent time to setup the heist and when we where about to start the heist, there where currently 15 police online and 69 total server pop. We couldn't start the heist because lack of people on the server. I think the server pop requirement could either be removed or lowered to around 50 people, since the amount of people doesn't really have that big effect of the outcome of the heist, the outcome is mostly effected by the amount of police are online and crew skill. Also Malden is not as big as Altis, so 50 people on the server, would still be enough people to affect the heist The Pros: - We have a large police force on a small island. This will give them more interesting things to do. - This also gives rebels the possibility to plan heists again The Cons: - Can´t see a problem here, since the amount of people on the server, doesn't really affect the heists that bad. Does this suggestion change balance on the server?: N/A Thank you for your suggestion The dev team will review your suggestion after the community has had time to give their input.
  7. For the ghost hawk war, is there going to be a rearm spot or is it every shot counts?
  8. One question. I´m all for a complete wipe, but will the custom flags that we auctioned for a few months ago, still be a thing here?
  9. Because most of what you are implying here, can be explained by my first and second post, i will let the admins deal with this report, since at the moment, its clear that this is just going to be going back and forth. I will post if i get hold on any new information to add to this report. I will also be available to answer some important questions if needed. Basically its up to the admin, who is going to deal with this report, to decide if this was quality RP or not, and if Andre was referring to a past interaction with another character or not. I am not an exempt of this rule and never will i be. This was a slip up from my side and i´m sorry about that. Luckily it did´n have an impact on any ongoing RP scenario, that i went to the area 25 second too early, so i hope we can overlook my slip up for now.
  10. If your intention here is to provide the "Highest" level of roleplay possible, why did´n you add anything to the scenario beside restraining me?. The only thing that was provided at the scene, was Andre keep telling me i was getting executed by vulcan for crimes against vulcan. It was never explained for what and why you wanted this character dead. The VDM part you are talking about, can´t be used as an excuse to want me dead. The reason for this is as you can see, i was trying to swerve away from you all and you are at a heliport, where is is normal for helicopters to fly at low altitude to land in the heli zone. So for you to say "a random helicopter has just come out of nowhere and decided to head straight towards us" Is not a clear enough reason for your character to want my character dead, without providing an explanation since you are at a heliport where helicopters normally fly and may have accidents like the one i had. The only explanation i got was and i quote "Once again, today you are placed under the restrains of vulcan therefor executed by vulcan for clear fucking crimes that you tried to commit against them" It is clear as day, that when Andre is telling me, that he is placing me once again in restrains and is going to execute me, he is not referring to a VDM, that you claim he is, but he is referring to our past scenario, where he placed me under restrains and executed me. If i cant make you see what your friends real intentions was in that scenario, then i cant help you, but hopefully the admin who is dealing with this report, can see that Andre is clearly referencing our past scenarios. As you can clearly hear in the video, Andre is telling a character that he has never seen before that" "Once again, today you are placed under the restrains of vulcan therefor executed by vulcan for clear fucking crimes that you tried to commit against them" so when you say "He never once mentions anything to do with a past character or past crimes" We can see that you are clearly trying to cover your friend mistake, by being lazy in his RP. You can even hear him jawning in the video which is not a normal thing to do if his character is mad that he was almost hit by a helicopter. It also tells me that he was too tired to put any effort into his RP and was speaking like he was reading through a script. Next time if you´re too tired to provide any RP to an execution, then don´t carry out the execution. You two had the choice to just let me bleed out. You chose to rush to the hospital to help me up, only to take my things and then shoot me down again. Anyone can see that you guys did´n care to provide provide me with any RP, you just wanted my stuff and to instantly kill me again, because you became annoyed, that i kept coming back to Kavala every 15 minutes. I cant make you see that, but i hope the admin can see how clearly it is, what your real intention was. I´m confuses what you mean by this. I was never explained a real reason of why i was getting executed. You two just rushed to take my things and executed me, where your only conversation with me was ,You are getting restrained, You are getting executed, For crimes again vulcan, Boom, any last words, boom, the end. Kooki, do you really think that the roleplay you provided there was at high standard or by what you are saying "highest level of roleplay possible"?. I have seen players with 1 hour or less in this server, who have provided better roleplay that what you gave me that day and i´m pretty sure many are agreeing with me on this one. You guys have been on this server for for more than a year, Andre has been for for 2 years now, so you have no excuse to why you could´n provide some quality RP for me in that helipad. I believe you guys just chose to be lazy and where just having fun killing people all around Kavala and at the speed you guys where doing it and with my past encounter with you guys, i don´t believe it was with high RP, but i have no proof of that. As you are saying, that you did´n feel that you needed to provide me with a long scenario, that maybe would end up being an enjoyable scenario. It it because you had already giving me one in a past life?, giving you justification to just skip this one?. Every scenario especially when you are killing a character has to be giving not a minimum but quality roleplay before shooting and i don´t feel that you guys gave me that, it felt like i was being read a script and i was never told a reason of why i was being killed, because just telling me it was for some unknown crimes don´t make sense, if its not 100% clear of why. Your claims about VDM is not 100% since it was a heliport, i swerved away from you, and the other guys did´n sound angry at me, they where just feeling sad for me, for crashing my plane. (1.2) Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) - Shooting at someone without engaging in any form of quality role play is considered RDM. (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. Count downs are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering shooting.) I will be leaving this up to the admins. If they believe this scenario was considered high quality RP, that is demanded for the RPUK Servers or not and if they can see if Andre did use any Out of Game knowledge, by knowing that it was me and therefore killing me on the spot or if it was just anger because of the helicrash.
  11. Report a player Your In-game Name: Nema Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Andre, Kooki Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 06/12/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 350 What best describes this incident ?: Metagaming, Fail RP Please (in detail) describe the incident: It started with Andre and Kooki shot my friend on a roof in Kavala. I tried to help him but got shot too and we both got executed. I came back to Kavala 15 min later. I then met them again, while I checked out a truck, full of injured people around it. I got shot by Kooki and got executed by Andre. This time they rushed the execution, and I did not feel that they provided any RP at all during that time. I came back to Kavala 15 min after, but I was recording this time, since my last encounter with them felt like they did not provide any RP at all. You can see that I came into the area 25 sec to early before my NLR ran out. This was not my intension to break NLR and i will serve any punishment given for this rule break, but since my appearance did not affect any ongoing roleplay scenario, I hope we can overlook this for now. When I came to Kavala helipad, I crashed my helicopter and got injured. Andre then says I am going to get punished for some unknown reason and rushes to the hospital to get a Defibrillator, so he can take my stuff of me before he kills me. He is failing RP here, since his character does not know my character, because I died. He Is missing a RP reason to kill this character, his reason is because he knows its me, which is metagaming. This is proved if you look at 03:00 – 03:13 where he is talking about my “crimes” in my past character. He is even falling asleep while he is saying it, which shows how little he cares about his RP at the moment. Kooki rushes to put zip ties on me as soon as I am revived. He does this, while adding nothing to the scenario, he does not even say, that he is going to zip tie me. The whole scenario seems rushed, like they did not have the energy to provide the necessary high RP to kill me. They just skipped the whole RP part and went straight to my backpack for loot as soon as I got revived as you can see at 03:28. They even took my radio and GPS at once, without saying a word. Worst part of all was the execution at 04:03. They rushed the execution so fast and never even came up with a reason why they wanted this unknown character to die, just because he crashed his own helicopter. The quality of RP provided by Andre and Kooki was not remotely at the standard of this server. The whole scenario was rushed, they did not provide any RP at all, since they never explained why this character, that their character had never seen before could be executed by them and as seen at 03:00 – 03:13 they blamed this character for another character’s action (Metagaming). I chose not to resolve this with Andre and Kooki for two reasons. One is how little they cared about the situation and the RP aspect and only rushed for the executions. This tells me that these are players who does not care at all if they have provided any RP to the situation and likes to rush to the part where they “Win” without giving the other party in the scenario a satisfying PR situation. Second part is that I have checked both players history when it comes to breaking rules. This is not the first time Andre has been reported for fail RP. He got reported by Lee Nover May 7 for RMD and Poor RP. Even though the report got rejected due to noise interruptions, he could have used this chance to better his RP, so he would not get into trouble again, but as you can see in the video, he does not look like a person who cares about RP performance. Kooki got an unbanned on March 29 for ban evading, where he was told by Robbie “I am going to give you a chance. Don't ruin it”. And on this situation, he did not provide any RP at all. This tells me that he doesn’t care about consequences even though he is on his final straw and would not be affected in a liaison with me. You can not hear my mic, since i use Geforce recording and is set on a standard to not record mic activities. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMX8pjIWqqc This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  12. Its finally here 🇫🇴


  13. Report a player Your In-game Name: Nema Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Ctrla Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 04/09/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 2300 What best describes this incident ?: RMD, Combat Log Please (in detail) describe the incident: This is a clear case of Rdm and combat log. Ctrla came running to me and yelled "Hands up or die" repeatedly and then instantly shot me when i was trying to talk to him. Not enough time or roleplay was provided for him to shoot me in that scenario. In the second video, after i got revived, you can see that Ctrla gets ziptied by Original Nuttah in OCC chat and his response to that is to just disconnect from the server. I wrote to him ingame, so see if he wanted to sort the rdm out, but i never got a reply back from him. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): Video 1: RMD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfTVQ0rqiLM Video 2: Combat Log https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCgoj5egaaw This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
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