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  1. OK, since The general store manager has now scammed me on a computer game, its clear this isnt a community worth being a part of.

    I came back to RP and enjoy playing on the server once more, its obviosuly full of store scammers who dont care about each other.

    I dont want to be apart of it, so you have lost another player on the server for good.

    ( for context he scammed me for atleast 5 zipties 15k EACH!!)

    Hasan out,

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      Hi Mr Chucky the coolest cat in the jungle and Hasan Altis prettiest man 2k19,


      We are sorry to hear of your disappointment as customer service is very important to us. Please be advised that we are unable to accommodate your request for compensation.

      Kindly note that your comments have been forwarded to our relevant department so that we may implement any necessary improvements to our services.




      Junaid Bond CRM Solutions

    3. Hasan Carsteinnn

      Hasan Carsteinnn

      Dear Junaid Bond CRM Solutions

      This is horrendous Big Smurf the blue man from the mushroom told me i was allowed the barn as a compensation.

      He agreed and forwarded me to you sir to seal the deal. 

      So @PapaSmurphy i would like you to do look at my request again.

      Mr Hasan the man with the the baldest head in the world.

    4. Daanv


      The government of The islands Altis and Los Santos, recieved and dealt with the claims recieved regarding unnecessary abusive behavouir and have decided to intervene.

      from now on out please ensure to behave like we expect from our citizens.


      Kind Regards,


      Admin office of Altis and Los santos

  2. @MrLongSlong aint this the guy who keps shutting our rp down at the fuel stations and then got shot and got upset? imagine talking shit about someone else rp. look in the mirror first mate.
  3. did you tell him about the 1 tap rook bullets we want aswell?
  4. bit of a weird way to use status updates. but im stuck in the jail on five m for 30 min now and im bugged i got send in for 15 min. can someone please just let me out thx.

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    2. Hasan Carsteinnn

      Hasan Carsteinnn

      next time i see you ill put a rotten chair leg strait upthere be warned

    3. MrLongSlong


      Have they let you out of prison yet?

    4. Will Boston

      Will Boston

      Yo hasan settle down oke?

  5. i thought he was out of oranges again.
  6. Would adding this increase alot of fps drops?
  7. im just wondering when this gang civil war happend. Oyea and have a great day fellah
  8. do you have any idea to make a hm active again from rebel sides? because at the moment this is the only way i see it being done.
  9. This doesn't make it less hard you still got transport phase where the cops can keep coming back. there is imo no reason why Poseidon police can keep coming back doesn't matter if they are the attacking faction and rebels arent even thought we have way less people and we pay way more for our gear. saying well there where only 15 cops and 8 pcso's thats just though luck. most times when i did hm's we fought 25/30 cops and a lot where nca gear and ar. the gangs are way worse now a days and Poseidon you have to worry about as well. while you maybe get to transport phase you as rebel fight 15+ co
  10. 1 life at hm/casino for everyone Detailed Rule Suggestion: my idea is it to make when you have a hm going on or a casino that every faction involved with this only has 1 life until transport fase starts. at the moment it is so that police and poseidon can come back to the fight until they are just bored. rebels on the other hand only have 1 life. So make it so that everyone has 1 life. so its fair for every faction involved. Outline how your rule will improve the server/community: I think that this will make hm's or the casino more active again from the rebel side.
  11. happy birthday from your fav hobo gang orange cap gang ( aka Hobo rook bang champions)

    1. Drew


      Haha thanks man

  12. yea but i think you need some old people to come back from the factions and go to rebel life to setup gangs and such. so there must be a way for old people to come back aswell.
  13. But i dont see how making runs more profitable brings people who are in factions atm to rebel life again. only way to see that happen if its fun to play as a rebel but to make it fun again and that imo needs to come from everyone in the way they play the game. we are all here for some rp a lot or minimum but at least abit. otherwise you would just play some other stuff if you really did not want any rp, thats why i think stuff like deeming people involved and shooting cars and i dont have to listen to your rp when you are robbing something should be changed,. and when i mean you should li
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