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  1. OK, since The general store manager has now scammed me on a computer game, its clear this isnt a community worth being a part of.

    I came back to RP and enjoy playing on the server once more, its obviosuly full of store scammers who dont care about each other.

    I dont want to be apart of it, so you have lost another player on the server for good.

    ( for context he scammed me for atleast 5 zipties 15k EACH!!)

    Hasan out,

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    2. MrLongSlong




      Sorry working from home and one of the kids ( from the basement ) escaped and used my terminal to reply to this support thread, very sorry.

      ( Can this please be deleted )


      Anymore concerns please speak to my manager : @PapaSmurphy

      Kind Regards


      -MrLongslong ( maddess skenger ) ( Chucky hater ) 

    3. Hasan Carsteinnn

      Hasan Carsteinnn

       Dear Mr MrLongSlong,

      First of all i dont think this is not a nice response to a BIG issue,

      to go to your points.

      Im a real tall man okay so i have already grown up and you should stop growing your unibrow.

      chucky has had a real good life until now. ( he already 10) he is indeed abit overweight but that doesnt matter so you should watch ur mouth about it.


      Chucky the coolest cat in the jungle and Hasan Altis prettiest man 2k19


    4. MrLongSlong



      Mr Sink,

      It appears that we have made a mistake as I thought your cat was called "Chucky", but it appears to me that you are talking about you late wife " @CiskaLV" and ur cuckry.


      Sorry for any confusion


      -MrLongSlong ( Cats = bad )

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