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  1. Not very often me Maxim agree but Nopety nope nope nope
  2. I would be willing to offer my third party services as a trusted member of the cartel your money will be safe with me!
  3. we don't mention that name in polite company...
  4. A rook banging hobo has better aim then me.
  5. You couldn't catch a cold.
  6. @Simen100% thought it was you 😂 

    1. Simen


      I genuinely thought I was reported aswell tbf, had to double check on steam if I actually had launched arma recently 😂

  7. You did say you wanted to know how the EJK system works...
  8. Was my first night back in two months.So was good to just be an idiot and have a laugh.To many to tag and thanks to all the civs that tagged along for the stupidity.
  9. Did anyone manage to get video of the bowling game at telos last night? My shadow play decided not to record the best part.

    1. WhoisDan


      I pray someone did 🤣 btw big up to all the Poseidon lads last night, that was the most fun I've had on Altis since I came back 

    2. S3ph


      Roo was streaming, so i`m 100% that he has that covered 🙂

    3. Johnathon Reeds
  10. @Tiger JigginsAnythings possible with the application of enough alcohol. I mean you were very receptive last week only had to put two babyshams and an appletise into you,and you were game for anything.Still a bit sore?Don't worry throw a manpoon in you'll be fine.
  11. @Ji the Pillager I told you before i only do Mexicans not plebs.
  12. Libelous sir.Expect to hear from my solicitor in the near future.If that's the best you've got @khalifattyyyyou need to improve your game cause that's just embarrassing.
  13. @DavidGamingYour first mistake was thinking for a millisecond this bunch of inbred knuckle dragging fuckwits could be trusted. @Ji the Pillagerfake pleb @Jayray Holder other fake pleb. @Maximfakest pleb. These barn scams are well known and often documented in future use a trusted third party I recommend @CC Gordon Seems a fool and his money are easily parted.
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