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  1. RP banks are easy just come up with something other then "I'm fixing the alarm" I sold 50mil loans to policemen last night for £6 a month over the next 15323 years (with a generation clause) no interest for the first 100 years and a break your legs clause if payments were not kept up... walked away with £47k easy clap.
  2. Anyone else watching Black summer on netflix? I thought the first season was a bit meh, But this one is literally like watching a live action dayz. Worth a watch if you like your zomboid content.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. GREENY


      you shouldn't be watching anything other than the football 😂


    3. Henry Atlas

      Henry Atlas

      @GREENY 22 grown men kicking a bag of wind around a field doesn't do anything for me my dude 😉


    4. GREENY


      it does for me ive just spilt more beer than ive drank haha its defo coming home ⚽

  3. Maybe last century you geriatric bed shitter.
  4. @Bowen  I'm offended...

    1. foxyy


      Whats up henry lad

    2. Bowen
  5. So I pulled my old Technics 1210's and mixing deck out of the loft the other day new needles were ordered and  have arrived.DJ Soppy Socks might be pumping out a few trance classics at Kavala nightclub later on tonight. Let's see if I can still beat match like I could back in the day.


    1. GREENY


      are you sure matey it was such along time ago i dont remember decks cd in my time haha

    2. Henry Atlas

      Henry Atlas

      @GREENY Vinyl or go home tbh.It'll prob be terribad and I'll miss matches every track but it'll be a laugh.No requests though as I've only got about 40 12"s but I'll see what I can come up with.

  6. We need to catch up mate

    1. Henry Atlas

      Henry Atlas

      We do I r teh bad friend.

    2. Punk


      Yep thats true bro 😉

  7. Not very often me Maxim agree but Nopety nope nope nope
  8. I would be willing to offer my third party services as a trusted member of the cartel your money will be safe with me!
  9. we don't mention that name in polite company...
  10. A rook banging hobo has better aim then me.
  11. You couldn't catch a cold.
  12. @Simen100% thought it was you 😂 

    1. Simen


      I genuinely thought I was reported aswell tbf, had to double check on steam if I actually had launched arma recently 😂

  13. Did anyone manage to get video of the bowling game at telos last night? My shadow play decided not to record the best part.

    1. WhoisDan


      I pray someone did 🤣 btw big up to all the Poseidon lads last night, that was the most fun I've had on Altis since I came back 

    2. S3ph


      Roo was streaming, so i`m 100% that he has that covered 🙂

    3. Johnathon Reeds
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