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  1. If you can delay it until Sunday I’m in @lil charlie
  2. @Stolen Stuff well I guess there isn’t a guarantee but anything you want me to do to make it safer for you, I will happily do
  3. we can meetup in a location of your choice, i will give u some of the cash then you can give me 1 supressor, repeat...
  4. Will do this happily but cannot do anything illegal (trading illegal attachments) in the zone matey
  5. Ill take them all for 10mil if you can do it before like 10?
  6. Hello, So after i pointed out some quite serious rule breaks to you, the video link has been removed. @CiskaLV Has kindly downloaded your video and re uploaded it in case that disappears too. Firstly, if you are reporting the entire gang i hope you have proof that every single member has broken rules, if not please say the certain people you want to report, and what you are reporting them for. We will happily respond to this report but it is very hard to when you have put in a vague report for a whole gang. In your video, at 0:35 you can be heard saying "there is so much fucking autism", just not really necessary is it? At 1:40 you and Ralph start talking about Amnesia and at 1:55 Ralph says (while downed just to add) "Come to kavala and kill these faggots" At around 2:45 you approach us all and are told to stop the vehicle, you are told if you do drive off then you will be ripped out, this could have been said with more roleplay involved, however it was cut short as i was given a nice little tap with the jeep, and from the video it is clear your intentions were to "kill all the amnesias" I asked why SOS chatted so much shit, dont really see how you think i looked at the feed for this, some of us know Ralphs voice and know that he is in SOS. And the comment was entirely within Roleplay. No attempt to resolve this was made, and i believe we would all have not wasted any time if you simply messaged one of us on teamspeak. @Surgay dont comment on reports you arent involved in, you were not on the server at the time and were removed from amnesia for giving away house locations If anyone wants to chat about this situation ill be in TS but since you seem to think we are all asses and shouldn't have been unbanned, i doubt you will.
  7. If records are being wiped does this include forum warning points/restrictions?
  8. Name: Haarry Got scammed for (Barns, houses, weapons and all): all  How much money: 10 million give to me please
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