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  1. It had done my friend, I've tried very hard to forget what happened after lmao
  2. Not letting Moses near a chopper again
  3. I can't even look at my map anymore without anything going wrong anymore smh
  4. How was the auction house? You get to hit the hammer? 😆

  5. A friendly reminder to be careful who you lend your chopper to.
  6. You know what, I might have to invest in this
  7. (7.2.5) You may not write in sidechat that you are robbing the bank. This is your operation with the friends/members that are there with you. You may not call for backup, only those on site at the beginning of the heist may take part. The Police may return after NLR timer is up however non-whitelisted civilians may not. I believe that this rule should apply to both the Treasury and the RBA International Reserve, not just the Treasury as I believe that many roleplay situations, such as negotiations, at the reserve can be negatively effected by this and result in an overall bad experience for everyone involved. As stated for the treasury, this is your operation with the friends/members that are there with you, and it should not be ruined by others trying to interrupt your roleplay.
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