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  1. Leaving See Ya GIF by MOODMAN bye. 🙂

    1. Yello


      see u in a few days when u decide to come back

    2. Punk


      Mr Anderson ...we need u

  2. @ALASEERYou see, I only shot 100 bullets inside of you. Not 500 ghehehe
  3. Welcome maniak! Good luck on the server.
  4. Is this still alive? 

    1. Wilco


      The forums have never been a living thing... we do have some living people here however or so I am told

  5. I hope the server will be highly populated soon again...
  6. Love the idea! It could also be the roleplay story of a gang though!
  7. Banned for not being an alien but a unicorn.
  8. Banned for spelling Kavala wrong because you forgot the capital K
  9. Good job for bringing this problem into the light, although that already happened many times before this post. But it is nice to see that people are still trying to get the best out of this server! I think the problem won't change that quick, but you certainly made a step in the right direction!
  10. Time to start something new again.

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