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  1. 1836441377_fM0zuKU(1).thumb.jpg.46bd759ecfc3718aec74cacc43c7090f.jpg

    Not been around much recently due to life things but I'm about to be back, also just found out that baby Jon Snow number 2 is due in August. 🤩 

    lets get itttt.

    1. Scorpex


      Congratulations mann

    2. OG Jon Snow
  2. love a good face palming session, gn boys 😋

  3. It only takes the one facepalm😂🎣


  4. Daily offender, crazy eastender. 

  5. @ShaunLAD why does this remind me of porter HAHAHAH

  6. Hope all goes well mate, FUCK CANCER and keep doing you. Plebs for life
  7. looks fucking sick get those in rn
  8. Attempted Murder 😞

  9. 2 klicks mk1 bipod

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    2. Ant
    3. OG Jon Snow

      OG Jon Snow

      Oh so one of them what sits 10 klicks out? 🤣  but hey you do what you do best spacer.png

    4. Nuclear


      Nah thats wiisys domain im so close to you i can see the white in your eyes before you die 😉

  10. wrecking opps like I'm Wreck-It-Ralph🎣

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