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  1. Where are the congo warriors?


    Fuck X, All My Homies Use Y | Know Your Meme

  3. Do you ever bench press a pillow - @Jamie
  4. Would be useful if the Police holiday/being able to play rebel change was implemented as that would definetly increase the amount of people playing rebel, I'm not sure whats holding it back but as far as I'm aware the poseidon change was near enough instant.
  5. Good step for the server, Rebels have in the past got the worst from all situations regarding factions and their distputes due to the majority of staff being whitelisted or hobos (not in any gangs) and the missunderstanding and ease to blame issues of gunfights on them. Enjoy the roleplay
  6. It's funny that, because our last operation was Operation Guardian, which is the operation that assisted us with seizing over £350,000,000 worth of different illegal goods, mainly firearms. You can see the statistics below, since you're clearly very miss-informed;
  7. Everyones missed the point Charles is trying to get at here, he's asking for a genuine purpose of poseidon and we have members of poseidon and even a Baron who doesn't know, everyone on the server knows poseidon are a shit version of the UNMC, they act like a gang when it suits them and they enforce the law like police when that suits them, apart from being power hungry kids on a roleplay server, what is their actual purpose because they've been on the server for over a year now?


    1. Wilco


      Not that you should be discussing bans in status updates! But your dear friend was already on the 1.6 remain list

      I refer you to the community vote:

      This was voted for by the community 271 votes to 46

      Who this will not apply to

      Anyone banned for the following

      • Hacks/Cheats/Scripting
      • Threats to the server, community or staff team
      • Severe cases of Racism, Harassment or bullying.
      • Some 1.6 Bans (Some of these players have displayed they do not want to be part of RPUK)

      I've helped you out by making 2 of these bold and underlined so you can process "why" a little easier



  9. hELLO MR vane I have nice clean barn for sale you can PM my business associate @SALV for prices and to arrange a tourof the property
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