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  1. Was about to write a suggestion exactly the same as this massive +1
  2. Warwick

    Extra money from impounds

    It's just been changed down from 3.5k per impound, personally i feel like it's giving people that are actually doing it for RP etc more of a chance now that theres not 30 people doing it all at the same time just leaving stuff lying all over the impound. Keep it the way it is, the job will be used for people wanting to do tow truck stuff for police or if they want something to do for a bit. Money is WAY to easy to come by now with growing weed in houses.
  3. I wouldn't be against adding 1/2 of each but I myself like how little icons we have on the map but then again I can navigate the city with no issues at all. Either way all or a couple of each i'm sure it'll help the vast majority.
  4. Don't think it's an upgrade that is available in the base game due to being able to buy both versions. I could be wrong however and a dev will probably have more insight for you.
  5. Warwick

    House Storage

    Id love to see it be an upgrade in the furniture store or something 5k storage at this moment in time just isn't enough. Even if i have to pay another 2/300k for maybe 10k more storage i'd pay it, it's well worth it in my opinion.
  6. Warwick

    Tools needed for banks

    Love it, gives more incentive to hit Gruppe6 when they’re doing transports etc. Could even be something like an electronics kit you have to craft with a bunch of precious metals. Giving something else to gangs/small groups of people
  7. I think that's people doing the Fuel Delivery missions, it's happened to me a few time when ive been close to them too.
  8. I still think cars should be a little faster than 120 dont get me wrong, 130/150 is good for most cars let supercars go a little faster so the interceptor has something to do. There are some Default GTA cars in the city currently that are pushing 180/190 which makes no sense. I won't say which one however so people don't go mental for them and fill the server up with those kind of cars again.
  9. Until the most recent update everything was way too fast, let things balance themselfs out and then im sure your senna will be buffed a little.
  10. I'd agree with making them slightly more easy going but i like the fact they shoot you, keeps those pesky drug dealers away
  11. That's from your AFO Guest patrol yea?
  12. Warwick


    What's to say theres not already something like this and you just need to do a little more networking and asking people about it?
  13. Next time your by Grove Street head into the mega mall carpark and try some doors, ive never gone to a car parked in there and it been locked. I get a civ car from there with 100% success
  14. I see what you mean about the garage i absolutely hated it at first but as a player that is around quite a lot it's not that bad it's nice to have garages scattered around and it means if you're using certain vehicles for certain things you don't want people to know about then you can stash it away somewhere low pop and use it without many of the risks of leigon, i think if you allow all cars to be in all garages it just kind of makes everything a bit more stale and more like Altis Life. As for cars, i like how it is currently it's not that hard to find a car in the long run most of t
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