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  1. Thank you everyone for their contribution and attendance to the event! I hope everyone involved had fun in the middle of all the chaos. Congratulations to Poseidon for securing the pink ifrit and obtaining the following prizes: Great work to The Plebs for being able to defend and secure the two other ifrits, keeping the rest of the prizes: Better luck next time
  2. For all of those donating to the event, please contact me on TS in order to transfer the money/goods for safekeeping. Also, anyone is more than welcome to take @ShaunLAD up on his offer to join us in defending the ifrits. So far, the prizes that can be won are: An assortment of 6.5 and 7.62 weapons, attachments, and magazines Up to 25 mil in cash (thanks to @CST JordaN GooD, @Bob Wilkinson, @Mark_02, @ShaunLAD, @Miyagi, @INS Snuffles, and myself) A Police Hunter (thanks to @Cool) A Zafir and Stacked Cash (thanks to @Surgay) ~3 mil Stacked Cash (thanks to @C
  3. Appreciate everyone coming together to help make this event a fun and rewarding experience for all involved. Anyone else who wished to add something to pool, shoot me a message on the forums, ts, or post here. So far, the prizes that can be won are: An assortment of 6.5 and 7.62 weapons, attachments, and magazines Up to 13 mil in cash (thanks to @CST JordaN GooD, @Bob Wilkinson, @Mark_02, @ShaunLAD, and myself) A Police Hunter (thanks to @Cool) A Zafir and Stacked Cash (thanks to @Surgay) 7.62 Suppressors Gold Bars Blasting Charges An assortm
  4. True enough xD Although I would have to give a huge shout out to @Stavik for helping us work out the idea for the event and providing staff assistance
  5. I think @ShaunLAD has answered some of your questions already, but I will help clarify a couple things for you guys. The event will start at 9 PM on Sunday the 13th. An admin announcement will be put up 15 min and 5 min prior to the event to let everyone know. Once the event starts, a general start location and direction will be given (ex. Pyrgos headed towards Athira). I don't it will be too hard to spot a large convoy with three brightly colored ifrits. Scrapping any of the ifrits will result in you and your group/faction being disqualified from the event and
  6. ========================TRANSMISSION INTERCEPTED======================= Attention All Plebs, The copperdawgs and rebels alike just don’t know how to leave my house alone. Gold, suppressors, guns, cash, and everything in between could be gone in a matter of seconds if we don’t find a more secure location for the stash. I’ll need three ifrits on the 13th in order to help transport everything. See you there. Alison Wonderland ===========================TRANSMISSION ENDED========================== RULES 1.) All server rules
  7. listen, can't help that I'm the number 1 associate
  8. I don't think that its random for him. Jay and I went on a patrol earlier and he mentioned that on a previous patrol his taser and rubber bullet gun were acting as lethals. We ensure they were the right mags and even had him re-gear at the start of our patrol. After re-gearing, his taser and rubber bullet gun were still lethal
  9. Honestly, from what it looks like to me, everyone involved in the situation was role playing perfectly fine with each other and relatively enjoying themselves whether the situation was going in their favor or not. You, on the other hand, just sat there in green zone majority of the time, watching us and not bothering to talk much or interact with us. In reality, it seems this report was put up simply because the role play situation didn't go how you would have wanted it to or how you would have agreed with it to go.
  10. feels bad when you don't get mentioned
  11. I used to use multiple of my own hemmetts for a computer run (where you needs lots of different resources) and would gather one resource in each hemmett. When it would be time make the computers obviously you'd pull them out and have one person take each. I can see how it would be useful to be able to keep track of which truck is which or name them in a situation like i just stated so you can tell/know which truck already has a resource in it and which resource(s) still need to be gathered. Additionally, a lot of people do store spare stretchers/bloodbags inside of their vehicles, so again, a
  12. I'm pretty sure things like this have been suggested and mentioned before and they pretty much always receive an overwhelmingly negative response. This is not what this server is about (even if it is a "one time thing"), and if you want to do something like this, there are plenty of other servers that you can go on.
  13. Anyway you can do like a test run on a day prior to the actual date in order to ensure that all mods are working Also, will most likely need assistance setting up mods.
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