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  1. Today I met @Norman 's real life mother.


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    2. Norman


      I'm glad that was the highlight of our meetup

    3. Mike Polo

      Mike Polo

      OMG you met lady Norman, nice lady?

    4. M


      is she fit tho? 😂 (sorry norman)

  2. I think the Banning process needs reworking. I believe that it would make more sense to ban people for time frames, and allow them to appeal to shorten or revoke the ban. On top of this, i think it wouldn't be a bad idea to start unbanning people who have been banned for over a year, obviously depending on the seriousness of their ban. Surely by now they would have either forgotten why they were banned, or learnt their lesson. For example if someone was banned in 2015 for RDM, 4 years later they could have a completely different personality.
  3. So much for foldable phones being "New.."
  4. Done quite a bit of Sea Kayaking in a sturdy, comfortable Perception Sundance Touring Kayak. Only capsized a few times mainly due to turning broadside on breakers when getting out.
  5. Dreamfields? Is that a Dutch Cream fields?

    Looking good mate

    Image result for skinny guy funny

  7. It really isn't, its heavy, and although quite fast is nowhere near as practical as an MH9, and if you need armour, just use a Taru.
  8. Maybe because it's the most ridiculous suggestion ever.. Even with no ammo, what is the point? 75 million and it's more useless than a taru, and huron which you can buy both of for less..
  9. The police selling their own hunters?
  10. Nobody: Citizens of altis: Yes (didn't steal your format xx)
  11. In real situations, these officers drive around all day until they are called to situations, it's their job. This is a game, a role play server where people want to roleplay. If AR drove around until they got called to a situation, they would get bored, and people would call them out for avoiding roleplay and just gunfighting.
  12. In the UK it's not uncommon to see armed units driving around. Gives a good coverage.
  13. That makes little to no sense, surely it is better value to lives stopping a smaller target, which has less power in the outcome of the situation, using the correct tactics we could snatch a HEMMTT and the driver in a couple of seconds, and be gone. With no threats at all.
  14. You can hand them in to your nearest police station, and we will not give you a ticket for your troubles
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