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  1. Like I said, I did not fire a single shot, that was not me
  2. I can't speak for or about the guys that dealt with you after the situation because I wasn't there for that. You've still ignored the fact that your friend communicated while downed (Mustafa) , and my bad on the "other", I realized shortly after I wrote my part of the situation what you were referring to.
  3. What's up man, I'm the NCA guy in this video. I was the one that said "is that him, looks like him to me". Before I say anything I want to point out this is the first and only time I say something in this video, and I never unloaded a single round on you. Now, I can't speak for the PCSO, as I was not in the same teamspeak channel as him, but the reason I said what I said was because you were wearing the same backpack and vest as the guy we were chasing,the only difference was you took your clothes off and put your gun in your bag. Now, while chasing you we saw were you ran and In this video it
  4. Really appreciate the good words man. Good late night patrol and I'm glad I could help!
  5. This is great man, good work.
  6. Flexing on us two posts in a row
  7. They would look better in Bob's scrap yard
  8. You tagged the wrong guy, the Surgeon/CI is @CI Gordon Ramsay
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