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  1. Like I said, I did not fire a single shot, that was not me
  2. I can't speak for or about the guys that dealt with you after the situation because I wasn't there for that. You've still ignored the fact that your friend communicated while downed (Mustafa) , and my bad on the "other", I realized shortly after I wrote my part of the situation what you were referring to.
  3. What's up man, I'm the NCA guy in this video. I was the one that said "is that him, looks like him to me". Before I say anything I want to point out this is the first and only time I say something in this video, and I never unloaded a single round on you. Now, I can't speak for the PCSO, as I was not in the same teamspeak channel as him, but the reason I said what I said was because you were wearing the same backpack and vest as the guy we were chasing,the only difference was you took your clothes off and put your gun in your bag. Now, while chasing you we saw were you ran and In this video it is clear that as soon as you turn the corner we are there running towards you without your clothes on (quite fishy). Now, what I said was a comment with no action behind it, I pointed out that you look like the same guy, I never shot or told the PCSO to shoot. In addition, in this video I never came near you until the very end (because I was dropped off by a heli), meaning I would not even be able to see your name so saying that I meta'd your name is a bit silly. Lastly, speaking about the Heli, you are clearly in range and in sight of the helicopter, which is in fact a police helicopter. Also, I'd like to point out a couple things that I find a bit peculiar in this video. Firstly, your friend talks quite a lot on your radio even though he is downed, you talk quite a lot yet none of it is hot mic'd, and lastly you even talk while being tazed on the ground.
  4. This is great man, good work.
  5. Flexing on us two posts in a row
  6. They would look better in Bob's scrap yard
  7. Did it for the reward, far right
  8. Dear Longest of Slongs, I am SGT George Kohler [WA354], the other officer who called Bob to scrap the HemTT in the go pro footage provided. Before and after the man providing the go pro footage left, myself and my fellow officers checked the registration of both vehicles and we did realize they had two different owners. When Scrapping a vehicle involved in a crime it is standard police procedure to check the dispatch to assure the vehicle is not stolen. In conclusion we were neither told about a stolen Huron by our fellow officers and the owner of the vehicle never alerted us himself via a Police Dispatch. Taking this into account my fellow officer has no clue about the suspect accused for trafficking over 2 million dollars of a class A drug relation with the Huron, so we must conclude that because it was not reported stolen that he has some relation to it. Now, Mr Long Slong we were never afraid of a gun fight occurring as there were three officers to one civilian and I guarantee you that after the man with the go pro footage left my fellow officer stopped the scrap to do a further, more complete investigation. In accordance to that I appreciate your input, but I find it fascinating that you would accuse my fellow officer of "revenge" when you have absolutely nothing to do with this situation. I would also like to inform you that we are two individuals who do believe in second chances and forgiveness and I guarantee you that if the suspect would have stayed and owned up to his crime the outcome and the fate of that Huron would have been very different. Sincerely SGT George Kohler
  9. Its your opinion of how you interpret my attitude, But I am not acknowledging the fact that you were being ignorant because you judged my knowledge of the law, but because you didn't have the self respect to let me complete a sentence without interrupting me at any point during the video.But instead it seemed as your goal was to waste time, and please do not put words in my mouth, at no point did I ever call you ignorant for disagreeing with me . I would also like to address the fact that you have just written "All we did was stop to help and we get rewarded by cops lying to us, charging me with alleged murder and arresting me for verbal disagreement". In no way are you obligated or suppose to shoot a civilian for driving recklessly, It us our job as Police Officers to handle situations like that.I have already said why you went to jail three times in this complaint, and at least 5 times in your gopro footage. Lastly for your friend with the contract, if you are carrying illegal items, especially more than one, you are expected to have documentation ready if questioned by an officer, especially If I gave you 30+ minutes to show or email them to me or one of my fellow officers.
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