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  1. Thought this tred would be shut by now. ? Isn't it a roleplay server? When I played on here I didn't give a shit tbf about losing gun fights what I used to get pissy about is when someone is playing a roleplay server purly for the intention of obtaining a gunfight you can argue that other servers have 100+ players casue they prioritse that type of so called roleplay over actual roleplay then let them do it there all just as toxic as the last one even this communitys Arma 3 players (more speciffaly) gunplyers are toxic af. In my opinion, you should close the Arma 3 server. But this is really just a suggestion to switch to a king of the hill or gun-focused server for players to play on instead.
  2. Is it really hard to speculate why a game has declined in popularity if memory serves correctly RPUK opened in 2014/15 (correct if wrong) when people wanted to play Arma 3 island life RP from then until 2021 is 5-6 years alot of things change and new things become popular trends arise and die soon FIVEM will decline slowly and steady and the developers and players will move on as they have done. However, other factors can contribute to the drop in players such as gunplay over roleplay, and everyone having a winning mentality, but Arma 3 didn't die suddenly like everything it dropped and continues to drop in popularity.
  3. ^ What they said along with the meta of the server being focused on gunplay over Roleplay where GTA RP is a little better with the RP over the GP
  4. @Wilco Basically @Mike Polotold me that my game graphics were too high that caused my GPU to overload. So the fix is lower your game graphics. So it was a me issue
  5. Issue Resolved report can be closed
  6. What I did attempt to do to fix this issue was to delete my game cache normally on any other server this would work but after I did this it seemed to fix the issue for around 10 mins as I said. My home connection is also good to my knowledge I rarely get kicked from the server for connectivity issues. I'll try to run a few for things on this and another server and see if the same issue move over there also if so then it must be a me issue
  7. While I was on the server today it seemed to be running a little bit slow originally I thought that this could have been a me issue but after I cleared my cache and loaded back in it fixed itself for about 5 mins before going back to running slow. The only way I can describe it is that as soon as I leave the station everything from pressing F1 F2 and F5, Caps lock and text chat all run atleast 1-2 mins slow. I was able to get this clip of it sorry if its a little laggy. One issue I did use to see when it was running slow was my voice level as when it was running slow if I changed my voice from Normal to Shouting it wouldn't change straight away but in around 1-2 mins also Link to clip: https://medal.tv/clips/45844182/lA0Qt3iexsf8 you can see in that clip that when I use the text chat to do /PNC it does not load up straight away but takes a few mins.
  8. @WarwickI will have to try that the next time i'm on. Only thing is i prefer graphics over anything.
  9. Im not sure if its a server or client issue but if i drive too fast where the map dosnet load (i think) i basically fall through the map. Clip: https://medal.tv/clips/40535896/d1337WtUvEnV
  10. Kinda feels that this topic has sorta deviated from its original intention to become a place for people to say shit about Poseidon or Police from what people are putting on it recently
  11. @Psychos Ross I agree in some areas but those that I don't agree with are with how you say people should not have to create documents to do any large or medium scale roleplay. I believe that a decent document could be made in only a few mins all you need is a story that sounds believable and decent RP to back it up. But I can understand what you mean by cops not interacting with you cause it is an RP HM. I have seen this while on as a cop and I despise it. I agree and am also a massive supporter of a server wipe but I belive that it would need to be done very carefully. At the same time, I also feel that Arma isn't an RP game anymore as only a small minority of the people posting here actually want RP. You will never get back to the "Good old days" you can try but unless you change the mentality of the players here first you'd get nowhere. Just look at any other 'RP' server out there Roleplay is just a way of disguising and luring in people that are easy to kill on a video game. I've been here 3 years now since 2017 and I've always said that the server would end up as a shell of its former self (as it has) I've seen many gangs from Relic, Plebs, UltraSec, the list goes on when done correctly they were great but many more were just shit excuses to get easy frags. The only way that you could revive the server and keep it alive would be to loosen the rules and allow people just to go bananas. Most of you guys have said that you spend most of your time in the red zones fighting other gangs why not stay out of the zones and RP with them gangs (even if it does end in a gunfight) it goes to show that since the zones require no prior talking and just shooting you would rather stay there instead of making an attempt to break the cycle.
  12. I just want to make clear that I don't mean any disrespect to anyone who is posting on this topic. But what is the end goal of it are staff/management monitoring it to see what players want or is this just a place for people to repeat the same things over and over again about how the economy is broken and too hard for new players and the server is being dominated by people who want gunfights? I don't want to be one of those people but will this post bring any change or is it just an area for people to vent about their issues on the server. Again I want to make it clear that I mean NO disrespect to anyone who has posted anything here all of it is very good constructive criticism but I don't want this just to be what Dan said where it will be forgotten in a week. Basically, will anything come out of this (server change wise ?) Edit: Looks like i was wrong Link
  13. Report a player Your In-game Name: Corrie Healy Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Player ID 284 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 26/12/20 Time of the incident (GMT): 2100 What best describes this incident ?: G1.3 Baiting and G1.8 Fail Driving (flying) Please (in detail) describe the incident: To begin with, I am very sorry if the video clips seem to be hard to follow I have attempted to number them in numerical order to what happened I did record all in only 2 min clips (cause it's how long medal allows) So during a patrol, myself and a new officer were driving around Los Santos as we went to check on Pillbox Hill when we arrived we saw a buzzer helicopter flying very low to the ground and the person flying was using the helicopter to knock me and other players down (don't have this on record) we then drove away to request some extra units to assist up in getting the helicopter pilot. in the first clip having seen the helicopter deciding to follow us we drove onto the motorway to confirm if he was in fact following us he then started to fly very close to the ground and then he flew through the tunnel itself. Almost immediately I believe this is a breach of rule G1.8 as no matter what training to fly any helicopter you have you would not fly a helicopter through a tunnel especially on a motorway. the second clip is directly after I attempted to interact with the pilot (not on any of my video's or clips) after probably a 5-minute interaction with him hovering above us and a Trojan member being called to assist myself he then flew away just out of range but still within sight we then decided not to give him any attention hoping he would get bored and go away but at the end of the second clip he decided to nearly land on top of my patrol car and talk via his helicopter by this point I honestly felt his intentions was simply to provoke a reaction from the police (G1.3) and to prevent me from providing any RP to other players as I would have had a helicopter flying above me. The following clip then still shows him following me around and me arranging to give a final attempt to make some sort of interaction with him. I spend some time talking with him until he seems to internally use his helicopter to kill a cop with the rotors of the helicopter again another breach of both G1.3 and G1.8 and maybe also RDM but I'm unsure. The following clips are of cops attempting to stop his helicopter as he continues to use his chopper as a weapon and repeatedly ramming it into the ground and eventually killing myself and another officer This is my first report I have done and I apologies if the video clips are hard to follow. I had to use a mixture of youtube and Medal because the first and second clips decided they didn't want to upload Clip1. https://youtu.be/grR6W-6_y20 Clip2. https://youtu.be/k1OXKl69zjw Clip3. https://medal.tv/clips/39896966/d1337VOBobMO Clip4. https://medal.tv/clips/39899296/d1337SiWHuka Clip5. https://medal.tv/clips/39899786/d1337Ttro4Wf Clip6. https://medal.tv/clips/39899647/d1337HyPaNzF (final) If the clips are in the wrong order let me know and ill put them in the correct order. I am attempting to get a full video from start to finish or all set to fill in some of the spots Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/grR6W-6_y20 This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
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