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  1. @Hasan Carsteinnnall ur 3D printing and you didn't even make the top 5 richest you donkey
  2. Unban Appeal for MrLongSlong In-game Name: MrLongSlong Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198202134403 Ban ID: Not sure I have one? Reason given for your ban: Combat Logging In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned for logging out after executing two of my friends Hasan and Ciska which is clearly combat logging , while in this instance while it technically is combat logging my intentions of logging out weren't related to gaining any sort of advance or purposefully breaking the rules it was because we where going on a different server and didn't see the harm in speeding up the process a little , while on further reflection I can see this is a mistake as it denied any medic that may or may not have been online the chance to roleplay with Hasan and Ciska although I do believe they would have just instantly logged off weather or not I had executed them. Why should we unban you ?: Its clear to see that leading up to this ban we where having a bit of an issue with the revolving door of the ban system each time taking more liberties then before hence while this time I was given a minimum appeal time to make sure things had properly sorted themselves out before attempting to return, and since I believe things have. Last time the doors of Altis RPUK seemed permanently locked behind me I could see the steady decline in players and knew while that's natural for such an old game I knew that it would likely be my last time playing on an ARMA RPUK server as within my six months minimum cool down I knew the server would likely see its final restart but thanks to the selfless work of the dev team the arma side of RPUK seems to be making a stark return from the dead with its headline new map and this is something that I and my friends want to be apart of. ( Pending PapaSmurfs retirement home breakout ). While this new map looks incredibly promising I can see that the staff team might not be in favour of letting back a repeat offender such as myself this is where I do a lot of grovelling and attempt to remind you of all the good me and the rest of the Orange Cap Gang have brought to the server while playing, not only were we at the forefront of a lot of exciting and new roleplay something which I'm sure you will agree is hard to come by on a server that's literally the same age as Ciskas mental age, we also got on with pretty much everyone on the servers and made sure to keep our rivalries to the prospected channels and not let them escalate out of control. Me and my friends have a very good reputation within members of the server and have built good friendships with staff members alike along the way as an example of this friendship is the conversation with the staff members after my ban they explained it to me and while at the time I disagreed with there opinion on the matter I accepted it and we contuined to have a good talk about other server related things. Backing up this point I have continued to play the GTA RPUK server on and off since my ban with no issues not even a simple warning, which I believe is testament to my ability to follow the rules which is contrary to what my ban record might indicate. I am genuinely sorry I'm back sitting here writing ban appeals for a overworked and sometimes underappreciated staff team member and can see the irony of making an appeal before the date given by Bowen on my last appeal, I want to be able to redeem this mistake and make amends on this shiny new map. Cheers -MrLongSlong Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  3. @PapaSmurphy @Hasan Carsteinnn @CiskaLV @hawk We have a new Island to rook bang 


    1. CiskaLV


      @MrLongSlongIsent you banned.

    2. MrLongSlong


      That's only a technicality sir! 

  4. fantastic cock mate 

    1. Hasan Carsteinnn

      Hasan Carsteinnn

      thanks dude


  5. @haza___ Why are you on my tiktok homepage go away

  6. what the hell man another innocent man banned for no reason! unban him!
  7. "able to identify any witness" "would provide definate evidence" "conducting criminal activity" that's what it said in that note that flashes up definite was spelt wrong again!
  8. no way did they hire James Nesbitt to show his picture a couple of times and then get him to lie on the floor and play dead in a room full of the Spanish police officers surely he plays a much larger role , was gunna say that maybe it was leaked that they where onto him and he was killed but by the sounds of fly's flying around the room he seemed to be dead for some time. also whos jo's other dad? the one she believed to be her dad. also Davidson was messing him recently so either shes been messaging someone pretending to be him or hes actually still alive , just rewatched the raid in spain again and the guy that keeps talking to the camera looks like nesbitt
  9. Just a quick question for the dev team, I see that robbing banks/shops/pharmacies have been temporally disabled for a while now and I was wondering what the plan was to get these back up and running I understand it takes time and effort to build a new system and stuff because obviously these are all player owned now ( minus banks? ). Mans starting to get a rash all over as I canny get my fix of taking shop owners hard earned money plus those bastards over at the police keep giving me tickets like what the hell man lemmie do my crime in peace. Apricate the constant updates and stuff you lads been doing some stella work minus that steele guy hate that guy
  10. In this ITV interview with the man that plays Ted he saids that the line of duty fans have already worked out what happend, thats likely to do with the trailer and kate not being dead etc, but they also ask him about a new season and he saids that he hopes there will be another season , then they ask if Ted is going to be in that season and you can see by his face he was very un easy with that question , where as when they ask if kate is still in it he instantly answers that he wish he could help. IS TED GUNNA DIE?
  11. I like ur theory magic man but theres only one problem , shes only been in it for like 2 seasons theres not a chance shes H that be too lazy writing from the main man JED MERCURIO , in saying that they pretty much said last episode that this new geezer nessbit or nesquick what ever the fuck his real name is is the leader of the OCG which is pretty lazy but at least he was sort of written into the story line? kinda not really. my theory is it all leads back to Osborn and and that horrible DCC Bitch they are two shifty mfer's its all to continence that as soon as Ted gets close to baggin the mackerel they get closed down by those 2.
  12. True true however they are wearing the same clothes but have a different car also looks like Davidson has a gun in that clip she could have stolen Ryan’s or brought her own to the party.
  13. na na na na nah! Jo Davidson wips out the OCG gun guns down ryan kate also shoots , they both flee and get corned hence the trailer , but idk why they both run away surely the right thing to do is try and keep the wee little shite alive who knows
  14. I reckon the relation is Tommy Hunter, and that guy defo told Steve who was behind it all in the van while he was on a mad skeng hence the nod he gave in the interview and steve not seeming to pissed of that he got officers killed in order to get him there
  15. Don’t think Steve will mention the money he found, too similar to last time , he was shaggin denton and then found cash in her gaff he’s not silly wouldn’t do it again cause it will look sus
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