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  1. Coco

    HMP Altis remake

    While I do agree the prison could really do with a fresh look, I don't think this is it. I mean this as constructive criticism and not to be a dick but this does look like a shoddy job. While I can't remember much of it now as it has been so long, I think something similar to the old UNMC prison would be nice as I remember being put in there and it actually looking and feeling like a prison.
  2. Are you not allowed to be a dodgy cop and give out equipment on 5m?
  3. Buckells is just an idiot who seems inept at his job and that’s why it has been so easy for Davidson to twist everything round to make him look like he’s involved with the OCG. Like the missing files just magically being found in his car many days later. The guys clueless and she exploited that. I also don’t think Davidson’s willingly involved in the OCG, they definitely either have something on her or they are threatening someone she cares about. Maybe something to do with her family she claims to not have. It’s good so far, really enjoying it
  4. Coco

    No forum roles.

    Same for everyone I believe, I’ve had this for ages
  5. I can't believe Kate died!
  6. EZ Draw

  7. OMG bro some crazzzzyyyy flicks here. You're not human!!
  8. Go watch fat tits stream some games

  9. I drove to a tactically advantageous position to give me the best possibility of success, which it did in the end. A gunfight was started when a member of Poseidon also turned around and shot another cop first. I'm sorry to say but you don't get to pick and choose when gunfights end. Eyes were kept on you by the faction but even that wasn't required due to the fact I knew exactly what had happened just up the road. As you are reporting me for RDM, do you mind just clarifiying what exactly was random about you being shot less than 2 minutes after shooting another cop in the same vic
  10. I don't think there's an issue with staff being lenient to friends, it's more that some staff members are generally more lenient whereas others go straight by the book. I've done some questionable things on the server where rules wise I should have been banned but instead I was just pulled aside and told to chill, as it wasn't disrupting anyones experience and I got to go back and enjoy the laughs I was having with the groups at the time. But then I've also been straight banned for pissing about and ramming a mate in the middle of no where at 4am, without a warning. So it's just potluck with w
  11. @Tommy_JCan you translate for me please?
  12. Police: Initiated on, shot at and fled down the road. Police: LNL shot at and killed in the situation. Police: Jamess not opening fire as outgunned and outnumbered, not tactically viable to try to engage. Also Police: Set up down the road to gain a big brain tactical advantage. Poseidon: You sir, were simply outplayed.
  13. Coco

    House bug

    If you're in a faction then usually you can lock up house and then break in, not the best workaround but still
  14. "your are a dickhead man go wank ya self mate idont give a fuck go suck ya friends in this cummunity mate" - DarrenG 21/01/21


    Truly a modern day Shakespeare.

    1. Ji
    2. Wilco


      I think its time for DarrenG to go someplace else 👍

    3. Joseph Triton

      Joseph Triton

      Such art I must say. 

  15. #BringBackPicardFacePalm



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