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  1. @Vladic Kaunban pls it was just joke 😞DL70Lyt.png

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross


      It's not just you mate don't worry x @Coco

  2. "your are a dickhead man go wank ya self mate idont give a fuck go suck ya friends in this cummunity mate" - DarrenG 21/01/21


    Truly a modern day Shakespeare.

    1. Ji
    2. Wilco


      I think its time for DarrenG to go someplace else 👍

    3. Lord Steve

      Lord Steve

      Such art I must say. 

  3. #BringBackPicardFacePalm



  4. The redzone didn’t happen no, but we were initiated on and I was the first to slay ye.
  5. A few teaser shots for the next project.


  6. So you’re admitting that when I witnessed you doing this a year ago you did it with full knowledge you were exploiting?
  7. This isn’t exploiting in my opinion, It has been a thing for years and I have never witnessed anyone banned from it. I’ve also witnessed a wide range of staff members doing it including one of the current staff leads when he played on the server. So for it now to be considered exploiting is rather silly really. Either make it clear that it’s a rulebreak now going forward or reverse the ban. This whole staff discretion on rules is getting a bit out of hand at this point.
  8. UNMC controlling the fields yeah?
  9. That explains alot. It does indeed
  10. Grow up, out here trying to scam and then tarnish the name of a group because you were caught out beforehand. Smh
  11. Ah, another satisfied customer. Good work, team!
  12. Like 5 mins with having to find the layout and all that. Happy to see many people voting for this change.
  13. I might have a clip of it, will look for it shortly
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