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  1. Thank you for your help in alerting us to this bug, now that all of the required information has been gathered, it's been logged with the development team who will look to fix this. Thread locked, awaiting development team response
  2. I don't normally look at the forums for Police specific bugs, but since this is police issue it has been added. Ref, #130
  3. I did before posting the comment, its not
  4. Except that it is the 2nd fastest time on the Nürburgring lap record for front wheel drive cars and rear wheel drive in-game and not front wheel drive
  5. C6.9: Banned for think NHS is better than Police
  6. When you add an modified exhaust to the Skoda Superb the exhaust seem to be positioned wrong on the model. Pictures will show what is wrong.
  7. So sometimes late at night I like to randomly ride the trams. I rode the trams from the Alta street station all the way to the grove area and back no problem. Then on the trip further towards the airport the tram disappears just after the Burton station (Rockford Plaza) heading towards strawberry station (the station on the motorway near vanilla unicorn). I do not have this on video. Tonight i decided to see if this was an isolated incident or something repeatable. Video One: Tram just disappears after leaving Burton station. Video Two: Tram disappears just before arriving at the Strawberry station. I thought for a minute that is could be the phone, but after trying the journey a few times that seem to not be the case. Not sure what is causing the trams to disappear. Another issue is that while waiting for the tram to go southbound the northbound tram just sits at the station with the doors open and does not move until a player enters the tram. The southbound train doesn't seem to spawn while this is happening also. Video Three: Train is just sitting there until I enter the train. I was waiting for the southbound train to repeat the journey from the above video. Videos Four: Same Issue again in the Burton station northbound train just sitting there. I was trying to go southbound to see if the train disappears again. Now after all these events. I boarded another southbound tram and it took me all the way to the LS airport and back to Burton with no issues. The tram disappearing seem to be a very random intermittent issue. The issues with the tram waiting for a player is something i just encountered while trying to film the tram disappearing.
  8. Incidents outside of the video is not my issue here. What you are basically saying to me here is a "hand up or die situation". Get in the car or get shot. Don't press your panic button or get shot. The threat was implied considering you had a gun to my head Ill leave it for staff to decide whose opinion is correct and work towards the future.
  9. You decided to do this after a firefight between police and another group. Attempting to do this while there was at least 15 officers in the area. Is a terrible idea and if there was any value of your own life you wouldn't have attempted to do this. The roleplay that was provided to me to try to get me as a hostage is well below par. You said "Further taking into consideration, we carefully planned it all out and we noticed you stood out on your own with no Firearms around you." Which considering from the video you can see the amount of officers in the area is just false. Also to add you said "we expected you to value your life by complying so we could go and proceed with the situation but instead, as it appeared to me, you walked around the car until a Firearms officer noticed and then I was absolutely annihilated by Trojan officer." Are you relying on the rule (G2.4) Value of Life - At all times you are to value your life, if you are clearly outnumbered or at an obvious disadvantage you should comply with demands? Because I was clearly not outnumbered and the advantage was with us as there was at least 15 officers on the scene. You had no reason to get involved in a situation right after a firefight between police and another gang. This is not the level of role-play I would expect from a whitelisted gang. You wanted to say about 10 word to me in total to win a situation. You come up to a situation where shot have already been fired and expected not to get a response, or worst you expected this response to get in on the action as we were watching you talk on the radio constantly while the ballas situation was unfolding. I personally think this is a poor way to interact with someone from the start as you pulled a gun on me and I was still trying to speak to you about driving up to me you immediately handed me an ultimatum. If you think your action are perfect in every way then I have been informed about my mistake and will not repeat my mistake again.
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