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      Do it, but roleplay for about 5-10 minutes trying to find it

    4. peter pe
  2. The only thing I can remember is us coming back to the Huron being stolen and you saying something along the lines of "I might've forgotten to lock it." But of course you're right, it could've been absolutely lockpicked in that time frame. Perhaps we should've had it impounded straight away instead of going to the ATM together, unfortunately Rice and me did not do that (I personally because I thought you might want to do something with it straight away) and you didn't request it either. Again, I'm very sorry that you lost it and that I don't have any footage and I hope you can resolve the situation.
  3. Hey, I can back up that both me and PC Rice Krispy were present when you reported your Huron stolen. As you've already said, unfortunately we couldn't stop the stealing as we were both outnumbered(if I recall correctly, the situation was a bit messy at times) and it was not even possible for us to call for an impound. Also unfortunately, my GoPro was not recording, so I can't back up your claim with any footage. I do recall that after your Huron was brought down from the roof, you forgot to lock it which led to it being stolen again, while Rice and me gave you some money for the diamonds which had been stolen from you. At a later time we did see a Huron, but couldn't confirm that it was yours due to immediate take off. I was also relatively sure it wasn't you in the Huron, thats the only proof I can give towards your claim. However that Huron was not caught doing illegal things at that time, so regarding the scrapping I don't have any information. I'm sorry. I fully believe you and I'm really sorry that your Huron got scrapped. After we saw the Huron (which again, I can't completely confirm that it was indeed yours. The pilots behaviour did seem erratic and they refused to properly land the Huron and get out. But besides minor offences against aviation laws, no other laws were broken and both Rice Krispy and me tried to engage as friendly and de-escalating as possible.) All that happened within approx. one hour. Both of us went off duty relatively quickly. Whatever happened after that, I don't know. As far as I can remember, most officers who were on patrol during that initial incident, weren't on duty for much longer. I do agree, that we could benefit from an offical way to register a vehicle as stolen. For example, that during a registration check we can see that it was reported stolen. Unfortunately, our database does not offer that. Thats what I have to say in the defence of the officer who ordered the scrapping. (I also don't know who did that, because like I said, I wasn't on duty anymore.)
  4. Wow, that actually looks really cool! Shouldn't have fixed my uniform
  5. Horse Name: Saint Are Steam ID ( Steam 64 ID): 76561198128136010
  6. Sorry I mean, definitely go to the redzone!
  7. Pretty sure you can also buy it at Sophia Motors still :) at least that’s what I did a bit ago. It’s less crowded than outpost and not a redzone.
  8. Sorry for my interference, Redx can't post himself as he's said in his previous post. He asked me to share the link to the longer video that you requested here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvZQxy8WwCU
  9.  Apparently I'm a flag.

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    2. ReiSSs


      Nice driving


    3. Dogtor


      Wasn’t me for once 😀

    4. ReiSSs


      This happens when i fly for Wiisy i always seem to blow up with him :L


  10. At least one of you complied poor guy was in the corner with his hands up the whole time. Also maybe don’t ask to have a minute when someone’s aiming a gun at you

    1. Naylor The Gamer

      Naylor The Gamer

      That ending was just the cherry on top xD

    2. Haemisch


      Looks to me someone's trying to meet a real doctor

    3. SGT Ronin

      SGT Ronin

      I think you need to retake your pilots test again, helicopters are your worst enemy by the looks of it 😂😂

  12. Oh, thank you for clearing that up! The reason I shot in the first place at someone who wasn’t obviously police, was that in my experience other rebel gangs often tend to engage in an ongoing gunfight I did apologise to the player however and offered comp, so thankfully both him and me resolved the issue.
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