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  1. Yeah management treated altis players like shit the last year. I wont speak about china this time don't worry! Closing threads for no reason and behave like little dictators puts many people of. Also old long standing members get banned for fuck all....just take @Cocofor an example.....the list could go on.....
  2. Also u are much older than 35 when u was born 1985......arma is based in 2034;) nevermind u are a good medic thats important;)
  3. Is this gang still a thing? xD
  4. Teddy I know u tried but nah cba to fly to los santos;)
  5. @Grynkoi oi Marshall
  6. Shame that I couldn't make it. Good job guys!
  7. Let's do a meeting and if management dont want to get involved let's do it without them. Hit me or any KLR member on ts and we figure something out. Police and Poseidon are more then welcome as well. Friday at 6-7 ish in our channels. Let's brainstorm and see what we come up with:)
  8. If u afraid to lose your gear then an RP server shouldn't be your choice to play..... I mean really just combat lock when shit hits the fan?
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