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  1. The bottomline of this entire arguement is that there is currently a rule in place stating that the only way of preventing this is requesiting them in the sidechat to knock it off. If they do not, it is actioned. Anything else is a very light slap on the wrist. People come here to play a game and enjoy themselves - Not feel dehumanized. This rule is in place to protect members of the community from these actions. Yes, Rules will always be broken, Absolutely. but with the way this is worded, I can tell you that I haven't felt comfortable. Others haven't felt comfortable. People have m
  2. Reports are only taken seriously if you've told them via // to stop and they've continued. The damage is already done as it has been done in the first place. I understand the reasoning of it becoming a "I don't feel comfortable with this!" - but you gentlemen also need to consider that your rules are written in a VERY blurry manner. I've went to staff more than once with videos of people acting in an explicit fashion and it has been slipped as a "Well they stopped when asked". This means any person can behave in any fashion as long as they stop when asked to. It doesn't matter what they
  3. I can confidently say that this is genuinely needed. I've been a consistent member of the community for what is about to become three years - I'm one of the few women who have consistently stuck around for quite some time and honestly the behaviour you recieve makes you want to leave, simply put. The amount of sexual roleplay that you recieve, you ask them to knock it off, they do - then you bump into them later, they continue, you tell them off and you rinse and repeat. It's pathetic. It's not enjoyable roleplay. It's disturbing. You do not know what other people have experienced - Even
  4. Riz

    Pink Ghillie Suits

    This could potentially suit in a better fashion for a Gang Uniform once you gentlemen hit the requirements? I don't see the need for it as a publicly available uniform personally!
  5. 121 players on Altis as I'm writing this post - Playercount has been amazing as of late! Credits to our dear devs & staff for keeping the server up to date and running - You're doing a great job! - It's great to see that members of the community have engaged in showing mutual interest to better things. ❤️ 

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      @Mnegative vibes on a good night for both of Roleplay's finest

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      @MCorrect, None of that less great stuff here

  6. Perhaps a different topic for an individual suggestion As for this topic as a whole, people are bound to want convenience over anything else. I see Nomad's points, alongside of Jaffa's. I personally feel that this would, considering those two things - do best as a skill. You'd need to use a slot on it, but it is an option available for the sake of convenience. If you do not want people to see your house location and you spawn there frequently - Respec. Thoughts?
  7. Happy new year, ladies and gentlemen! Make sure you stay safe - Hopefully 2021 brings us a bit more fortune ❤️ 

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      no, I will continue to ride my bicycle without a helmet. 


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  8. Big +1! The blackfish is faster than the only armed vehicle - the ghost hawk. Popping them with an MH-9 benchie is nearly impossible, and rotorblocking requires 2 helicopters if the pilot is skilled. Why on earth should it have more storage than a HEMTT Box? - This promotes more RP than flying away when dangers arise, potential robberies, hostage situations and risk? - I honestly do not see any cons to this! People being on the ground doing runs would be A LOT more beneficial. Only one concern - How would this work surrounding slingloading, @Simon Ross?
  9. Riz

    Make Kavala Busy Again

    This would genuinely be great! Perhaps though the Prestige Club could be moved to fit somewhere into the design? It doesn't make sense to be anywhere outside of Kavala! +1
  10. Riz

    Perk revamp

    My only main concern is the major price buffs with specific skills involving runs - We have double price. If you have +45% doing for example Glass, Diamonds & Salt on top of double price, it would break the economy. If it's excluded during double prices, that would make an incredible more amount of sense, and gaining money would absolutely be more easy for newer players.. only concern would be that it would also be easy for more experienced players to just do blackfish & hurun runs until they have 500mil then focus purely on gunfights until the end of days. This is my personal o
  11. That is actually a fantastically fair point and I'll ensure to edit it into the cons momentarily! That being said, perhaps there could be a skill for it? or lock it behind viper/an x amount of prestige levels? - It's a fairly simple thing, but it absolutely seems to be a major nuisance to the vast majority of civilians - Could this not be argued for Officers, too? Or the Cartel? I look forward to hearing your points!
  12. Brief Summary: Adding a GPS upon spawning in available to all Civilians. Detailed Suggestion: This suggestion is based off of a rather popular suggestion that was denied recently, and whilst I disagree with the attitude of the poster, I feel that the concept is good, which is why I wanted to rewrite it using a proper format. Currently all factions (To my knowledge) spawn with a GPS. This makes gearing up significantly easier - The only people not having access to this would be Civilians & Rebels. This is absolutely just a quality of life thing, but it can absolutely be
  13. Brief Summary: Some time back we had The Sherpa Scheme introduced - It had some fantastic potential, but it just never quite seemed to take off. Thereby, I propose some changes to hopefully change that. Detailed Suggestion: I feel that there were a handful of issues surrounding The Sherpa Sceme. The main one in my eyes have been activity and ways of finding a Sherpa for newcomers. I've put together a list of 3 suggestions to hopefully assist with these issues below! 1) - I feel that there should be an application process available. I don't know how many people share my in
  14. Riz


    I tried to do an NHS patrol today and spent half a minute moon walking. I had to tab out every 5 or so seconds to soothe my PC to be able to drive a few more metres before freezing back to 1FPS.. Big +1, Snow is a lovely thought but it feels unplayable in kavala from my experience!
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