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  1. I just came back to RPUk after almost 1 year, I stopped playing when I saw that most of the community has changed to GTAV and I decided to give it a go. I should have indeed read the rules more carefully. I had to leave in a hurry, it was one of those situations no matter where one is, you just need to go and don't have time to think on anything else, let alone whilst playing a videogame
  2. I did not read the new rules regarding jailing and I should have, it was really a silly mistake on my behalf and I take full responsability for it. I do have a Police character which was created some time after this situation has occured and was on the process of trainning that had to be halted because I saw that my account got banned. I was in a hurry and did not realise I was breaking a serious rule, otherwise I would have OOCed a message to the Police officer that I to leave in that exact moment. I have have been playing on this community since 2018 and this has been my first ban for something I was honestly not aware was bannable.
  3. Unban Appeal for Hasty94 In-game Name: Hasty Johnson Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198169477031 Ban ID: !!rpuk9289!! Reason given for your ban: C2.3 - Forum Report In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because I diconnected from the server while I was in cell in the Police Station Why should we unban you ?: I have been a member of RPuk since a few years and I have never been banned, this is the first time. I gave myself a break from RPUK after it transitioned to GTA, and last week I decided to give it another try. I was arrested and put in a cell, I did not know how the actual jailing procedures in GTA worked and I totally thought that it was it, once put in a cell I was arrested. I stood there and I had no more feedback from the Police officer in question after being put in the cell, he went silent. Since I thought I would serve my time in said cell, I had to really disconnect from the Server because I had to take care of my handicapped brother at the time and honestly did not know I was breaking a serious and bannable rule. When I had the chance to come back again I was still in the cell and I was dealt with by another Police Officer that then managed to process and put me in actual jail where I served the sentence all the way through. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. I haven't been playing for an year now, I came back yesterday, trying to refresh my memory on how to behave and what not to do on the server, I have been in the police force before and I am acquainted with the rules, but as I said, I came back after an year and mistakes might happen and that's exactly what happen yesterday. It seems that if a player is a "hobo" and not a member of any gang/organization, he/she will have a hard time on the server and will probably get kicked/banned without a warning/reason. I was just roaming around Kavala with my gun on my back, chilling, and these 3-4 guys(which I have never seen before, I reckon drex was there) started talking to me and one of them was about to point his firearm at me demanding me to put my hands up, I quickly moved behind one of them, unholstered my gun and shot 2 of them down before the other one got me. It seems that I did not initiate before gunning them down, as the adrenaline was kicking in I really didn't remember that the player needs to value the life as well as initiate before shooting someone. Apparently they got butthurt that I managed to shoot 2 out of 4 guys by myself and started ranting OOC, eventually I gave up, just to find myself minutes later kicked from the server(don't know if banned as I didn't try to reconnect). I remember back when I was in the police force that such situation would be discussed in the liason room, and try to settle things down even with video recordings. Today, I come check the forums, trying to find a thread that would have been started, requesting that I would be banned and I haven't found anything. I am just wondering if this is how it works now, some guys get butthurt, will most likely call up an admin on discord and get another player kicked/banned just because they can. Is this how RPUK rolls now? No warnings, not even trying to contact the player in question to averiguate what happened? It's a straight kick because he is "no one"?
  5. Can confirm this, as I and another police officer handled the situation and the guy just kept cursing and Metagaming for 30 more minutes
  6. As far as I know everyone should value their lifes, but if you say so
  7. If been told so by police, then Police will have to wait 3 minutes into the chase to start shooting tires, if you are within a given scenario say you are robbing Ar weapons cache and drive away, police will give a verbal initiation and then proceed to shoot straight away. If initiation is made by rebels then they can shoot right away and you can shoot back whenever any kind of initiation is made on you. It's up to you to decide what to do, just make sure you value your life.
  8. 8th of March is women's day because every other one belongs to men xD
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