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  1. If you've missed it, last night of time trial is today! racing in the Ford mustang GT kindly borrowd to us by reginald smith himself!

    1. Gooba


      I wont be around unfortunately, have fun everyone 🙂

  2. In normal gta you can add multiple things from the same list with the new tuners.
  3. Congratulations to our first winner of the week, Sam Watson!
  4. // RULES // - Run must be in a Supra. - Maximum of one wheel over the white line. - Time starts when tires start spinning. Good luck!
  5. Big love to everyone who showed up! amazing turn out, see you on the next one! @Ceeta@Chubbers@Rot
  6. Team midnight event Saturday! here, take a flyer!



  7. If you're interested in participating, ask around or find one of our representatives for more information. See you there...
  8. Nice video man! you flexing on me with the: ''All footage has been recorded using RPUK assets within game''? i see how it is... haha
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