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  1. abit late on the follow, dont you think? 😂

    1. 3FingerGaming


      Hahaha only realised I didn't follow you! Got to keep up on meme vids! 

  2. i woundt mind snagging that number 1 VIP spot Claim to fame: big time up and coming Hollywood director
  3. Currently the menu used for starting animations such as the once listed in ''humor'' is abit slow and stops people from being able to use them or chain them together easily. it would be nice if these could be mapped to hotkeys so we don't have to scroll through them as we go.
  4. got that 1k rep on lock, a true milestone in history

    1. REEEEEEagan


      This lil guy came right from magnum coast so proud 🥺🤣

  5. i assume these runs wouldn't really be of value to any criminal like diamonds or anything, just timber, food and stuff like that.
  6. I dont know about that one, but i agree with the other stuff. edit: read it to quick, thought you meant you dont need to get out to refuel
  7. The Ettan lös crew has come to Los Santos; With their start in smuggling tobacco over the Atlantic it has become clear that our particular skill sets acquired from the trade can be applied in more lucrative businesses. We make money with the intent to spend it. We intend to keep the crew tight and as such we are not taking applications.
  8. Brief Summary: This is just quality of life stuff that i feal are quite simple but increase the experience but a alot. first thing is to add spawn options similar to what we have on arma, Los santos air port, sandy shores etc preferable close to a garage. This will stop people from being left in the middle of nowhere without a car due to game crashes etc. second thing is to allow the repair kit to be used for breaking into vehicles, again similar to how the lock picks work on arma.
  9. Remove all the markers and just keep the map!
  10. LiL Jeep

    Decrease rain

    This aged well @RaptorAM @Harry White Atlas
  11. LiL Jeep

    Decrease rain

    you can always just water them with a waterbottle, and its raining all the fucking time.
  12. LiL Jeep

    Decrease rain

    @Smurfy_E3 do you have a anti-rain dance?
  13. LiL Jeep

    Decrease rain

    decrease the rain. Pros: Less rain more fun Cons: N/A
  14. Proximity voice chat for FiveM?

    1. Warwick


      Tokovoip is sick for FiveM to be fair. Although it requires a teamspeak channel like TFR

    2. Busterguy


      They broke tokovoip in the last fivem update anyway 

    3. LiL Jeep

      LiL Jeep

      im sure iv seen some addons working with discord? 

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