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  1. L1L

    Auto exotic Billboard

    Yep thats done it! thank you!
  2. The new billboard is missing the interaction to change the image! also, if possible could it be moved to where the old billboard used to be?
  3. Follow 4 follow anyone?

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    2. Isak Vladislav

      Isak Vladislav

      @LiL Jeepi am thanksing you sir for kind follow

    3. Wilco


      You better be a man of your word. You can still be 1.6ed from my front garden!

    4. L1L


      @Wilcosoon 5 years and this is the first interaction ive had with you, im not going to mess up now 😇

  4. haha love it! sick edit!
  5. Was good fun! definetly have to do this again!
  6. Ah! I see you spelt ”1998 Subaru Impreza 22B-STi Series” wrong! Dont worry i got a link here for you: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1998-subaru-impreza-22b-sti-series-i Regardless its a +1
  7. The spawn point for the staff parking at auto exotic need to be moved slightly as currently, as you will see in the video, the flatbeds behave rather concerning when brought out.
  8. Is it supposed to? Youre taking of your shirt not your tie? I want to keep my chain on when i take the shirt off, just as an example.
  9. Currently this command puts the wrong undershirt on you character (using -1 instead of undershirt 15?). From your own perspective it works like intended but to others it will show the classic white clipped undershirt. - Works fine for females, only male models seem to be affected by this. - Rest of the /c commands work fine.
  10. L1L

    Slamtruck fuel tank

    Currently only holds 60L wich is abit low for a large truck like this. it also takes petrol instead of diesel.
  11. what the hell i dont know any of these people!
  12. @ShadowDirectorsure but thats assuming that there is only one criminal situation going on at a time? I think its at least worth a shot with some adjustments made to the rule if it was implemented.
  13. Maybe we should consider a ”rule of five” for both gangs and police going into 2022? just a tought. (Rule of five means its a maximum of five people for criminal activies, for each side. Probably would need to be adjusted for situations on turf and bank jobs to make sence)
  14. @Rastafarii hear you man but looking back at the early days just isnt a fair comparison. Even worse is asking people to change since in their head thats the ideal experience for them. I cant imagine that anyone is out here actively trying to make the experience worse. People get bored because they rely on other people to create the story for them rather then do it themselves. There are people/characters out there who carry a HUGE part of the rp in the city, sadly its a small group but when you see them they are usually surrounded by people eager to take part. going into 2022 i would like to see the community/staff reward these people, work with them if they ask for help and listen to what they think could improve RP. And maybe the rules/staff policy need to be adjusted to allow that to work more fluently. I also would love to see the servers development focus more on giving us long term changes. I appreciate that it takes time, im just saying that you can see how excited people get when there is an update and how the server is popping for a few days untill it slowly fizzles out again. Its just a thought but i think we could all use a more challenging and competitive environment that isnt in any faction or groups favour. And i would love to see the dev team communicate better with the community. And what you’re saying @Ravenz_Goabout people not being able to separate their character from them selves is definitely true, and something i personally never saw in this community until i joined back to try FiveM.
  15. I'm going to make some posters that will be placed around the city, the plan is for these to be funny/satire style posters about things or people that are part of our community. I'm looking for some suggestions on what I should put on these and I need your help! If you want to help out please leave a comment in this format: Main Text: (slogan etc, something short that could fit on a poster). Subtext: (locations, names or additional text). Context: Why this should be made into a poster. Images: Post as a ''Image address'', if your poster is about a character or a place in the city you can help me out and grab a picture for me. Preferable in full HD resolution (or higher) with Graphics set to high. if the picture is of a character please use a ''Flat'' background so I easily can cut them out. If you see a suggestion you like leave a reaction so I can tell if its something the community wants!
  16. got simmilar specs to you and i have the same issues, lowerd my ram budget today to see if it helps but i read that uninstalling the game and reinstalling it could help.
  17. I agree, I think the major issue, and the reason people think we need a change is due to not fealing like they have a goal. we have a pretty A-B approach to how things work wich makes them repetitive and there isnt realy any way for people to develop their experience. As players we are handed tasks instead of creating and developing them ourselves. We have businesses that run themselves with owners that are only around once a month to restock, is that what we as a community prefer? Or should there be an incentive for them to stay active? We should take a look at how we can de-automise and open up more alternatives to the activities we already have. And like the old weed fields, when a new meta arrives we change it.
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