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  1. @Stealthee I put fivem on my ssd and cant fit all of gta on it but that didnt work. Anymore ideas or will i have to wait for that to get fixed on their side? Thanks
  2. good reply. try being more constructive and on topic mate lol
  3. @Stealthee I think it does
  4. A few updates ago i could play FiveM no worries but now my CPU and Memory are maxing at 100% and everything is as low as it can go. Anyone know why and any fixes? Cheers
  5. Since the cartel have so nicely put us Bastards on the red list we have been stupidly dominating them in every engagement since. We will give you the chance to remove us from your little red list or we will carry on our brutal conflict on your members and very easy to kill taru pilots
  6. GTAV is free on epic game till tomorrow. 

  7. I know this would be impossible, But imagine all the active rebel gangs allied as one and just walked over the cartel and police. Would be a sight to see.
  8. Yeah if we keep this all in character then it will be fun. Lets not have this locked away.
  9. The cartel pays nothing for gear same as popo. Its harder for rebels to wage wars. Much harder. Glorious Bastards won't back down to these cheap geared hobos that feel safe in high numbers. Robbing every single one of your fuel stations at the same time the other day was too easy. I mean i think this red list is a beg for money as they think we are going to pay our way out. No way. No surrender!
  10. Im trying to find a RP video from ages ago. It was about some hobo in a zamack truck that had a stutter in his voice i think he was kidnaping someone. Would like to watch it and also show friends if anyone knows who it was. Cheers 

    1. Henry Atlas

      Henry Atlas

      @Nathanial Hartman  I believe this is the gentleman that you're referring to.

  11. what does it matter ? I still got 2 hunters off him haha
  12. The server aint dying. But i know what he kinda means by fractions having more than rebels. Police have everything free up to 762 and even then a mk1 emr is 22k. They can get lrps and mar 10s. Viper cant get nothing close to that. But that's just my way of looking at it.
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