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  1. Rest in Piece you were always a good mate of mine💔

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      Told me he was starting to get very ill and was having to stay in hospital didn't say what it was, hasn't seen opened my snapchat msg since August 9th❤️

    3. LastNickLeft


      Sorry to hear that man, that's horrible. 

  2. @putjeschepper5000 I better be getting that penthouse in 10 Kavala Street you promised me
  3. SGT? absolutely not

    1. CI Jordan

      CI Jordan

      i'll mince u and get SGT again


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      after im finished with you ur legs will look the same as in ur profile banner 

  4. hobo

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      Right thats it get PCC'd ( P.S go eat u weirdo )

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      CI Jordan

      that doth butter no parsnips

  5. ACC Longbeard, After the aforementioned events had passed there was much commotion on the street. Longslong was thrown through the window, and was freed afterwards [once we got our hands on him]. The hostage takers then turned against the other rebels in the area, who had under our nose, kidnapped SGT MoonWolf [WA404]. Two of the original perpetrators offered their help in retrieving him at great personal risk to themselves. As for the rest of the group of rebels, they were running around, and just being generally disorderly. Being vastly outnumbered (even after backup did arrive), we decided as a collective that to retreat would be the safest option and to do otherwise would most likely of caused riotous behaviour and violence. I hope this helps to clarify things in your investigation. Kind Regards, SGT Jordan [WA477]
  6. Dear Longest of Slongs, I currently have no evidence as such as I do not have in my possession any go pro footage of your past threats, crimes, and general rowdiness. I am almost certain others on the island would be able to testify to this fact however. Regardless, the weapon on your back is a breach of the Firearms Act of 1968. Possession of Illegal Firearm --> 75,000 GBP ticket + Seizure Having an Illegal Magazine --> 5,000 GBP Per Magazine Whether or not such a large weapon is for 'protection' as you state, it does not diminish the fact that it is illegal on the Island. You claim to be a 'humble salt farmer' yet are packing 'heat,' as it would be referred to in colloquial manner, on a scale much larger than is necessary. You claim not to be a criminal, but from this video alone we see that you are in juxtaposition in making such claims. Even if the weapon is for protection, it is strictly illegal. Saying this, I do sympathize that there are many rebel gangs on the island, and that the trusty Zubr may not always be the most efficient means to an end (when trying to protect oneself). When you are being threatened in any way, you ought to send a police dispatch to which officers [if not otherwise detained] will come to your aid. In regards to those criminals at large, if I recall correctly, both Hasan, and Whong had offered their services in hope of redemption. In doing so, they helped secure the release of a SGT MoonWolf [WA404] from the hands of dangerous criminals that I believe you were associated with. Thus, after causing tremendous wrongs in a chaotic situation, they voluntarily risked their lives for the safety of police officers. At least they were attempting to make amends in a large way. In regards to warrants for the arrest. That is not my place to say, it is up to my command. I believe they will make the decision wisely and with due care. Kindest Regards, SGT Jordan [WA477]
  7. Dearest Longest of Slongs, I am truly sorry that one so esteemed as yourself would have to undergo such torturous events. As you see from this event you were locked in the secure facility that is Mr. Whong's house. I'm aware you would not be able to see from your point of view in this situation, but there were multiple officers on the scene at the time. We were surrounded by armed men and severely outnumbered. It would've been both dangerous and impractical for us to have stormed the building. In regards to the usage of the word 'karma' I am a practicing Buddhist, as stated in my police application, and am making up for a long stint of negativity and previous transgressions. Karma is a term I use in the sense of 'what goes around comes around'. I believe I was wrong in saying it at this time as it would seem my professionalism is in question. For this you have my most humble apologies. Perhaps I allowed for temper to overcome me after having previously being threatened by you on a few occasions. I believe also, once Whong had thrown you out the window, I unrestrained you and set you free? After which, you made threats to kidnap me many a time. I am not trying to say that I am blameless in this situation, my use of diction was crude, and perhaps unnecessary. Regardless, I have known you for some time, and you are by no means a 'humble salt farmer' as you state, but have engaged in criminality on many separate occasions. I harbour no anger or ill will towards you whatsoever, but I am sad that it has come to this. I hope you are well. Yours Sincerely, SGT Jordan [WA477] @MrLongSlong @putjeschepper5000
  8. @putjeschepper5000 you need to stop claiming lawsuits against us whong
  9. @OG Reiss genuinely thought I was at the time... my b if I wasn't
  10. As the negotiator for this situation it was wonderful to see that in 2038 we can act out some conflict resolution tactics rather than spill blood. Just want to thank the OG boys for helping us have a good time, and Ronin for aiming true. In future it would be nice to perhaps see an SUV drag race? PC Jordan [WA477]
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