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  1. Date / Time: 26/02/2021 16:00 Release: Do I really need to write a changelog for this? Changes: Weather/time fixes: Time now runs like it used to 48 minutes for a day instead of 24. We have added some debugging so we can take a better look at improving the weather transitions. @TinyBigJacko Removed ability to by workbench from UTool as it is no longer functional @Recon Nine Small backend fixes to core functions and doors and death scripts. @Recon Nine Slots set to 128 (we did this last night as a test and as far as we could tell the server was managin
  2. Date / Time: 24/02/2021 16:00 Release: Life in the fast lane Noticeable changes: Over the last couple of days we have had massive queue times which led us to the discovery that the standard queuing system we used was horrible for server performance. We had to fly in a world class @Ciaranto write up something that could handle the massive queue lengths that we currently have. Hence we now present: C-QUEUE™. Again a massive thanks to Ciaran for helping us out. Fixed rpuk logo often failing to load in chat @Mike Polo Fixed hud speedometer issues + various othe
  3. Date / Time: 23/02/2021 20:00 Release: Arma is updating, thus so are we Livepatches, Hotfixes and other changes LIVEPATCH: Fixed gang drug sell @Recon Nine Failure to stop notifications now show the radio frequency of the officer calling it @Tadworth Fixed DLC vehicle audio @Mike Polo Readded notifications when locking/unlocking vehicles. @Recon Nine Optimised some inventory callbacks @Recon Nine Fixed error when buying second-hand vehicles @Recon Nine Added 8am and 8pm restarts. @Recon Nine Small update to the prison yard @DELETER
  4. Date / Time: 22/02/2021 16:00 Release: Show me the money Livepatches, Hotfixes and other changes LIVEPATCH: Fix bank/shop robbery not allowing any robberies. @Recon Nine Optimsation to checking banstatus script @Recon Nine Optimisation for inventory script @Recon Nine Civilian dispatches to NHS now use proper alerts system (no longer use the phone) @Recon Nine Fix bank transfers @Recon Nine Various gcphone styling improvementes @Mike Polo Mechanic dispatches now use similar faction alert system and no longer use the phone. When a dispatch p
  5. Date / Time: 22/02/2021 01:30 Release: something, something optimisation Changes and Live Fixes: Handling changes for UC Range Rover @Santo Massive optimisations to paycheck script @Recon Nine Temporary optimisations to the Queue System (the large q was causing some performance issues, we have temporarily made some changes that will improve this untill @Ciaranfinished the new and improved C-QUEUE™) In the mean time the time spent in queue might not update properly but the time in queue is depressing anyways. @Recon Nine Various Optimisations to backend scrip
  6. Date / Time: Small updates, livepatches event stuff throughout the weekend. Release: Bit late but credit where credit is due Changes: Anniversary Race Track @Loyalty Tour De Santos @Dan B(It was a great event, congratulations to the winner and the runners up.) Thanks to everyone for attending. A massive thanks to the police and the NHS for the excellent and safe guidance across the island. (pictures from the drones will be posted shortly) MRPD update @Antollyme Triade Area map updates/improvements @DELETER A variety of backend changes, something som
  7. Due to network lag, when you put money into a house it somehow took it out twice, causing you to have negative money. I have given you back the money taken which was taken twice (8,546) so the issue should now be sorted.
  8. Date / Time: 17/02/2021 23:20 Release: small hotfixes Changes: NHS config fixes @Mike Polo Fix queue issues @Stealthee Model S vehicle model fixes @Mike Polo something, something scenerey @Antollyme gang optimisations @Recon Nine changed hotkey for alternate light to control instead of shift (to prevent conflict with panic button) @Dan B fixed carry issues @Archie potential fix with gang storages and certain houses losing weapons after restart @Recon Nine Final notes: Which orange came first, the fruit or the color?
  9. Your buzzard (on character Alphonse Brown) is now back at the airport. Above 3 are back with 1607. I also noticed a rs615, a taxi and a premier on your police character. Are those meant to be on 1607 aswell
  10. Date / Time: 15/02/2021 23:20 Release: Hail Ciaran Noticeable Changes: CELS - Ciaran Emergency Lighting Solutions, a massive thanks @Dan B@Ciaran for making their own improved version of ELS (Not all functionality is in yet, and some might not be readded, but it is an amazing start.). MRPD Public Parking @Santo Added various police assets @Santo Removed NCA faction and assets @Santo@Archie F5 menu improvements @Mike Polo General Fixes / Changes: Fixed waypoints getting removed if you reopen your map. You can no longer scroll to the cayo i
  11. Date / Time: 11/02/2021 20:20 Release: Stress Noticeable Changes: ADDED ability for the police and NHS to control NPC traffic at a location @Dan B Updated hospital check-in system @Archie Doors revamp, bringing us a massive performance improvement @Archie@Mathias Some important backend optimisations (more improvements to come but it is a start) @Ciaran@Recon Nine Map Changes: Improved Sinner Street station textures @Antollyme General Fixes / Changes: NPAS Helicopter now shows the vehicle speed, and only the front passenger can use
  12. Date / Time: 07/02/2021 20:20 Release: Ice in the Vein Vehicle Changes: Various handling changes to NHS Vehicles @Mike Polo Map Changes: Various changes to pillbox MLO @Antollyme General Fixes / Changes: Fixed issues with trunks not saving for new vehicles @Archie Fixed exploit with Dr. Coathanger @Archie Added some easter eggs to the new Police Station, can you find them all @Archie Fixed stethoscope for NHS @Archie Fixed whitelisting issues for the NHS @Archie Fixed ID card not showing for the police @Archie Re
  13. Resolved with database action. It happens if you have another not fully created character (crashed during character creation etc.) If anyone else has this issue message me on the forums. Moving to SOLVED
  14. As far as I can see you don't have any ammo in your house. Is this still an issue? @Putin Dimitri
  15. It is intenional that spaces are trimmed. I believe someone forgot to add it to the most liked page. Moving to To Be Fixed Dev reference: 618
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