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  1. Yes we have noticed the ranger payouts were not raised in this update. This was not intended and will be fixed by next update. 

    1. Stavik
    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      can I have a one time payout of £900,000 please so that I have some starting money

    3. Recon9


      absoluty just paypal me 900 quid please

      (please don't actually send some random guy 900 quid)

  2. Date / Time: 16:00 10/10/2021 Release: Money, Money, money, money.... Mohneeey New Additions & Noticeable Changes Upped Server Slots To 251 @Recon9 Increased Starting Cash for new characters @Paint Increased Salaries For Whitelisted Groups/Factions @Recon9 Increased Civilian Job Payouts @Mike Polo Added NHS ID Card @Paint New Vehicles To Pickup In The NPC Mechanic Job @Mike Polo Added Shop For Auto Exotic @Mike Polo Added Shop For Tire Nutz @Mike Polo New CID Toy @Paint Added Fruit Picking Skill @Mike Polo Added Single Cone Prop (Police, NHS, Gruppe6) @George Harris Added Crowd Control Barrier Prop (Police) @George Harris Made It So Tweedle Cant Track You By Throwing Away Your Phone @Paint Changed Tweedle Tracking To Zone, Instead Of Road @Paint Moved Tweedle Password Reset To New Systems @Mike Polo Moved police CCTV system over to the eye and added another interaction point for MRPD @Paint @Mike Polo Added Lost Tavern Music Box @TinyBigJacko Vehicles Fixed G65 AMG Mods @George Harris BRZ BN Wheel Alignment Fixed @George Harris RX7 Now Paintable @George Harris Speedo Express New Liveries @George Harris @Mike Polo @MarkW Fuel Tank Increase for Tuner Cars, Import Bikes & Buzzard @George Harris Bug Fixes / Changes House 895 - Garage moved @George Harris House 444 & 788 Door Location Fixed @Mike Polo Fixed Buying Fuel Can Bug @Paint Changed Shops Webhook Design @Paint Improve DJ booth and dance floor effects on Cayo Perico @TinyBigJacko Fixed Shop Stocking Bug @Mathias General Lost Changes @Mike Polo Boring Backend Business @Recon9 Staff tooling improvements @Recon9 Moved Lost Clock In Point @Mike Polo Fixed Walking Stick + added to NHS to distribute under there disability program @Mike Polo Mod Shop Price Adjustments (Based Off Vehicle Type) @Mike Polo Fixed Issue Where You Would Have To Leave Your Gang To Purchase A Business @Paint Last Train Diner Collisions Fixed @George Harris Wilco's Comedy Club Collisions Fixed @George Harris Paleto Petrol Station Courtyard Collisions Fixed @George Harris Sandy Shore PD Collisions Fixed @George Harris Fixed bug where taxi and park ranger jobs caused "crashes" @Recon9 Fallen Angles Door Lock Fixed @George Harris Sandy Shores PD Door Lock Fixed @George Harris Vehicle Classes Updated @George Harris Fixed Faction Compensation Requests @Paint Fixed Apostle Clothing Clipping @Mike Polo Fixed Female Lost Clothing @Mike Polo Made it harder to lockpick Emergency Vehicles @Mike Polo Backend Fishing Improvements @Mike Polo Fixed Phone Skills App @Mike Polo Fixed Restaurants Item Categories @Mike Polo Fixed issue with radio volume affecting phone call volume @Mike Polo Phone Inputs Moved To New System @Mike Polo Tequila-la Bollards Re-arranged @George Harris Fixed Lost MC Dogs @TinyBigJacko@Mike Polo Something... Something... Find Out In RP @Archie Final Notes Can't take any credit for all the work done above here, i basically just pressed approve a few times and did some backend things as I am out of country, but the team done an amazing job smashing out some bugs and quality of life fixes. We've attempted to make the economy a bit more balanced for civilians and new characters as it hadn't scaled with the growing economy since the start of the server. Plus we've upped the slots a bit as the main bottleneck previously was voice which is now running on an amazing server box so hopefully that allows for more players.
  3. @TysonSmithCould you give some more details as towhat you were doing whilst you were doing park ranger missions. Were you doing anything else at the same time whilst you were "chilling"
  4. Date / Time: 28/09/2021 Release: VOIP Last Night we moved over the VOIP service to a much more powerful dedicated server which should allow for a lot more stability across the board. So far, from my personal experience it already seems like a massive improvement. Please let us know if you are still experiencing major drop outs or stutters.
  5. So I recently read a suggestion for some sort of Developer Roadmap and there were a few comments on it which led me to writing this post. First a disclaimer: It is indeed true that we don’t really love giving people these massive roadmaps on everything to come and what we are working on. This isn’t because we want to be secretive or anything like that. The simple reason is that we want to avoid creating unmanageable expectations. We have done this a few times in the past. In my personal opinion it has only led to bad / negative experiences. As far as I have personally experienced, The larger updates and suggestions have always built up a lot of hype and a lot of negativity around every update that did not bring the expected features. One developer will be working on a large feature (let’s use imports for an example) and any time an update comes around the corner people are disappointed when it does not come in. Anything cool that comes in that update is already seen as less interesting because it isn’t the big thing that everyone is waiting for and when the actual update comes in there was so much build up and such a long wait that people are no longer interested or lose interest within a few weeks. Above all that there is the chance of plans changing, things not working out development-wise, other projects taking priority and features that end up being but on the back burner or even fully scrapped. This again only leads to more disappointment and general REE which is something we would like to avoid as much as possible. Similarly this is why we have not been responding so actively to suggestions. All suggestions are logged internally and categorized on our board. Just because you don’t see us respond to them as actively as we used to doesn’t mean we don’t read them and discuss them and consider implementing them. The thing you must realize with suggestions is that most of the suggestions that are “good enough” to implement and will have a really good impact on the server are also the ones that will take a lot of time and effort to implement. Besides that, a big feature generally requires careful thought and a lot of discussion, discussions take time and require a lot of people to agree on how to implement something which is unfortunately not always that easy with our increasingly big development team. But you said it was going to be a roadmap.... Though I don’t want to give a list of all the things to potentially come and what quarter to expect them in (for all the above reasons). I think it is definitely good for us to update the community on what direction we generally want to move towards with the server. So let’s give that a shot: Those Pesky Bugs (+backend stability stuff) The last month(and probably the next one or two weeks) has been all about fixing bugs, improving some vital areas of the codebase and cleaning up some of the old code. It’s a shit job that nobody likes doing and it doesn’t have the same wow factor when it appears on the changelog, but it is still a crucial part of the development process and we have been struggling to keep up with all the small little issues, bugs, dupes and other problems. Luckily the Game Testers and the Bug Reporters have been doing an amazing job documenting and reproducing as many of the bugs as possible, making our lives so much easier. Halloween After that we likely wanna spend some time preparing for the end of October. Last year’s event was very fun for some people, and very boring for others, we would like to make it a bit more interesting for everyone involved. If you were around last year and have any ideas on how to improve it, please give some feedback on your experience. Balancing the Economy It has not gone unnoticed that some of the more recent changes have made certain aspects of the server very expensive, especially for newer players or new characters. So we are looking into how we can best improve that whilst still keeping everything balanced. If you have any suggestions please keep them as constructive as possible, outline the solution not just the problem. Balancing an economy is a very delicate task. If you want to contribute to that please make suggestions like X now costs 100 pounds but it would work better at 75 because A, B and C. Simply saying X is too expensive doesn’t give us much to work with. Balancing Cars A lot of changes came through to vehicles in the last few weeks, nothing is final, it’s all constantly being monitored and discussed, and adjustments will be made accordingly. Please keep giving constructive feedback on what vehicles you think need changing. Legal Jobs It is very apparent to us that people consider legal life on the server to be boring and mundane. The constant issue we are running into is the fact that we don’t want to add more runs where all you need to do is press e, drive somewhere and press e again and honestly I don’t think this is what you guys want either, we're actively looking into ways of making the jobs more interactive but a lot of it boils down on how you choose to RP it. We are, however, trying to add a few more legal ways to make money that could open up new avenues for roleplay. Guns A while ago we made the decision to quite heavily restrict the influx of weapons, at the time we all agreed this was a necessary change, but it does seem now like we have somewhat hit the other extreme. We are gonna be looking at some middle ground, one potential change for this is rebalancing the stats on weapons (specifically pistols) to make some of the other weapons more beneficial and significantly dropping the prices / cost of manufacturing on the lower tier weapons. Crime We are looking into some more ways to commit crimes on the server and allow players to create slightly longer lasting criminal stories that involve a few steps before actually getting the reward but allow for a lot more opportunities for roleplay. So not just a simple click of a button to rob a bank, but slightly more preparation and effort required. VOIP We will be doing some more testing with VOIP to try and improve stability during peak times, this might mean that we will occasionally need to do some stress testing on the live server which will cause short outages when switching servers. Unfortunately the problem we have only occur around max player count so the only way for us to effectively test changes is on the live server. Clothing The dreaded clothing update, which has ended up becoming an even bigger job than we considered (and that is without actually adding any clothing). It is likely that when it does finally come in, it will come in in batches. Essentially starting with the barebones framework for new clothing and adding custom clothing in small batches in future updates. Crayon Club We have expanded the Crayon Club, to include a discord channel in which certain people in the community who have proven they have got awesome graphics skills, can communicate with and assist the developers with some textures, MLO's, vehicle skins and various other assets. Hopefully this should help us with the increasing amount of graphics work. Business Proposals Though we are currently closed for any new proposals (anything requiring any development changes), we are going through all current business owners to see if they are still actively running their business, if not they will be replaced, plus we will soon be filling up some of the businesses that have recently been abandoned by people who have since left (or been removed) from the community. It will be announced everywhere you can possibly imagine when we do any type of auction or allow proposals for a specific shop, so there is no need to message anyone until that time. All of that and many more Besides all of this there are a ton of other things we are constantly working on and I'm sure I've forgotten things and more things will have been added to the list by the time I finish writing this post. There is a constant stream of ideas and tasks that float in and out of different priority levels and getting to the larger features that you all are waiting for is sometimes more difficult and time-consuming than you would expect. Especially with everyone coming off of their summer breaks and going back to uni or work we have to be very deliberate with the time we are able to spend on development. Large features generally require large chunks of time and are often a lot harder to work on if you only have an hour a day. What can you do to help? Keep reporting the bugs and the more urgent issues with as much detail as possible. Someone from the testing team or the development team will try and get as much information from you as possible for us to solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Be constructive with your suggestions. Just saying X is shit, or Y is broken does not help and frankly it doesn’t make us want to work on the problem, it comes across as children moaning and complaining about a toy being broken and does not help us solve the potential issue. Please Tell us what you think we should do to fix it and be realistic with the solution. Keep on creating cool unique stories, help out the new players, reward good roleplay and most importantly, have a bit of fun. In the end we (the devs as well) are all here to have fun and enjoy the game as much as we can. Final Note: Some people have the feeling that development has halted the past 2 months or so, and a small part of that is probably true and can be explained by everyone going back to work etc. But I can assure you the dev team has been extremely hard at work dealing with a variety of issues and improvements which might have not always made a changelog. Countless hours have gone into improving our core, and the backend. If you have paid attention the past few weeks you probably have a general idea what I am referring to. There will be lot’s of good stuff to come in the near future so stay tuned and have fun in the mean time. Cheers, The GTA RP Development Team
  6. This is something that is actively being worked on since recently. Various gangs have been given the opportunity to come up with some ideas to make their storyline and "lore" more unique and make the roleplay more interesting for all parties involved. There will be more opportunities like this given to other groups that are seen giving high quality roleplay and creating unique experiences for everyone around them.
  7. Date / Time: 20:00 23/08/2021 Release: Clothing Bug Fixes / Changes New loading screen @Santo Various impound fixes @Archie Fixes to vehicle placement @Archie Various delivery job fixes @Archie Fixed seatbelt issue with zipties @Archie Livepatched gcphone optimisation @Jaffa Fixed helicopter spawnpoint @Paint
  8. Date / Time: 16:00 22/08/2021 Release: Boom Headshot Bug Fixes / Changes Anticheat improvements @Recon9@Paint Staff tooling addition @Recon9 Fixed apostles/callaghan turf size / safe issues @Paint Fixed mechanic jobs not paying out @Paint Fixed impounding issue with Serious Organsised Crime Act Recovery @Paint Fixed impounding ui scaling issue @Paint
  9. It isn't meant to be the best job in the market all the time and break the economy like it did previously We are trying to make the market more dynamic, there will be times with really high fuel prices and really rewarding job payouts and times where we have too much fuel but no one has made steel or materials for a while so mining/smelting will be more profitable. The fuel update has been out for less than 24 hours and your passing judgement on it, there is no way to reliably judge any effects on the economy. Also the average payout of is 8.7k so your numbers seem just a tiny bit off.
  10. Date / Time: 13/08/2021 Release: fuuuuul Changes: Fuel Update see video @Mathias Added supercharger model for charging electric cars @George Harris Fixed some issues with putting weapons into weapon benches @Paint Updated spikestrip model to a bigger one @George Harris Moved secondary gunpowder bench @Archie Improved mining experience (less clicking, better animation) @Archie Improved manufacturing animation @Archie Anyone can place spikestrips as long as they have the item @Archie Fixed losing ammo when crafting weapons and ammo full, (excess ammo now goes into storage) @Archie Added DJ booth volume controls @Paint Added Callaghan Steel Sign @Louis Richardson @Mike Polo Updated some item weights @Mathias Increased chance of gun crime reports in more populated areas (prison, legion, pillbox) @Archie @Recon9 Prevented rolling vehicles back on their wheels. @Archie Added ability to cook taco's from a taco truck @Archie Fixed some issues with molotovs and vodka in houses and storages @Recon9 Fuel Update: The video says it all, the fuel market is now dynamic and depends on player to deliver fuel to the various gas stations that are owned by shops or independently ownable. Also electric cars will need to charge their batteries using superchargers. Final Notes Apparently @NbPlaysis a Ranger's fan
  11. Date / Time: 20:00 11/08/2021 Release: Small Hotfix Changes Increase gang safe cap to 5 @Archie Fixed apostles bench @Archie Fixed phone numbers showing up as ###-#### @Recon9 Fixed typo in council payment message @Mathias Fixed scaling issues for the keycode screen on 4k + some qol fixes for the keycode @Paint
  12. Date / Time: 20:00 10/08/2021 Release: Bench Press New Additions something something something something find out in RP @Archie@Recon9 increased loading slots to 80 (hopefully less server lag in the beginning of a restart) @Recon9
  13. Date / Time: 16:00 10/08/2021 Release: Pay your taxes people, or mathias will smite you New Additions Council Tax as added to houses, if you don't pay we take it away. @Mathias Added priest Clothing for our very own Father Augustus @Santo Bug Fixes / Changes Fixed Golf GTI 7 wheels @George Harris Fixed gang safe ammo @Paint Fixed house garages not allowing storing vehicles @Paint@Recon9
  14. I think there are a lot of cases of unnecessary swearing towards members of the public. There are cases where it is valid and realistic, "Drop the fucking gun, show me your fucking hands", but there have also been cases of "Stop driving like a fucking cunt" which seems unnecessary.
  15. These issues need to be individually resolved in the database. If you have the above issues please open a ticket with your character ID and a list of REGISTRATION PLATES for the vehicles in your house that do not belong to you.
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