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  1. 635 commits 😜

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      TBJ: So what's in the update for today
      Recon: yes

  2. I wanted to leak a screenshot of the changelog and blurr out most of the changes, but the changelog is too big to fit one screenshot....

  3. Big Update Tonight at 20:00!

    Stay Tuned!

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  4. Date / Time: 16:00 02/05/2022 Release: Welcome Welcome New Additions: @MystixTrial Developer, coming over from the ArmA Team. @1A3Trial Developer, coming over from the Systems/Web Team A warm welcome to the 2 newest members of the team. 1A3 has already started by resolving some of those pesky bugs that have been bothering everyone, and Mystix is working on some map and config related stuff, which you will be seeing very shortly. Bug Fixes/Changes: Chat Improvements @Mike Polo /ooc doesn't require " " around the text anymore Casino win announcements now go through tweedle instead of OOC. You will see some tweets from "The Diamond Casino" Staff and Devs have a way of typing in chat, making themselves known, without it being an announcement (this means it won't force chat on for everyone one the server). Some staff changes to the chat system #staff-announcements. Fixed usage of decimal frequencies breaking the radio @1A3 Fixed usage of invalid dj booth effects forcing a relog @1A3 Fixed prison hospital beds not always working properly @1A3 Fixed missing intro sound not being in the rotation of intro sounds @1A3 Fixed radio exploit @1A3 Fix NPC's not closing doors on taxi's @1A3 Fixed taxi notification spam @1A3 Brought back some of the map changes that were reverted in the process of finding the crash issue @Recon9 Final Notes: Take a look at this post as well, we are always expanding the various teams, if you have previously applied for any of these roles and have not heard back in some time feel free to open up another application including any skills / experience you might have obtained since the last time.:
  5. yeah it is because of the hash
  6. It's not that they were ever closed, but this is more of a reminder that we are always looking for talented people to help us out with some of our projects. If you think you have got the skills, and are willing to give up some of your precious time, let us know and submit a dev application and tell us about what you can do. The more examples of previous work the better, and applications that include GitHub repositories with actual code, or portfolio's of assets made, will stand out a lot more. Please feel free to include what you've done professionally (e.g Linkedin, GitHub) if appropriate and you are willing to share this, but we fully understand if you aren't and this shouldn't negatively effect your application if you've written about your skills in a generic context. Currently we are looking to grow the following parts of our team: FiveM Assets: Working with maps, vehicles, clothing, making your own props and models. Being able to make awesome textures in photoshop is one thing, having the skills and knowing how to get them into the game is the next step. Prior experience with actually getting models and textures into FiveM is a preference. We would especially be interested in some that has made Custom Interiors before. FiveM Scripting: Doing scripting / code work for the FiveM Server. Fixing bugs, creating new features, optimizing / refactoring existing code. Most of the work will be in Lua, SQL and JavaScript. We are especially interested in people with pre-existing FiveM development experience, but we will consider applications from talented individuals who haven't had a chance to try out FiveM yet. Web / API Development: We have a few different React projects that are in constant development for internal use and we could always use more developers that have experience with frontend technologies such as React, as well as backend technologies such as ExpressJS. We are mainly looking for developers fluent in JavaScript and TypeScript. Bot Development: In addition to the above, we have a number of Discord bots that we maintain, such as HAL in Discord. We're aware this skill set might have an intersection with Web / API Development so we are happy to consider a developer for both positions simultaneously. By itself, this will probably have a lower minimum level of commitment than the other parts of the team, so this could be suitable for people who cannot afford too much of their time. Testing Team / Bug Reporter: Poking and prodding through our work to try and find issues and make sure everything is working as intended. Or you can take it a step further and help us identify, categorize, reproduce and fix bugs. This requires a bit of more in depth paperwork and tracking, but if you are in to that kind of thing, it can be great fun. Links: Development Roles: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forms/6-development-team-application/ Testing Team / Bug Reporter: (submit twice if interested in both roles) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe6e2Mw2jvOdf-ZBREVrDX4OnDCsdpYKNJroGBVGV15N1SLtQ/viewform Cheers, Recon Nine GTA RP Development Lead
  7. Date / Time: 20:00 02/02/2022 Release: feeble attempt #1 We are looking into what is causing the frequent client crashes and debugging what we can to try and see if it is on our end or on FiveM. It will be a bit of trial and error. Bug Fixes/Changes: Temporarily Reverted some map changes to see if that fixes the crashing @Antollyme@George Harris@Recon9 GCPhone Optimisations @Mike Polo Fixed bug with messages not being properly marked as read @Recon9 Updated the server artefacts to the latest recommended build @Recon9 Readded missing triad mask @Paint Improved admin tooling @Hugh Resolved issues with not being able to join the server due to a missing verified role @Jaffa Final Notes: Keep us updated on whether or not crashes are still happening please.
  8. We like to reward people who are seen consistently giving out good RP no matter the situation, win or loss. We look at the Recommend a Player section, and mainly include stuff that we pick up from admin cams, player streams etc. etc. The following people have received various levels of priority queueing based on what they already have due to faction and group whitelisting. Obviously there is a lot more great RP Heads on the server and this is just the first batch, so don't feel left out if you did not make this cut. @Indigo Rose @Duff(Solicitor Mike Ross) @Tigerforce(Inspector Kieran Tiger) @Lew Garrett @Nikolai Belski @AstridRyan
  9. Damn, We absolutely smashed the donation goal this month!

    Thank you to everyone contributing to keeping the server up and running. It goes a long way. 

  10. Hello Reece

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  11. Date / Time: 11:00 22/01/2022 Release: Windows Update Just pulled some outstanding changes whilst the server was down for windows updates: Bug Fixes/Changes: Disabled jumping when escorting @Archie Fixed helicopters being deleted mid-air @Archie Anticheat improvements @Mike Polo Added 28 new houses to the market @Antollyme Improvements to the shop management GUI and overall ordering experience @TinyBigJacko Clearer instruction messages Listing unit prices next to items in the stock list Sub-totals Total order price Disable certain buttons conditionally to prevent double orders and lost orders Inspectors can delete warrants and reports @Recon9 Fixed apples not being storable in shops @Recon9 Improved sorting system in faction clothing code @Recon9 Faction Seniors can park service vehicle without needing the keys @Recon9 Fixed Hustler's graffiti spray cans @Recon9@George Harris Increased height of all graffiti sprays, so that it isn't so close to the ground @George Harris Added operations helmet for CID @Recon9 Vehicles are automatically reported as no longer stolen when the owner retrieves them from impound/insurance. @Recon9 Final Notes: Roleplay...
  12. Did people end up finding the main cash prizes in the bins yesterday?

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      yeah got a quid for a greggs sausage roll, cheers

  13. I think you hit the hammer on every single nail there is.
  14. Date / Time: 20:00 10/12/2021 Release: Some small fixes Bug Fixes/Changes: Backend staff tooling changes @Recon9 Fix connection issues with end of life warnings and our asset cache @Ciaran@Recon9 Manual Server Announcements force chat on (this is so you don't miss emergency restart warnings and such) @Recon9 Reworked backend for twitter likes, should be a big optimization and removes the ability to spam likes which turned them into dislikes. @Jaffa Fixed some issues with giving ammo @Paint Fixed some issues with key cutting @Paint Fixed text distance on NHS door @George Harris Final Notes: A big thanks to the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) for helping us sift through 100's of applications. For those petty enough to complain about the selection process without knowing anything about it: 5 independent people formed the selection committee, each went through all the applications by response id (not directly seeing the name of the applicant) and gave each application a score based on Effort put into the application and the backstory. The applications with the highest average score across all five members made the cut, simple as. Keep an eye on the forums and discord, we will be announcing some more open businesses in the future.
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