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  1. Just to comment on this further, this is a wider fivem bug, whenever you open a nui while you are pressing w it will sometimes lock your w input. The same happens if you press f8 while holding w, as far as I know there is nothing we can do about this. BTW to stop the w lock just press w again.
  2. Thank you for your help in alerting us to this bug, now that all of the required information has been gathered, it's been logged with the development team who will look to fix this. Thread locked, awaiting development team response
  3. Hello lads, this issue has been identified and will be resolved in a future update. Thanks for reporting it.
  4. Could you give some more details of what you did this day and when. When were you doing park ranger jobs whne did you clock in etc.etc. We need the full story with as many details as possible.
  5. Date / Time: 18/07/2021 Reeeelease: Small changes Changes: Backend Database changes @Recon9 First Apostles suit @Recon9@Santo Automate gruppe6 and courts priority queueing with job menu @Recon9 Move LostMC spawnpoint @Recon9 Final Notes You will notice that the hard working members of the test team will now be responding to bugs on the forums. They are our eyes and ears and will make sure all the correct information gets reported to us, it severley reduces our admiinstrative workload and we thank them greatly for that.
  6. Looked really good from the sky, I was rooting for Buk Ling-Ping to win the race but alas.
  7. Date / Time: 18/07/2021 Reeeelease: 16:00 Changes: Testing Voip change @Recon9 Added ID card for home office @Paint Fix shops error @Archie Added temporary clothing for Fallen Angels, the proper kit needs to wait untill the clothing update @Recon9 Added wardrobe access points for all gangs and factions (same interaction point as your locker room) @Archie Added CTSFO helmet and mask to firearms vehicle @Recon9 Added CTSFO mask as seperate clothing option in lockerroom @Recon9 Added missing weapons to metal detector @Recon9 Added more faction radio channels (this means everyone now starts at 15 instead of 13 when they are civ) @Recon9 After the restart we are trying out something new with the VOIP server, hopefully this works but it could go horribly wrong. In that case we might need to revert, so just be prepared for that (reverting can be done live without a restart, it just means voip will be down for abit) Final Notes More to come, we are working hard.
  8. Right, let's keep this short and to the point. There has been some confusion about what has happened to the Vagos and why it led to life imprisonment for everyone.In the past there have been life sentences issued to gangs, groups or individuals that had pushed their luck in roleplay to the point of obtaining a virtual wanted level that could only be met with a life sentence. This would be inline with rule G5.6 Wanted level. To make things perfectly clear: This situation IS NOTHING LIKE THAT. The reasoning for the sentence was completely based on OOC events. This is why it might have seemed out of place and confusing within roleplay. The decision to issue the life sentence was based on a few factors. A pattern of bad roleplay and consistent rulebreaks became increasingly apparent and moreover, over the last few months there has been an increasing amount of bans and warnings issued to members of the Vagos. In total the 29 members of the Vagos Gang have already gathered up a collection of 20 bans and 25 warnings, with potentially more to still follow from outstanding reports etc. Another large contributing factor was the leader getting banned and the lack of a suitable replacement with a clean record who could take the spot of a whitelisted gang leader. Adding to that there was an increasing amount of suspicion that there were more members duping and exploiting. These suspicions were confirmed a few nights ago when roughly a third of vagos were caught in the act. Previously in situations like this the protocol would have been a blanket permanent ban of all members in the gang and then an investigation to figure out who is innocent and can be unbanned. This would allow for the Management, Staff & Development teams to essentially freeze all the assets in the meantime. Luckily with FiveM, we have the ability to go down this route of a life sentence thereby only freezing one character. This allows people to continue roleplaying on other characters or even the same character, albeit under somewhat forced circumstances. Lastly, Though it is called a life sentence. It does not need to be the end for your characters. There are possibilities for you to get out of prison (bear in mind escape is not one of them). There will be court appeals possible at a later date, however not everyone will be awarded the opportunity to appeal. It will be awarded to those that prove themselves in roleplay in the prison. Ban / Warnings records will also play some part in the decisions. I know it isn't an ideal scenario roleplay-wise as some of the characters may not deserve to be in prison in roleplay. Be creative in filling up the gaps, it will go a long way in your case.
  9. You love to see it:

  10. Date / Time: 17/07/2021 Release: reeeeeee vehicle transfer Changes: Vehicle transfers can be done at city hall @Archie Fixed some weapons not working properly at the evidence grinder @Archie Fixed shop delivery point Trucks & Haulers @Recon Nine Fixed commercials vehicles not being orderable (is that a word) from General Warehouse @Recon Nine Final Notes Absolutely Nothing
  11. Date / Time: 16/07/2021 Release: Why can't i spell Queueueueueu Changes: Queue changes READ BELOW @Jaffa @Ciaran @Recon Nine Added a few more check-in points to pillbox @Archie Fixed factions not getting radio access properly when clocking in @Archie Fixed bug where taxi messages would spam on your screen @Recon Nine Awared (first) trucking shop, Trucking & Haulers to @B0sh@Recon Nine@Archie Handling fixes for Harley Davidson Iron @Mike Polo Fixed house position for id: 227 @Archie Fixed missing recipe @Archie Update pizza prop @George Harris@Archie Update view vehicle locations at car shops @Archie Attempted to fix issues with checking in at pillbox @Archie Queue Update: We've had to fly in a developer from malden to help us fix a couple issues with this one: Most Notably Maximum 40 players can load in at the same time. This is to prevent server lag in the beginning of a restart. This means that the initial load times right after a restart will be a bit longer, but it is for the best. Faction members will first be placed in the civ queue before given the faction prompt. This allows them to secure their initial queue position if they want to play as civ, rather than having to be very quick with clicking the civ button. Reconnection queue (within 5 minutes of crashing/disconnecting) is placed above other priorities. Final Notes
  12. Date / Time: 16/07/2021 Release: pray for voip, thanks Changes Large VOIP Optimisations: Hopefully it will be more stable with larger groups and it should cut out less. @Recon Nine Fixed bug where certain people couldn't access OOC command @Recon Nine Corrected stock replenishment for the roadglide @Mike Polo Removed old job blips @Mathias Final Notes We are always looking for more testers please register your interest HERE
  13. Date / Time: 30/06/2021 20:00 Release: What a week The elephant in the room: Firstly, I would like to take the time and thank @Stealtheefor all he has done for the server, the community and each individual member of the development team. Very few people know the amount of time and dedication Stealthee has put into building the server from the ground up; managing the ever-growing demand for features, features and more features; the ever-growing amount, skill and opinion of the developers; and the ever-growing number of players literally fighting to get into the server after a restart. My first interaction with Stealthee was when I was doing a fishing run back in the first week of the server. He needed to push an emergency restart after a "Magic Man Attack". It was late at night, but there were still a good 35+ people on the server doing various runs across the Island. I remember him going around personally teleporting to every single person and making sure they wouldn't lose a thing from the restart. I had just rented a boat for my run and was graciously refunded the £2,500 which at the time was still a lot of money. This to me has always been the perfect example of the level of dedication and commitment that Stealthee brings to this community every single day. It has brought us to this: A server with 225 players and more than 100 players in queue. 15 developers who have learned so much under Stealthee's guidance and teaching. 41,245 Characters 282 Police Officers 87 Medics 48 Gruppe6 Officers 155 Turf Gang Members 19,703 Vehicles 210,294 Tweets >3Million calls and messages 103,000 Deaths >1.5Billion in the bank and my personal favourite 415,214 hands of blackjack played and a total of 15,6 Billion GBP wagered on the tables. If you add all of those numbers up together, you still won't have the number of messages in his personal inbox with everyone's requests, complaints, suggestions and prayers. I struggle to see how he dealt with all of that. (I have gotten 8 in the time it took me to write this post and my dreams are already being haunted by the ping from a message on the forums). Stealthee, you have left us a legacy that we can only hope to uphold, improve and build upon. The work you have done for this community will never be forgotten. #ballasontop Allright, now I will stop pretending he's died in a horrible car crash, he will still be sticking around as a developer. So yeah, get back to work and finish the bloody clothing update already. I do however want him to PAINFULLY remember how many of you he catered to and "worked for" on a daily basis, So... If you want to say thank you to Stealthee I ask that you tag him on discord in #gta-fivem-roleplay with a quick "Thank You for Everything". I expect him to have a send-off that he never forgets, but BE SENSIBLE: 1 tag per person is more than enough and it ends tonight at 00:00. (If he doesnt feel the need to uninstall discord, then we have failed miserably) Back to business We pushed a small update last night as I needed an excuse to write a cheesy goodbye message on the changelog notes. See changes are below, It might not look like much, but there is a lot more to come. #soontm Various boring backend changes @Recon Nine@Ciaran Fixed for delivery jobs being completable with the incorrect truck/trailer. @Smith Removed standard pistol from police and G6 armories (everyone uses the combat pistol and it will be receiving a model change as well) @Antollyme Readded the custom Mustang65 (The one that was purchased at the auction) @Mike Polo Texture/Model fix for the skyline @Mike Polo Fix top right alerts not scaling properly @Tadworth Updated panic button and radio sounds @Tadworth Moved restart time the server will now kick players off at exactly xx:00 and only shutdown 1 full minute later. This is to allow time for player data to be synced properly. This means the server will be down for 1 minute longer so you will all need to change your alarms @Recon Nine Changed logo on the key store and added a lockable door for g6 @Antollyme Fixed LOD on NHS Helicopter @Mike Polo New Developers A warm welcome to our two newest trial developers @Smithand @Paint. Paint is going to be working on making some of our old outdated UI's look absolutely amazing. You will see some of the hard work he has done in the coming few updates already. Smith is going to start with working on some of those pesky bugs that have been bothering all of us, but he needs your help for that. Please keep reporting bugs on the forums with as much details as possible. The test team will try and reproduce them and make sure they get on our list. We have a few more interviews and potential candidates that we are looking into so keep your eyes glued for more of that. Testing Team Big thanks to some of the very dedicated members in the testing team who have been extremely helpfull in managing some of the bug reproduction and feature testing. We are looking at adding a few more testers to the testing team to deal with the growing amount of development work. If you are interested please fill in this form HERE (Only submissions from this source will be looked at, so if you have registered previously, please register again). Proposals, Requests, Complaints & Prayers vs. Development Time and Resources. As I said previously, Stealthee received a metric fuck tonne of messages with everyone's requests. Moments after he passed the torch, my various inboxes started getting pinged from all directions. So much so that I have had to make the painfull decisions to close some of the doors for the time being. Effective immediately, business proposals, ideas, big suggestions , faction/gang/group requests are going to be put on hold. The development team has gone through some massive changes in the past few days and we need quite time to properly assess all the current stuff that is still in the pipelines, all the bugs that have already been reported and all the other stuff that needs to be looked at and discussed within the development team. Just because the requests are on hold doesn't mean we won't be actively developing these areas of the server. It just means the list is long enough and we have got plenty of stuff to work on so we don't need more input for the time being. Myself and members of the development team will obviously still be checking in with groups/faction leads, business owners and established players to see what needs to be immediately solved. But it will be when we have got our footing and we are ready for it. The Development Team is going to be looking into and properly dicussing where we want to go with the server and the community from here on out. We have heard a lot of your complaints, suggestions and ideas and all of them will be taken into consideration and will be discussed. But the general themes are: More focuss on civillian life (bit of illegal, but mainly legal). In the end there is a lot of roleplay scenario's to be created from this and we are missing out. A proper look at the weapon meta and balance of the server. A proper look at the economy and how it can be improved, maintained and kept interesting (#didsomeonesaydynamicmarkets #stonks) Final notes: It's been a busy couple of months for everyone. With the world slowly opening up again and everyone going back to work, school and the amount of time that the developers have been able to but into the server, has been lower than during the lockdown. I would still like a massive thank you to all of the members of the Development Team for all their efforts. I have seen people coming home from a long day of work and gone straight to developing untill the late hours of the night. Although everyone works extremely hard and deserves equal credit, I do believe A special commendation should go to @Archie whose blood, sweat and many many tears, have brought to fruition an amazing feature change that all of you will experience very very soon.
  14. Vehicle: Audi RSY (the non wide body) Current Speed (If applicable): about 115 mph New Speed (If applicable): 150-160 Modification Issues: N/A
  15. Date / Time: 14/05/2021 - 7:30:00 Release: Imports? When the server was down for windows updates I noticed we had some bug fixes ready to go, these have now been applied to the live server: Fixed issues with the art shop configuration @Archie Fixed "Request Network Control" spam in bottom right corner @Archie Extra garage spawn point for Church garage and Vagos Garage @Mike Polo Major Fixes and Improvements for the hospital/bed system. Should fix the issues with beds being full. @TinyBigJacko(he's only gone and done it) Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128250-gta-rp-game-testers/ Suggestions: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/506-suggestions/ Bugs: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/93-report-a-bug/
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