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  1. Good to be back 🙂

  2. You literally smell like a stale crumpet

    1. Gray




  3. You knew multiple Grove was in the area, we all witnessed Jason get shot and also he called for backup before hand. VDM is allowed. It was an active situation
  4. @foxyy Friends and allies hands up
  5. I know you guys already attempted a DayZ server but why not try again? i'd love to see RPUK DayZ again
  6. I’m sad we can’t bring our delicious Grove Street beef
  7. “How do you know who I am, I’m a new person I switched clothes dumbass”
  8. Get yourselves down to the quarry and get crushing that stone!
  9. Time. Time is an artificial construct. An idea based on the theory that events occur in a linear direction, at all times. Always forward, never back. Is the concept of time correct? Is time relevant?

    1. Joseph Triton

      Joseph Triton

      Where did you copy that from? Sounds familiar

    2. Gray



  10. Hello this is bullshit, i said i was breaking your go pro 5 mins before
  11. I'm just doing my part for the community
  12. Merry Christmas everyone you bunch of twa... Lovely people xoxox

  13. happy birthday my guy ❤️

    1. Cristi


      Thanks big man ❤️ 

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