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  1. Normally they are done really quickly but I would assume they are going to be done this evening On another note @Bob Wilkinsoncan I become app team
  2. Happy birthday lad you can buy your own fags now

  3. Happy birthday mate, have a good one, I genuinely thought you were an old man like me!

  4. Happy birthday #1 topfragger of Malden

  5. Happy birthday mate

  6. how are you 18..... Happy birthday man! need to update the banner though..

  7. Happy birthday, enjoy spending it on Malden - just remember you can join FiveM factions now 😄 

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Hahahah ty 

  8. I'd of actually made it on the bloody list if I hadn't blown 200+ on crap xD
  9. pretty epic pfp mate

    1. Hive_UNBAN


      why thank you sir, credit to bosh

    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      nuclear response less epic

  10. Is the mission file going to continue to be pushed to the google drive folder so that we don't have to download it when connecting?
  11. can i do the voiceover for malden rp - new server, new voice yes.

  12. Thanks for all the commitment over the years. Best of luck with your future
  13. I am also now too poor to bid 10 million on a plate :0
  14. Suggested Plate: SIM0N Apply to: PJ70 DHT Bid Amount: 10 Mil
  15. Suggested Plate: S1MON Apply to: PJ70 DHT Bid Amount: 10 Mil
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