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  1. Long time no see 😮 😞

  2. What is this Fallen Angels waffle. You turned your back to SOS?

    1. Bowen


      SOS? What's that again? XD

    2. Nuclear


      SoS v4 now is it?

  3. @xendravenYour best bet is to post an unban appeal for discord. (https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Unban_Appeal) Be completely honest and try and show any proof you have that your account was compromised if you have it.
  4. Been an absolute blast, sad to see it go. Have a good one everyone
  5. When trying to access the forums on Safari they are unable to load the main page, however I can access everything else. On my phone this isn't an issue and I am able to access the main page fine on Safari.
  6. Normally they are done really quickly but I would assume they are going to be done this evening On another note @Bob Wilkinsoncan I become app team
  7. Happy birthday lad you can buy your own fags now

  8. Happy birthday mate, have a good one, I genuinely thought you were an old man like me!

  9. Happy birthday #1 topfragger of Malden

  10. Happy birthday mate

  11. how are you 18..... Happy birthday man! need to update the banner though..

  12. Happy birthday, enjoy spending it on Malden - just remember you can join FiveM factions now 😄 

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Hahahah ty 

  13. I'd of actually made it on the bloody list if I hadn't blown 200+ on crap xD
  14. pretty epic pfp mate

    1. Hive_UNBAN


      why thank you sir, credit to bosh

    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      nuclear response less epic

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