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  1. A one off. A bad day. Why strip someone for having a bad day? That is why temporary punishments exist. If they repeatedly do it, and show they do not deserve the rank, that is when the demotion becomes permanent. De-escualte. Try and explain. You need to step up on the RP side, and if they don't want to RP after that, send a video to GC
  2. I think thats fair. PCSO for a week is a pretty harsh punishment IMO. PCSO is a terrible rank to have for a week. Either no gun or MK20 depending on the tier, cannot do anything specialist etc. that is a pretty fair rank. You want to strip a guy of a rank like SI permanently down to something like Sgt or even CI when that promotion can take months for having a bad day and not wanting to go along with an RP story he has heard 600 times this year? It is a game remember.
  3. Wait Trisha is back!! Hiiiiii!!
  4. Alongside this I think it should increase your repairing speed (slowly) as your level increases. This would be alongside the perks, but a nice thing to have
  5. Simon Ross

    Redzone VDM changes

    yeh, I think this is the best inbetween, as it then allows people to actually push places like castle and the DMT at research without taking an age.
  6. Simon Ross

    Redzone VDM changes

    Being less strict on ramming any vehicles with no driver in within the redzones might be a good idea (just like caring less about maintaing roleplay inside the redzones) but letting people have a free for all with quilins and everything is a recipe for disaster
  7. Simon Ross

    Fix Border Wars

    I think a different server, whilst it would make it run better, will take away from the spirit of the event. The idea is to attract players onto the server, and for me hosting it on a different server just takes away from the whole spirit of the event. I think once the cleanup script works a bit better, it will improve the event overall and potentially also put a restart at 10, as for the first 2 hours the server seemed to be able to handle it okay, but it was after that when the server seemed unable to take it
  8. If that happened, Just go back in after it hits 10 minutes because you died fighting/in a redzone fight(even if you were just outside)
  9. Am curious as to what happened with police tbf. At the beginning there was strong turnout, but then by the end there can’t have been more than like 12-15. What happened to numbers? How can it be made so the numbers don’t disappear half way through - whilst it is nice to have an easy fight it isn’t exactly in the spirit of the event.
  10. There is no need for this. By the time you get the drone across the map, the 20 minutes would be up and the dead person will have lost all of their blood. It would be simply a gimmick which would make NHS take longer and just piss off more people. You can also bet your money that if I see an NHS drone in the sky that thing is getting shot out of the sky at the first opportunity, just like with any drone people see. (You wouldn't be able to differentiate between whatever drone the NHS get and the Police Darter). To assess a situation as a medic literally just read the chat to see if it is a gun
  11. Defo bought your rep!!

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  12. I don't think that is a big issue tbh. Currently the loot is pretty crap, with the best stuff normally being a couple 7.62 supressors and that is about it. Alongside hte SAF boost there should be a boost to the Weapon cache too. The bottom tier loot should actually be guns people would want to use like Types, MXMs etc.
  13. Banjo Jo has a new competitor
  14. We get payed nothing for doing the HM anymore. Likewise there is very rarely enough police online for us to do a HM, have done one in literally 3 months.
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