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  1. pls make 5m less gpu intensive so i can play

    1. Chilli


      swap your epic cpu for a good gpu

  2. Copy the message from the statement (it is quoted in a different style in the message) and paste it into the chat and then send it I have lots of experience in doing this, so I can't think of a better person to help answer this question
  3. This issue will always exist. On Arma it was the mentality of caring about your kit not your life - if I am going to die/get taken hostage I would rather just 180 and maybe get a kill or two rather than just give it up. A "similar" menality will appear on FiveM because the dynamics are similar (A life RP server with a functioning economy) You need to make kit cheaper and people will give it up in the name of RP is ultimately what I can say through my experience on life servers. As a cop (on arma) i would not mind being taken hostage because my gear meant nothing so it was an enjoyable encounter. As a rebel on there, I would rather taken a fight I would 100% lose because it is more fun than throwing an expensive kit down the drain. The same sort of scenario will always occur on FiveM (although in a different style due to the rules you must follow). End of the day where there is an economy which makes things hard to get, people will be less happy to just hand it over. If you were to make pistols cost 10k right now, there would be an signficant increase in true RPers who will improve their RP because ultimately their gear means a lot less to them, whilst at the same time there would be a signficant increase in idiots running around with pistols - you see the obvious problem. Gear is expensive = Winning > RP Gear is cheap = Too many idiots who would then go the other way and not care about their life because gear is cheap. Ultimately, weapons should be somewhat attainable whilst not costing the price of a half decent car (IDK much about FiveM but at one point I thought pistols would sell for over 100k - that is the price of a half decent car) You see the problem - when permanent equipment (cars) cost the same as temporary equipment you could lose in an instance, that temporary equipment becomes what you value, not the RP story you are meant to be persuing.
  4. just a reminder... In recent years, every time we had a community meeting for Arma it was due to the server dying - not exactly the thing to be celebrating. That isn't the case for GTA, but still, it isn't worth the time it takes. People join, ideas are thrown around and then everyone moves on with their lives with maybe 1 or 2 ideas being taken from it. Likewise the dev team inform you of what is happening but if things are inevitably delayed for a range of reasons people are then left disheartened. Just not worth the time. They are fun as a social get together and that is it.
  5. Hey gang happy new here x
  6. I am now going through the pain you have long endured 

  7. I do like the cool photos you can produce on FiveM
  8. Reminds me of SOS @ShadowDirector
  9. Gotta be honest, state of RP went straight down a hill when they removed RPUK Altislife. Arma 3 was the most premium RP rpuk offered and after they stopped hosting Arma, it all went down hill. #RIPArmA3 #AltisLifeBestRP
  10. Hostage lived and criminal was arrested. Solid police work if I’ve ever seen it! Congrats to the LSPS for the solid work, keep up the good work
  11. I do love poems. Congrats everyone on the great RP!
  12. Merry belated Christmas everyone x

  13. Would be cool if there is a wipe and then the server moves back to Altis - I would be behind that x
  14. @DrewWe would like to be kept updated on your que position every 5 days please!
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