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  1. Whilst it may look similar to rebel, in reality it really isn't. Every now and then when I am on at the right time to play Rebel, it is a complete different experience to Poseidon. Whilst we do have more freedom, and are more rebel like than the police, we are not directly comparable to rebel like that. And as for it being a "Cheaper" version of rebel. Nope. This is wrong on so many levels. I would argue that it costs more to play as Poseidon than it does to play as a rebel. Back when I was doing the redzones as a rebel my bank was constantly going up, whereas now playing as Poseid
  2. Wait for Simon #5 and the flood gates will open
  3. End of S5 you saw Ted Hastings at the grave with 50k of the 100k which was given to him by the dodgy dude.
  4. problem with that is we only receive money from people selling when in our lands, so that would need to be changed if this happens
  5. good job mate, so proud of you!

    #Clapfor @Jolly

    1. Fergu


      im so confused

  6. Where would the players come from. For S2 to be a decent server, it would require at least 60 odd players on(as well as the fact that S2 now hosts 5m, so it isn't possible). I bet decreasing the cap to 120, would result in maybe 40 players top playing S2, which makes it a grinding server. 140 seems to be a decent number. It means people can get in within about 5 mins tops of spamming, and the server can semi-handle it. Yes it does take a dump sometimes but that is the fun of it
  7. Scott didn’t exactly work for his prestige either - just bought and sold fries when you could prestige for 10 mill a level from buying and selling
  8. Poseidon's latest strategy to try and find the dirty MPU dogs


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    2. M


      We've made rebreathers illegal to wear in the sea, so police have to take them off you if youre caught wearing one. @Zulufightercan confirm

    3. Zulufighter


      Hello, if you're not PADI qualified your rebreather will be confiscated, thank you.

    4. M


      my padi training is coming soon so dont drown me plz

  9. Great to see some new hobo gangs kicking around committing some robberies.
  10. It looks good on the Quilins, Prowlers and Ifrits, but I would avoid it on the Hemtt and especially the Orca as it doesn't work as well on those IMO
  11. Can't mate, they are factions only. AFAK the Huron is almost as capable at slinging however
  12. How have you noticed this trend? Quite often Admins play, but do not necessarily actively play the server to staff it. They play to RP like the rest of us, and are only there to respond to the most important dispatches. Reports are there for a reason. I don't honestly know how you can come to the conclusion of staff bias in a few days of seeing what staffing looks like on the server. Again, I don't get this. Other Arma servers do have a bad rep on their staff teams, which do have a bias, or ban people for stupid reasons because a certain person got shot etc. but the staff on RP
  13. It isn’t the case on the sw because the sw by default is a full auto weapon. It resets the gun to its default fire rate. would also be nice if when you cancel healing, it doesn’t go into the decamp script but instead gun is straight in hands
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