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  1. I think there are few big issue is (at least before I quit the server) Gameplay wise Most of the updates were focused on gunplay and ability to obtain loads of cash doing red zones (which are IMO bad for RP server anyway, let alone if you let people get money from it), while the RP side did get some jobs, but most of them don't pay anywhere close to what you get from red-zones. Old players left the server, new players didn't get a chance to join in properly due to high ammount of poor quality RP on the server and rather than helping new players out people would just camp outside GZs and r
  2. dab on me once shame on me, dab on me twice, shame on you.

  3. I'm absolutely sure you won't attempt to kill any hobos or be corrupt in a matter of few hours. Good luck!
  4. Altis Police Service be causin nuffin but mayhem on the streets! I just got arrested for accidently crushing into a damn apple tree... YEEHAAAW!! I hope ye ol' business gets more welcomed soon
  5. What is this new bandit proof upgrade for vans?

    1. Bob Wilkinson
    2. FishyGeslo



  7. Tada dada dada dam dam tada tada da dam dam Tequilla

    1. Jamie Catnip

      Jamie Catnip

      i agree


      these things happen 


  8. Strawberry ice cream is where it's at. From now on you're all getting fined and paying it in ice creams.

  9. Sausages with cheese are clearly superior

  10. Are they going to be fuzzy?
  11. I just had a good peace of bread with cheese on top.

  12. Do you require our services?

    Click me

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    2. FishyGeslo


      @CST Louie Austino We can do that as well mister ❤️

    3. Bob Wilkinson

      Bob Wilkinson

      @CST Louie Austino Asda? Tesco? or straight from Twinings themselves?

    4. Louie Austino

      Louie Austino

      @Bob Wilkinson Straight from Twinings themselves, of Course!

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