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  1. honestly a down to earth and funny geeza was a laugh getting saved by you .. my arm is still sore tho hope to see you around soon
  2. see more water jobs would be cool spread the players out also get police and nhs water divisions to work said things as sucken shipwrecks or oil rigs ... maby pearls (which can be taken to jewellers)
  3. ayy roban your back how things going
  4. same goes man ive been in a few situations where someone is to be treated while intoxicated and yet you done it best you managed to keep it rather interesting it was a shame it lead on past my bed time otherwise i wouldnt of handed you over to another doctor
  5. Nautilus

    James Albridge

    sorry if i spelt your name wrong but was going to normal "accident" which wasnt normal at all had to deal with this mans heavy intoxication and under the influence of drugs which was executed brilliantly it was a long ole night but a worthy one ... an experiance i wont forget
  6. I said no finance but what u offering up front and what asset you wishing to offer so I know u wont scam me
  7. why do you have nhs and I don't im fucking higher then you …….
  8. got a barn? swapsies also do I get warrenty?
  9. well I said offers I paid 100m still owe the guy money just aint had any motivation
  10. I thin kthey got it scraped via police
  11. hmmm I didn't know that they implemented tarus that can be stolen I must read the logs :P
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