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  1. Thank you for the positive responses, clearly it is a minority of the player base within the community that behave in this manner. To be honest I don't have time for negativity and drama, I game to chill and have fun, as I am sure most do. Unfortunately I have just purchased a new game yesterday and invested a lot of money into the game, I also start a new job in a few weeks, so will see how it goes and perhaps I will be back in the evenings and weekends.
  2. OK, since aaron_carson has now scammed me on a computer game, its clear this isnt a community worth being a part of. I came back to RP and enjoy playing on the server once more, its obviosuly full of children who dont care about each other. I dont want to be apart of it, so you have lost another player on the server for good. Yes im sure you will all say im crying and loool at me, but im an honest person and just looking to chill and game and rp here again and its clearly not a place I wish to be apart of. Gamble signing out.
  3. I understand, I got 25 mil I can give you for it tops, as I will need to buy the barn too. If it helps I will give you another 5 mil that I make from selling spuds, and I will give this 5 mil to you by Saturday.
  4. 40 mil is out of my reach and a lot of money. How about 20 mil, and if I decide to sell it, I contact you to buy it back first?
  5. How you doing buddy How much do you want for it mate?
  6. Hi guys, Hope everyone is well, I am a returning player looking to become active once more, I would like to purchase a barn, between growing spuds I will be looking to RP in local towns too. If it helps who ever sells me the barn can have first refusal on buying it back if I choose to sell it at the same price. Thanks, Gamble
  7. thanks mate, did try the scroll wheel but couldnt get anything pop up in the menu, do you need to get out of the boat? Got it working, cheers buddy
  8. Can you fish? would like to take a boat out to sea and fish and then sell the fish at the fish shop, I know it wont make much, just want something else to do, is it possible? and how? is there certain parts of the sea you have to go to?
  9. Come back? 😞

    1. Gamble


      Im back! 

    2. Joshua Triton

      Joshua Triton

      Wat is this witchcraft and wizardry

  10. had you sold for the 15mil mate you would have made a tidy 3mil profit
  11. your selling for 10mil? is it full of gold?
  12. The winner is Bumblebox congratulations!! I am sorry Reagan
  13. Guys what I will do is put all your names down and pick one at random, winner gets it for the 8mil buyout, I didn't realise how much was in there for it to cause this much excitement
  14. that is good to know buddy, I would hate for it to be abused by drug dealers -_-
  15. Congratulations on winning this fine piece of Altis property, I will be sad to see it go...
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