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  1. Excellent news! This has now been fixed by the development team and will be released in a future server update. Thanks for doing your bit to help us keep the servers bug free! Locked & Moved to Solved
  2. Yes its intentional its meant to be a skill new players can pick up really quick and earn a little bit of cash, in testing i was able to level up to 10 after my first truck load of oranges in about 30 - 45 mins. This isnt over kill as even at full skill level it still takes you 10 - 15 mins to fill a truck. It takes alot of fruit pickers and smoothie makers to make alot of cash from this and its all balanced via the Economy as you can only sell the apples and oranges at what people are willing to buy them at. You have to remember that it takes 8 fruit per smoothie and thats a lot of fruit!
  3. Mike Polo

    House 788

    Fixed the teleport putting you into the map on the next update
  4. Still Grinding on the clothing update! https://www.twitch.tv/mike_polo_1

  5. I mean its pretty obvious theres a gap between your two videos
  6. Thanks for the start of the video but your still missing a section of our scenario
  7. "The start of the video? Okay ill upload it now" - Thank you "From what you're saying. As long as someone has told me they got taken hostage even if its true or not I can take them and dump them. Makes sense. " - What im saying is that the RP behind you getting dumped was because you where identified by Lucien Taylor as the guy who tried to take him hostage, So as retaliation I dumped you instead of taking you to hospital. "You took me hostage and drowned me. Stop being so obnoxious. " - Sorry but I dont like when people report me and call my part in a RP scenario "disgusting" but im trying to stay as formal as I can, so i appologise And as for your screenshot of a verdict given by Antollyme ^ this report (to save staff looking for it) The circumstances of this report are of someone who hit another guy with a hammer and not someone who dumped a guy for trying to take his friend hostage and thus i dont belive it applys here. But im glad you told me to read it carefully as I may of misunder stood it otherwise. This report is less of what I did wrong and more of what low blows you think you can deliver in order to get this report to rule in your favour. I think it says more about your character that you have 4 active reports where you are reporting people and 1 active report where you are getting reported. Please stop trying to sling mud at me, I just wanna RP on the server I develop for. Waiting for staff ruling
  8. Not quite sure how I RDMed you when I never hurt you, apart from giving you a little swim. I disagree that my RP was dreadfull. I always try my best to give the highest quallity rp that I can. Dev tag doesnt make me a A1 Roleplayer, I can only do my best like everyone else. And there is no way your video explains the whole scenario because its missing the entire start of the scenario. This report has very little substance and is mostly comprised of your emotions. Feel free to comment further if you wish but im going abstain till staff read this report
  9. Hey, so I’m going to have to write up because there is way more to this situation than you’re letting on! So, this whole scenario started when you arrived down at Auto Exotic for the raffle. Lucien Taylor called out on the radio that he recognised you from the day before when someone tried to take him hostage. So, I and the guys roll up to deal with you. Auto Exotic was coved in people due to the raffle, so it wasn’t wise to try to just grab you. So, I laid in wait and chatted with the crowd a bit in the hopes that I would get an opportunity to get you! Thankfully the opportunity presented itself when you got injured somehow with the car. So, to gain your trust, I offered to take you to the hospital. This is also a perfect excuse to cart you off somewhere where we can deal with you. Thankfully Ryan (the other guy in the report) was going on a test drive in someone’s car, so I hopped in, and we went to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, I realised that Ryan didn’t know the situation and what was going on, so I updated him over text while sitting outside the hospital. At this point, we left the hospital and Ryan was fumbling around looking for a place to have a chat with you about the day previous. I was also texting Charlie to see if he wanted to have a chat with you, but he wasn’t bothered so it was time to bring you for your swimming lesson. Though out the whole car journey I continued to talk with you, and I even explained why we were going to do this to you. It didn’t matter to me if you denied the accusations at that point because I had a positive ID from Lucien, and we don’t take attempted hostage-taking lightly. Though out the situation I was doing my best to RP with you. Granted it wasn’t the best RP scenario I have been in, but it was what I was working with at that time. Few questions for you! What rule to you believe I broke in this RP scenario or are you just unhappy with the outcome? as that’s the impression I get from this report. In the body of your report, you say that you “got nothing back” can you explain what you mean by this? Are you trying to imply I didn’t RP with you?
  10. Heyya Im the guy that carrys you in the car. Can you please show a video of the full situation if you could please. also i dont belive you made an atempt to resolve the situation with the player before reporting. Ill write up the rp situation in order to give my side in a little bit as i dont usualy record and dont have this on record. Appologies if you have felt I broke RP
  11. has this not gone through, bloody staff (pls dont ban me)
  12. @Whongcheng I knew seeing you in los santos was only going to be a good thing
  13. Date / Time: 20:00 28/07/2021 Release: Why do people say Mike Polo has a minty hole? New Additions Police Sign and Defib @George Harris Casino Self Exclusion (Read below) @Mathias Map Alterations Stoped Invalid asset warnings via validation @Santo Noble Stores Sign + Rain cover @Louis Richardson@Mike Polo Vehicles Added Dashboard to RoadGlide @Mike Polo Added Etaxi to Taxi rental @Mike Polo Jaguar F-pace Fix @George Harris Added all missing vehicles from latest DLCS to the Importer (Read below) @Mike Polo Bug Fixes / Changes Queue fixes / alterations @Recon9@Jaffa Fixes for House IDs 312, 313 @Paint Batch Size fix for drugs @Mathias Rate Limit for garage UI (will stop piles of cars spawning) @Paint Apostles garage door opening for some reason @Mike Polo Reword Speed cameras to display the correct speeds @Mike Polo Fixed Gcphone Camera freeze bug @Mike Polo Added White Banndana to Apostles @Recon9 Add Evidence Lockers to all Police Stations (these are all individual storages) @Recon9 Move Vespucci PD Armoury @Recon9 Fixed certain shops not being buyable after they were put up for sale @Paint @Recon9 Fix for Lockpicking working if not on the correct pin @Mathias cars spawning from garage at the motel accros from the Lost MC compound now spawn the correct direction @Mike Polo Final Notes Re: Added all missing vehicles from latest DLCS to the Importer All the new local cars that are added the stock for them will come in with the next restock - Mike Polo Re: Casino Self Exclusion This is a system where for any reason you can exclude yourself from being able to play the casino games. To exclude your self you need to go the cashiers desk inside the casino after you exclude your self you will no longer be able to play any of the casino games. This restriction cannot be removed.
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