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  1. Medic Stream

  2. Nike Polo

    Mercedes Benz Sprinter

    Locking as we have a thread for suggestions
  3. Nike Polo

    ATMs @ Gas Stations

    Your never that far away from an atm while in the city And it's not like it's something Important like trees Moving to declined as it would take alot of work and the reward is minimal as there us always an atm not that far away
  4. Realistic vehicle speeds is not something we are going to do. 120 miles per hour is just under 200 kmh That is insane that you are able to go that fast on our roads. It's important to note that top speeds on cars are not the top speeds they go on the road instead they are the top speed achieved when the car is given perfect road conditions (i.e a runway) and the top speeed isn't achieved in a couple of seconds it sometimes takes minutes to achieve the top speed. Even if we set cars to there too speeds from real life we would have to give them massive amounts of acceleration just
  5. pushing fix now will be in next update
  6. Vehicles handlings where all re-done could you re-post this if its still an issue thanks
  7. Thanks for this report i have a list of cars to be fixed atm ill start working on it now, in the mean time slow down for corners!
  8. In recent updates to the server the GPS functionality has changed and thus This suggestion isn't relevant anymore Thanks for submitting a suggestion moved to declined
  9. Gonna Deny this as there was no further discourse
  10. you can do as denti says, push W to add more speed or S to reduce
  11. possible just way too much work to get done for Christmas sorry as it requires building a radio wheel / radio system its not simple Declined
  12. Thank you for your suggestion this topic has brought up a lot to be discussed and thought about the future of the server unfortunately this approach wont be taken due to public decision
  13. Going to be honest went into it very skeptically but after adding them and listening to them I became convinced I`ve added them to the server files and they sound pretty good and realistic so moving to implemented
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