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  1. I lold. relic being the best gang is a funny meme
  2. how tf did u know fam? money is expensive!
  3. 90% of people that get hit by the perma ban are ppl that rage quit or combat log to save gear and that doesnt really effect any RP situation. The people that combat log to not get kidnapped are a diferent to people that combat log after they die. and I just think that a perma ban is way too harsh for saving your gearset, while people get a 1 day ban for RDMing somebody and making them lose gear.
  4. remove perma ban from combat log because its way too harsh for no reason!
  5. But if you compare the amount of damage that is caused to a person due to combat logging and RDM, you will see that its a much lesser rule break because it doesn't effect the person as much. Is that not enough of a reason to give it a lesser punishment than what they give to people who use hacks?
  6. I bet its hard to take shit seriously for you.. get your circuits repaired cuz ur looking for funny jokes in the wrong section. Also I do think that combat logging being treated worse than RDM is a bad joke.
  7. Then compare it to RDM. 1.2 is in place to maintain roleplay and ensure everything is fair and it has the temp ban system. When you get RDMd you lose your gearset, probably get toxicly shit talked by the person that shot you and there is no roleplay to be had when its done. When somebody combat logs all that you lose is the chat you have with him on the ground when you tell him you will execute him. Which of these 2 scenarios do you think causes more damage to the person that gets hurt by the rule break? If a person can get a temporary ban for shooting you in the face and making you unable to RP with him, then the person that doesn't shoot you in the face and makes you unable to RP with him shouldn't get punished harder. people like you that keep saying "just dont break the rules lol" are completly ignoring the fact that the punishment doesnt fit the crime and that a lot of people get fucked way too hard for a minor incovenience.
  8. lol do you consider combat logging as bad as calling people N words, making fun of disabled people and spawning in guns? Cuz it dont look like the same thing to me... gtfo with ur "dis just dramaaaaaa" bs
  9. fam my common sense tells me that combatlog is not as bad as hacking, abuse or even RDM its not about people wanting to break the rule, its about the punishment being dished out for breaking this rule being waaaaay too harsh. it just dont fit the crime fam. I've never had problems with the combat logging, but I still think its mental that the punishment for ragequit is a permaban... even the RDM rule was changed to a temp ban system even tho it caused waaaay more damage to people involved than somebody that ragequits after being shot and doesnt contribute his 2 words to the execution lol So this shit is clearly broken when a person that rage quits gets the same punishment as a person that goes around calling people N words and spawning in money... This is my personal opinion AND the opinion of all of -IZR-
  10. still think its an overkill because its not even close to the other ban reasons that give out permabans instantly. It has a very minor effect on the whole RP scenario that turned into a gunfight and can't really be considered as a literal RP situation with some kind of high quality RP. Some people don't record their gameplay 24/7 just in case they get killed by a bug. combat logging after being shot has almost nothing to do with roleplay, because if you haven't noticed the majority of gunfights last for much longer than 3 minutes and in that time the people have already bled out and removing any possibility of RP after the gunfight ends. The rage quit scenario doesn't hurt the roleplay in most situations because they last too long. The same reason you gave for this rule staying permabannable could be used for RDM. Why should temp bans be given out to RDMers when it will ruin more oportunities for RP in the future? Its a dumb argument that tries to protect people from something that almost never happens...
  11. But RDM can also be used as a calculated decision that guarantees that you can't lose. and a majority of combat logs happen when the situation is "over" so basicly a rage quit. I don't understand how rage quitting can be a perma ban and how somebody not losing gear requires the same punishment as somebody who hacks or calls somebody an n word... Is it legit that big of a loss to RP if the person doesnt want to say the 2 words before he gets executed? what about in situations when somebody dies to a bug and combat logs to keep his gear? should that be a perm even tho it doesnt effect any sit or RP? I think its a big overkill to perma ban people for shit like this and I feel kinda weirded by the community being so used to strict rules like this that alienate so many people that want to just have fun on the server and sometimes get frustrated with stuff and combat log... I remember in the past that RDM was a perma ban and that changed because it was BS and sometimes RDM can be explained as accidental or have other reasons behind it, but some people were still bending over and defending RDM being a permaban for some reason...
  12. are you a broken droid that keeps repeating the same shit?
  13. nope, i feel like its an overkill to perma ban somebody for a combatlog
  14. server pop be dropping but combat logging is still a perma ban... why?
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