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  1. Your In-game name WhineyWaffles Name of the player(s) you are reporting Barlon Linger - XTR11 Date of the incident 07/08/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2330 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident Well I was going to refill my car and got pulled up on by two hobos and they straight up shot me in the face. You can hear IG audio and you can clearly see that there was no attempt to try and RP or actually rob me. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://youtu.be/96IeHGLYqrE This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
  2. Fellas am back.. Not that many of you knew me lol. I joined the Army and don't play much of anything anymore apart from Rust, hope everyone is doing bits!

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      Welcome back, enjoy your time bud

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  3. Personally. I think the initiation was absolutely perfect! Clear and to the point of it. Hehe.
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    FREE TS badge!

    how the heck do you do this
  5. 35 EDIT: Did not mean to comment that, please disregard that.
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    to be honest i didn't give it a lot of thought. just have heard a few people talking about it and think it would be a good idea. maybe put them in crates or something. i don't know to be honest. just think the community would find it interesting.
  7. Daley


    Event Name: PUBG TIME Description of Event: I seen the Purge event, and a lot of people I have talked to have basically said it's like PUBG, and wouldn't mind an event like that. Would be decent if you hosted a full on PUBG event. The police paradrop loads of people in to the zone as a hobo, and they get guns and try to win and come out on top. Solo as well. Dunno. Think that would be even better after the purge or something. Obviously if people try to leave once they are in, the police have the ability to shoot them. If they don't get in the zone in time, they are to be shot. Literally PUBG/purge event, just going in as nakeds. Time and date: Any date the community sees fit. Reward: A small sum of cash (5 million maybe or something as they won't necessarily be losing anything). Requirements from players (i.e. bring vehicle): No requirements. They will all be hobos. Required admin assistance: Spawning of weapons possibly.
  8. I'm gonna be honest, I've only met you a few times, and I highly doubt you remember me, because they were only brief. But I'm not gonna lie, I take things on the chin and usually shrug them off, but this has fucked me up. I've never, ever, met someone so kind over the internet. You are a legend. You've generally made me go all weird. I hope you have a great recovery, and will hopefully see you in a few months time.
  9. Daley


    I want to learn C# maybe. I've got a Jailbroken PS3, and quite like messing with things on that, so it would be nice to have a little project of my own and see where it can take me. I also wouldn't mind coding a discord bot, or as you said, SQF, stuff for Arma. It's always interested me, I've just never known where to look, as coding is such a big topic in itself. No I wouldn't do that, hopefully I can take it somewhere. Like I said @Bob Wilkinson, I really wouldn't mind making a little personal project that I can always work on. Thanks man! Did codecademy at school, but they stopped doing the lessons on code, and turned it into powerpoints and that ;~( Will definitely have another go though, cheers!
  10. Daley


    Just want to know when and how you little coders learnt to code, more importantly where you learnt to code. To be honest, I wouldn't mind starting to learn, I've just never knew to look, as there aren't many "friendly beginner tutorials". More aiming this at that the Developers, but anybody who can help/direct me, would be much appreciated! Cheers everyone!
  11. good luck to all yous getting on your exam results tomorrow ey
  12. what's the thoughts on the playstation 5, and how it is going to "crush pc" specs. like, really?
  13. Right. If I'm fully honest I did not know that the situation would be classified as baiting. That's my first apology (or my second theoretically). Next, I cannot remember the Staff members name, I'll go look in Team speak in a minute, and see if I can pick him out. Lastly I suppose, the "RDM". I did not know that firing bullet "At" them, is counted as RDM. I thought RDM was when someone were to do damage to another player. I do see where you are coming from fully with the "your side of the group provided next to no RP and then started shooting the second shots started flying off." I guess we should have known better as to not shoot at them, considering there was no RP. I really don't know what else to say. I love playing this server, but if the Punishment is what I have to take, then so be it. I can't forcefully change your mind, but only fight my corner. I did not see where I had gone wrong at the time, but I do see now. This has definitely shed light on my mistakes, and they will not be made/happen again. I do thank you for taking the time to read my post, and acknowledge my points, as well correct them. I hope I can help correct people on the same mistakes in the future, and I will be giving those rules another read. Banned or not. Yet again, thank you for your time, and thank all of the Staff team, for helping make the server enjoyable. Regards Daley
  14. How would I know if it was the plebs anyways. If you don't want people looking at how many people are online, why have the feature there? I'm not trying to be rude, and I completely respects your points, and yes you are right, but I wasn't necessarily pointing the finger towards them. I said "Plebs". Then "Extraordinary Basterds". I checked because we are rivaled to them. Next. Can you explain to me, how it was RDM? I did not damage anyone, nor did I kill. I simply fired at them. Yes, the attempt was to do some sort of damage to them, as I thought that when an Officer shoots at our group, or anyone be it, that we are allowed to fight back, as we are protecting our group. We were scoping them waiting for some sort of gun fire to appear. I also clarified this point with one of the Staff members in Teamspeak, and he said I was correct. I'm just a bit confused, how you're saying one thing, yet he says another. I do fully understand I was hot-micing, and for that I am sorry, and I should've known better, considering I have read the rules two-three times. I do have a video of before, where I was on the ground, but I did leave and make it to the Helicopter. I'm not sure if I will get un-banned, and I do see your viewpoints, and I respect them fully. I'm not asking for forgiveness, but a second chance. If I didn't like this server, I wouldn't be writing so much, to fight my corner and apologise. If there is anything else that I have done wrong, or you would like to say, I'd be glad to hear it. Sorry for wasting yours, as well as the Staff Teams time Regards Daley
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