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  1. f in the chat for kodak black

  2. ill learn to initiate properly if you let me have it?
  3. is the clothing texture tab for clothing items that will go into normal clothing store and or can gang clothing suggestions go there?

  4. meant everyone that plays the server joins together for a wipe and we just have a juicy fight for the wipe
  5. my clan vs everyone sounds good?
  6. Surgay

    RPUK Raffle

    so a good friend of mine who is relatively new here broke into a house and found some real juicy shit, he doesn't have a upgraded house so sadly none of the weapons have mags. looking to make entry 500k per ticket. max amount of tickets is 3 per person, on grounds his house might get robbed this will be a short raffle ending on 10/11/19 at 8pm. contents of what he found are below. @me on here if you are interested and meet me in game to buy the ticket. names will be kept on a google doc to keep track off it all. https://gyazo.com/67124dde02edb07c4dde865cd7cf5fe3 https://gyazo.com/e1e95be40e3307d6bdaf0368955d225f https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1may1AaGvK2LZBerHYaAr0Eh0ql8_rTZc_tXxUkDMMKg/edit?usp=sharing - to keep track of purchases
  7. hello team I am now unbanned, im looking to make some MTO friends.


    1. MrLongSlong


      im not an MTO as of yet but my friendship fee is 500k per hour, I take cash or debit card.

    2. Surgay
  8. learnt from you when I finally returned
  9. maybe not arma rp servers but ive been playing a lot of fivem rp. happy to talk to any members of staff that have an issue
  10. as for the notes I don't really understand, since ive been back I have been roleplaying? roleplay for me was never a issue and has never been on any server for me. since ive been back ive roleplayed with many people ranging from cops, medics and rebels. ive even been trying to clean up the server from telling yankee about certain people breaking rules that I knew about to try and keep them off the server. as for the duping im not stupid enough to come off a year ban and go back to duping? I literally have something like 2.5mill atm with 1 house that has nothing in. im not looking to dupe or anything like that im playing legit. not sure why its on there if it sais never proven so don't really feel as if it has any influence in this appeal. the only thing I can say is yes for that one shit situation I had shit rp and obviously occasionally will slip up with rp like everyone does. all I can say is I don't have a problem with rp and don't dupe.
  11. In-game Name Surgay Steam ID 76561198426675208 Please provide a link to your previous denied appeal. https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/118340-permanent-ban-appeal-surgay-unban-v4/ In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. RDM What have you been upto in the last 6 months+ ? not been 6+ Why do you want to return ? i want to return as i was just getting back into this server and the gang was becoming very active. i was enjoying my time playing and talking to people and the whole new vibe with all the old people playing again back from there bans. Why should we unban you ? I want to return as in my report I admitted what I did was wrong and clearly showed that it was a mistake. I new I shot to early and the rp could have gone on for much longer and have been of such higher standard. In my most recent unban appeal you state wilco that 'The new ban system will take care of you' which is why im questioning why mine went to a perm straight away for a mistake i admitted and showed how i would do differently? i feel as if you should also unban me as this is the first 'rule break' i have done, one i have clearly shown i know how to do properly and feel unjust that i was permed straight away rather than this new ban system to be set in place. id understand if i showed no regard and was adamant that it was okay but i literally say i knew what i did wrong in the situation and what i would do differently. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes I confirm 6 months+ have passed since my denied appeal. No Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
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