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  1. f in the chat for kodak black

  2. theres a script for it, not sure if the specific server made it themselves or if its on armaholic or something
  3. change to the killfeed Brief Summary: to change the kill feed to make it look better Detailed Suggestion: with the kill feed at the moment all it says is killed and killed, with no context behind it. what I think should happen is shown in the attached picture above. it will show the gang or faction that has been killed or killed along with whether they were downed or killed (executed). imo it needs updating as its been the same to my knowledge since the start of the server. just a small QOL change but would make it look fresh. The Pros: -makes the kill fe
  4. like I said it might not be 100% of the time but from what ive seen its happened many times before
  5. change bannable reasons for advertising Detailed Rule Suggestion: so currently as the rule (13) states these are all the perm ban reasons that stand under the advertising section: Teamspeak / Voice Services (example: Discord) Game Servers Social Media Groups Websites\Other Communities in my opinion I think a lot of these should be changed, for example ive seen people get banned for giving out an ip for a personal teamspeak for people to just come on and chill. what I think should happen is the rule should still stay but make it so personal ips and discords arnt count
  6. ill learn to initiate properly if you let me have it?
  7. is the clothing texture tab for clothing items that will go into normal clothing store and or can gang clothing suggestions go there?

  8. meant everyone that plays the server joins together for a wipe and we just have a juicy fight for the wipe
  9. my clan vs everyone sounds good?
  10. Surgay

    RPUK Raffle

    so a good friend of mine who is relatively new here broke into a house and found some real juicy shit, he doesn't have a upgraded house so sadly none of the weapons have mags. looking to make entry 500k per ticket. max amount of tickets is 3 per person, on grounds his house might get robbed this will be a short raffle ending on 10/11/19 at 8pm. contents of what he found are below. @me on here if you are interested and meet me in game to buy the ticket. names will be kept on a google doc to keep track off it all. https://gyazo.com/67124dde02edb07c4dde865cd7cf5fe3 https:
  11. hello team I am now unbanned, im looking to make some MTO friends.


    1. MrLongSlong


      im not an MTO as of yet but my friendship fee is 500k per hour, I take cash or debit card.

    2. Surgay
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