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  1. How is everyone?

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    2. TASH


      Thats good to here, can always message me on discord to play some other games 🙂

    3. Alaseer incognito

      Alaseer incognito

      Oh, Yes, Definitely man what happend to the other barn you got? 

    4. TASH


      Sold it to someone

  2. 2nd garage in from the right for sale. Bidding ends at Sunday 23:59. https://imgur.com/4sOjRhK
  3. TASH

    No Ting Wong

    Had an amazing roleplay with @No Ting Wong yesterday, he was really fun to help up, made a simple thing of an injured toe into a full 10 minute roleplay where I even amputate @Proxeum toes to replace it!! Was absolutely fun and original to help him up, 10/10 would do again.
  4. TASH

    NHS Tanks

    someone has to take them so they can be saved.
  5. TASH

    NHS Tanks

    @Proxeum @Alex Maximillian and @ S.kahn just chilling on the new NHS Tank specially designed for only the most combat ready medics!
  6. Firstly, I was the one in the yellow ifrit, This makes no sense at all, even in your video clip you can see me and my mates approaching from the airport direction, whoever you claim attempted to ram you at the garage was not us. Secondly, I was approaching you at about 95km/h when you suddenly turn to the left as I was going to pass you on the left side, as seen here https://imgur.com/FLQzDMi . I made no attempt to ram you. Thirdly you were initiated on and failed to comply so the threat was carried out. This can be seen in this clip as nortolus was hot-micing https://imgur.com/7ZGY9XC
  7. But its not rebel outpost? Viper eliminates the interaction with people and no one has any problems with that?
  8. I disagree, as the time and risk people have to put in to make the minimum of 40 million and a minimum rent of 100k a day to keep it balances it out.
  9. except viper offers other perks such as buying thermals on vtols and jets, and buying hunters.
  10. The gang base's weapon upgrades Brief Summary: this is about the recent changes about the gang base weapon upgrades, particularly its price and what extra weapons it unlocks. Detailed Suggestion: I thank the device for listening to the community and implementing a suggestion posted on the forums. However, I see some problems with how it's been done, I and everyone I have spoken to about the subject think it's overpriced for the underwhelming amount of weaponry. Firstly, it costs 10 mill to buy the cheapest base, then 15 mill to be able to buy all the pistols, vermin,
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