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  1. Hey there welcome it's been a long time!

  2. Fair play for a decent response, I was just wondering why they were doing it on here that's all. I think if you're open to suggestion and actually happy to change, you'll fill your servers again. I noticed earlier that you declined an unban request from someone who is an admin on another community. I assume they were banned originally for advertising, which is fair enough, but surely being an admin somewhere else doesn't warrant a ban from here if you are following the rules? People like to move around from server to server.
  3. Because surely if they have any questions, they can go and ask the people at the top directly. Don't need to resort to using the forums to ask them.
  4. Why are staff asking questions on this thread, don't you guys talk to each other?
  5. Whats up you want to grab a drink when you next over this side of the country? 

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