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  1. We wil leave one shit year to potentially leave it for another shiter year but none the less a merry christmas to all of you
  2. You have won nothing if it has never happened @Warwick
  3. Tokjat

    Business Bank logs

    Give Business owners the ability to check the bank logs this would be very uses full incase money goes missing from the bank so the owner can confront the person that did it or to see when some one has bought a car from another player with money thats in the bank
  4. Looks great cant wait to represent Grove Street properly so Balles watch your backs
  5. Sinds i got asked to putt in my two cents i will start with this: how is he Baiting when he has been when he has changed cars to comeback to watch the situation evolve and come to stand next to me in the green car to talk about how the police is doing a shit job in keeping order and giving the people in the area twenty different orders to follow
  6. Unban Appeal for Tokjat In-game Name: Tokjat Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198042636960 The date you got banned: 11/10/20 Member of the team that banned you: Qrow Reason given for your ban: C1.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got banned of saying the following sentences “Stop being a fucking retard” of which the word retard is usually used in a discriminatory way and I still continue to use the word with full intent to describe someone's action on the server and when asked in a liason if this was my full intent to u
  7. Thank you for your reply Simon and now on to another point why do you even feel offended on a comment thats clearly not even made towards you
  8. Lets ask @Simon Ross if hes even bother about that comment if he says yes the he has my wel met apologie and if not it seems to me your just reporting for the sake of reporting sinds the comment was not even made to words you
  9. Wel im feel verry sorry that you feel offended that i said Simon Ross stop acting like fucking retard but in the end of the day he was acting like a dick and who steals things out of a moving car so in the hate of the moment i feld that was the best thing to call him and if he had an issue with it him self he could have told me so and he did not really seemt that bother about it
  10. Tokjat

    Recent update changes

    The only places police can get helicopters out is at kavala and npas at the outer station we can not get them out
  11. Tokjat

    Cap zone changes

    If they were to do this police and Poseidon should not be included in the reward of the top gangs sinds there not gangs but whitlisted factions and in the end its mens to be a rebble thing
  12. Im going to give you an short answer on this as for the Ferrari indeed every one on the server could own one at this moment in time so many it's worth for us car dealers to have a more indebted chat about that one to see how we can limited them as for the McLaren's they are already limited the P1 for example they won't be sold anymore sinds the limit we have said for them has been reached and if I'm correct there is only 4 in the city
  13. But then police should set up sting operations with unmarked officers to bust these people and the people and when this starts to happen the locations change again
  14. -1 from me personally I think none of the drug locations should be market and in stead inshould all be found out in rp
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