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  1. Different situation, I believe. Yes, I shall leave this to the admins. Any question I'm more than happy to answer. EDIT: [Not particularly relevant] If staff feel more is necessary, I'm sure they'll say.
  2. The liaison was about a situation that occurred a couple hours later. A different situation. How would that occur if I can't recall shouting down my mic? One more thing for you, there is absolutely no need to be making childish remarks and using childish emotes, thank you.
  3. No, I don't recall screaming down my mic at all, I played a soundboard yes, but I did not scream down my mic. If its the second Imgur link you are referring to, I have no idea what made that noise, probably a loose connection somewhere along the lines or Windows/ARMA being funny. On to the soundboard, yes I shouldn't have played it and for that I apologise. Do you think I'm out to get banned? Well for the record, I'm not.
  4. Did I? As far as I remember I only put // as a result of the ZERO roleplay I received in the car, not before. I was speaking to you, the only response I received (To my memory) was, as stated, "Shut the fuck up, you're dead."
  5. To start, in hindsight, playing soundboards probably wasn't a great idea and in the long run only made the situation worse, for that, I apologise. However, as far as I remember, I stopped playing the soundboard when you asked me too. This has been edited out of the video. It does beg the question though, if I was really out to get myself banned and ruin your experience, would I stop playing it when asked? Probably not. One thing I will say, is I had no idea this would have so much interference and be so bloody loud. No, actually, it isn't, I have no issue with what happens in the video
  6. I will respond later this evening. I haven't really had a chance yet.
  7. One lovely AR hunter. Post offers down below.
  8. In-game Name Ralph Steam ID 76561198166167778 The date of your ban. 03/28/20 Member of the team that banned you. Gordon Reason given for your ban. 2.5 Where was you banned Altis Life In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I know full well why I was banned, myself and a couple of mates were joking around ziptie-ing one and other and I Alt-F4D because I thought it would be funny. I completely understand why you would ban me for this as it could lead to new players thinking it is acceptable and doing it in future. Why should
  9. Turns out this is true, you heard the initiation, you did not comply. You then have the cheek to land in front of my mates (who were not involved so not a clue why they are being reported). You then continued follow so I landed on the office block and continued to shoot, then you VDM my helicopter breaking the engine, then fled and landed in a greenzone, then you metagamed my friends? I really don't see the point in this report. Edit: Please ignore comments about editing, can confirm 2:09 is the time I initate, just me watching the video on low volume so didn't hear anything. Sorry
  10. Please provide an unedited clip, the audio is muted until conveniently after I initiated. EDIT: Turns out your in game audio was so low theres no way in hell you could hear anything, watching the video I cant even hear the helicopter lol
  11. What.... You vdmed helicopter when I was on top of athira office block, you did not try to resolve at all, and then proceeded to run into the greenzone and land your help there. As for my initiation, you literally edited the audio out for it, why is that? You then proceeded to edit the audio back in later, so how can this even be a report for fail to when you edited the audio out?
  12. So, 2 wrongs don't make a right do they? Besides, common sense would dictate if you knock my mate out in front of me, I will retaliate.
  13. Why did you not try to resolve? Also, you break rp multiple times in the video, and also talk on teamspeak whilst knocked out, in itself fail rp. Im more than happy to have a chat with you in liason if you would like. EDIT: In roleplay, why would I show remorse, I offered you the chance to come to ts which you so rudely declined, and instead said I might just report instead.
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