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  1. Robert R


    I think Salv is a pretty good guy
  2. Just bought this hopefully this can do the job 


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    2. Gordon


      Ah right, sounds like it makes sense in your case. Just make sure you get your warranty registered (if required), incase the worst should happen 👍

    3. Charles Vane

      Charles Vane


      big rob back on the server

    4. Robert R

      Robert R

      Yeesss getting the internet tomorrow 

  3. Can we wait till June 3 2023 thank you
  4. Happy bday man

  5. Happy bday idiot

  6. Heard the plebs are back 

  7. Pretty sick game in my opinion just need to make the party system better
  8. the teleport rule is in place for multiple reasons. 1. To add realism to the game. 2. To prevent people avoiding hostile role play that they may encounter if they travel without teleporting. 3. If everybody started to teleport it would reduce roleplay and server interactions which is not what anyone wants. 4. In teleporting you take away opportunities from other players and give yourself immunity.Rest assured I understand greatly where I’ve gone wrong and it’s an action I will not repeat
  9. My forum warning was simply because I was hot headed with a dev and let my frustrations get the best of me. I was trying to voice my concerns with server development. However, I went about this the wrong way and showed a lack of respect and as such I was appropriately banned. In terms of teleporting, the honest answer is yes, I have teleported before. Like I said, I hadn't really given much attention to the fact my actions could effect others on the server and I had been lazy and inconsiderate. Like I said previously, this has been a wake up call for me and it's something I have no intention o
  10. Let's be honest. We both know the reason I teleported, and you're right. It was complete and utter laziness. I thought I was alone at the slots and I'd be alone at the gangbase, I didn't think I would effect anyone. I didn't take into cosideration that if I travelled properly, that I could have had interactions and as such my experience, and that of others was effected by my teleporting. You're right in that I thought I could get away with it, I was naive and stupid, but most of all, as previously stated, I was lazy. For me this was a wake up call, I've had a clean record up until now
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