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  1. Just wondering. For me... my friend introduced me to this server and the game arma 3 itself by watching some youtube videos.
  2. We've lost a legend... (made by @ironic.mp4) 34649239_264905120742061_5887449480394964992_n.mp4
  3. XXXTENTACION was shot - Condition Unclear - lets pray for him 😥🙏

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    2. Vincent van Gogh
    3. Nick Carraway

      Nick Carraway

      What? I really don´t know who is it.

    4. Jinx a

      Jinx a

      R.I.P XXXTENTACION  man 💔💔💔💔😢 🌹 🥀 

  4. OK i’ve Pmed u 3 @Smith that’s right my man i was testing peoples’ reactions xddd golden words
  5. If for example I've found a quite serious weakness in the rpuk website, what should i do with this info? Can i get banned for not sharing it? Will I get a reward for sharing it? Whats gonna happen? Just a random question. Uno// ...lets say it can make the website temporary stop working.
  6. Why would you pay for it? You can easily get it for free
  7. Thank you for a follow Jinx 😘🖤

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