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  1. I have also noticed this lately, usually happens right after I have connected. But I have had some instances where I haven't been able to transmit to others when I have been connected for a while.
  2. I am a NVIDIA user. I believe my drivers are up to date but will go and check. Will also try adding a exclusion, cheers! EDIT: Oh my, you are a actual legend, adding the exclusion fixed it.
  3. Since I believe newyears I have had a issue with FiveM where it will not launch, magically before I just had to delete the cache and it worked. For the past weeks I sometimes have to wait 20 minutes for the menu to open. Upon trying to launch FiveM the loading box does appear. But will not open FiveM after the loading is completed. In Taskmanager FiveM is running. I have tried most things to be able to fix it, clear cache, restart my pc, reinstall FiveM and GTA5, and even factory resetting. I cannot find anyone that has the same issue online but if anyone got any solutions I potentially can try it would be much appreciated!
  4. Same happens when trying to pick up police equipment, Cones, Barricades, Road Closed signs etc. Pretty sure it is like this for every prop atm.
  5. This does happen out of peak times as well, have witnessed 3 people have a gamecrash there today between 30-100 player count
  6. I and many of my friends have been getting game crashes at this exact spot over the past days. I asked on discord and multiple people there are experiencing the same, It has mostly happened on peak times of the server. Other than that no idea why it happens.
  7. Adios, Joshua, Carlos, Cal & Darren Larga vida Marabunta Grande!
  8. @Jaden Olijedwarna Try to look at the vehicle to put them in. I always do that and works for me.
  9. I have not witnessed this myself. Are you using your ALT eye directly on the vehicle or the person?
  10. This has happened to me a few times, i believe all times it has been the same case where you get punched and get a new hat. Will try to reproduce
  11. I don't think I have had a better laugh than this in a while. Can't wait to see all the C1.2's after this
  12. @Mike Wolfie I am fully booked for tonight, tomorrow I should be available any time after 6pm!
  13. Yeah that was what I was stating, I was not around for the early part of this scenario. I logged on in the middle of it and got a update on what was going on and I then got involved. When changing your entire attire to a whole different color I cannot identify you. It could have been anyone, a guy selling drugs on a bike, a complete random etc. If there was words spoken; Asking me to stop the car, Put my hands up, or any form of interaction with me before shooting me it wouldn't be a problem. It could have been a interesting situation with a kidnapping, hostage etc but cut short due to just shooting me. I am not playing "stupid". It was not a enjoyable situation to just get shot like that. I can come and have a chat in teamspeak but I would like to have a staff member present if we could arrange a time for that!
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