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  1. I'd suggest then creating a discord ticket, I'm sure someone will know for sure if this particular gang already exists
  2. Nice story mate, looking forward to meet you out there
  3. This Video Still Makes Me Laugh To This Day 😄 Great times we had @Mr Ivhan



    1. Mr Ivhan

      Mr Ivhan

      Yeah man, loved to make those! U around on fivem? Got a new channel m8 -> 


    2. TheCap


      Yea I am 😉 

  4. I firstly want to say, Thank you! Thank you for everything, Management, Staff, Devs, the players EVERYBODY. I have had so much fun on arma, its a shame that arma is dying, however with the (Not confirmed) Arma 4 maybe coming out, theres still a chance. I have grown up with this community on Arma, ive had my fan in every single faction and enjoyed to be with people. This unfortunately is the end to a great era of arma, and a new one is incoming!
  5. I'd firstly like to thank the Staff Leads for putting enormous trust in me to serve the community. After watching admin cam streams, I started to want to help AS MUCH as I could. Now, I have got my chance to do so, thank you @Stavik @Drew and @Gordonfor giving me this chance. I'd also like to congratulate @Bowenon his promotion to staff lead (wooop wooopp) And a congrats to all the new staff members! 

  6. Yea I would think the same.. 10-15 minutes and a 7 minute recharge? this makes the car completely useless. Maybe they should either fix that and make the car last longer or faster recharge OR add a option to pay extra or modify the car for fast charging capabilities.
  7. glad to see you're back mate!
  8. TheCap

    Respawn Bug

    I am not sure, I haven't played for a bit so I am unable to answer that for you. Since the last post I made, it did happen twice. However, I think, (If it hasn't been patched yet) I found out why. I believe that if you are in cuffs and you're downed, you decide to respawn the bug happens. However I am unable to say this with 100% certainty due to my being in cuffs and respawning but I spawned at Paleto like normal. I have a reason to believe it has something to do with the hospital. How? I dont know
  9. Well this is it. Goodbye Altis. Its amazing how much time I've spent on Altis Life. I have never actually intentionally bumped onto RPUK. I was playing Arma when I was interested in doing some Go-Kart racing. I search it up on google and suddenly POP. RPUK pops up, and I've been here since. I've always enjoyed it and I thank the Admins for keeping the server and especially the community clean. But I want to give a HUGE shoutout to the Devs, for making it all possible. I've got about 1600 Hours on Altis Life from RPUK, Lots of good and fun times, and some bad situations. But all these moments and memories, will stay forever with me. I hope Malden Life, will keep the #KeepArmaAlive mindset stronger and give a new chance to this old, and fantastic game. 

    1. George R

      George R

      wow, yeah it's been a good time. I remember you from the times we used to play probably well over a year ago now, i wonder how things have been going 🙂 

    2. TheCap


      Doing Great @George Rhope its the same with you

  10. Your Name: Charles Vander (Police Constable of LSPS) The Weazel Reporters Name: Not sure, but a majority of them, or a general complaint What they did that made you get all Karen about it: Standing in the middle of a gunfight and refusing to leave when told to leave. After the gunfight, we attempted to ask/tell them why they did not leave, and the simple reply was "Because I don't have to", I don't mind weazle news recording stuff, but I start minding when they stand in the middle of the gunfight with the chance of being shot from either side. What you feel would resolve the situation: Simple, explain to any of your reporters to not STAND in the middle of the gunfight and attempt to "Interview" the officers or gang members shooting. It could save a life and also keep the officers concentrated on protecting the public.
  11. From my knowledge, you may restrain someone it has to come with the following requirements: -Be in a ragdoll position so (Being tased for example, same with the tackle however, if the officer is in the same position as the person hes trying to cuff, its not allowed) -being injured of any sort, if a medic needs to do medical stuff and requests the cuffs to be off, then the officer needs to comply -hands up
  12. noticed as well, when you log in on your tweedle on 1 characer, and log into another character, you're still logged in the same tweedle, id like to see that you're logged in on different accounts on different characters.
  13. It Has Been 3 years now that I have been part of the RPUK community. I would like to say thank you to all people for the fun they brought me, too many to tag, you know who you are. Thanks to the Devs for the AWESOME WORK on GTARP and Altis, thanks to the staff members that keep the forums, discord and especially the servers clean. Thanks to management for even making this possible. 




  14. Make sure you check ingame regularly, as thats how they contact you, but it also depends, if there are too many solicitors then it might take some time
  15. There was a car show at the Vespucci beach, on the right of the pier. Im not saying people will have bad performance because they def will, im saying the server will crash which it did last time, causing issues with RP scenarios that were present during the show.
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