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  1. Thats no worries then, I believe i can check the exact timings i stopped playing GTA5, however does it show up on steam with the same exact timings? Cause if yes then I can show the exact time I logged off and since im 3 hours ahead of GMT I can prove that I was not on the server when this happened
  2. Hey @Ponty, this cannot be me as I logged off about 1 hour before that, I can have others vouch for me and if we can have a admin also check the logs it'll show, this must be my stolen Itali GTO which I have also reported stolen 1-2 hours before this happened sorry EDIT* I would have also appreciated if you would have tried to come forward instead of going straight away for a report
  3. I understand that, then that is something police will have to bring up to Devs/Staff/Management, because the major difference between the way Police get vehicles out and civilians is, Civilians have to work extremely hard to obtain said vehicles. Whilst police can easily pull it out. I agree that not all cars should be extremely quick or fast and furious type, but nerfing vehicles that would normally be extremely hard to obtain/pay for is pretty dang unfair. That I would agree with, just because a rule has been set in place where only 1 interceptor can be pulled
  4. So this topic is not to create a argument nor is it here to troll or cause problems, this is a genuine and curios topic that I have regarding the vehicle speed nerfs that are raining down Los Santos. As of now I have noticed how LSPS are crying because they cannot catch up to Super cars and falling behind because their OWN police rules make it strict on pulling out a interceptor to catch these vehicles. I understand that vehicles can get abused by their cheap price and their speed. But there should be no reason to nerf cars that are super expensive and hard to obtain. For Example, I
  5. Hey Guys, streaming Valheim come and join me and show me some love!


  6. Hey @Jolly, To answer your questions in regards as to why I ran towards him even though he wasn't healing, in the writing I said the reason I fully committed is because as soon as i turned the corner, i saw his hands using a bandage. In the footage as I start running you can see me looking at the cars first and thats where I kind of made my decision to follow Harri after seeing him. I wasn't fully 100% dedicated for the tackle until I saw him bandaging, but if he wasn't I would have not been there. To also comment about Katie, it was during teamspeak where @TikTakwas present and can vouch for
  7. Hello Harri, Sorry that this our situation has led a report. Lets get all the information out: Before Gunfight-> Whilst Patrolling at Mission Row PD, I receive a panic button dispatch that was located at the Aztecas Gang Base (I didnt know that at the time until I got to prison and pieced it together) When arriving at the scene, I was told by other officers that I need to set a cordon at the other side. The Cordon was set, and i was just standing there until one of the CTSFO Officers ran towards and me and informed me that a potential fight would arise. I then proceed to run and
  8. Every time I Change clothes, relog, sometimes take my mask off/on, the face paint / makeup disappears and its a pain that I need to keep on going back to the shop and get it again due to the fact that it also resets my hair
  9. TheCap

    Tour De Santos

    This actually looks awesome and im thinking about creating a triathlon event
  10. My true question is "How in the world did you discover that in the first place XD"
  11. I like the idea, I would also like to see a "Block" feature so this person can never call you again
  12. is that something from my side? because from what I heard im the only one with this issue
  13. the title says it all, no clue why but when this error appears its impossible for me to connect, and when it does show up, its right after "obtaining steam ticket"
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