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  1. Done that today, you can collect their rings at the park ranger station
  2. I just came here to say...





  3. Banned for not banning him for ruining the game
  4. Your boi is home :)

    Screenshot (1757).png

  5. Recently been playing Ready or Not with @Ryley McKenna - Diaz. Using the british voice mod rn, wondering when tadsworth will release his voice for the game.

    1. Snuffles


      That would be golden. @Tadworthmake it happen.

    2. Louise Smith

      Louise Smith

      Ahhh yes, lemme just turn down my volume for that.

    3. TheCap


      Heard it was a great game, but got no money 😞

  6. Alesia

    Phoenix Ashes

    @DIR Phoenix Ashes
  7. I think your best way forward from here is by making an unban appeal following the guide here: https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Unban_Appeal Others had to do the same thing, sorry
  8. Hai waifu, 

    You cute <3

  9. These things still happen, but it is extremely rare. I've also noticed that people who roleplay a certain way to make it more interesting, are either extremely successful at this (for example father, the first person that successfully started an RP as a priest and got his own church), and others who try but fail due to either inside or outside reasons. (themselves or the community). You still need to put your time in here for the factions. Being police for 8 months doesn't guarantee you to become a sergeant. There are people in the police right now since the start of the server and are still PC's or never reached above sergeant. The progression of the NHS is pretty simple, activity + feedback gets you promoted until S.PAR, you can rank up 4 times before you're hit by a limited rank, the A.PAR, as it's an almost semi command role. I don't know how it is in the lost MC, I've never managed to join, I tried twice, once after 4 ish months I was told I couldn't join, other time after 2 days of sitting in front of their gates I gave up. Honestly, it annoyed me that I wasted these months for a goal I wouldn't achieve, but I had fun rp experience with them, and it's worth trying. About the mistakes, it's true, I've got a feeling mistakes here ain't minimized anymore but almost maximised. The smallest mistake in a faction can get you fired and the months or years of character progression thrown away in the bin. Back in altis, if you shot someone and got PCC'd, you'd most likely become a PCSO tier 1 for a week (unarmed police for those who weren't around). Now you get a court case and get your character fired, knowing that it's at least 1 month before you can have a pistol. I honestly miss the times where you could have fun without the fear of getting fucked over by court systems and internal affairs. The issue here is that the factions want to keep it as realistic as possible, but they don't take into account the character progression of that person. The second you have 1 criminal charge on your record, there are certains legal things you can't even do anymore. If you're charged with murder as police on a character you spend 1 year on building, that character from there on is useless for doing legal stuff. Illegal stuff are mostly done on a 2nd character that's part of a gang or a solo criminal. You cannot rejoin the police, or join the NHS due to that murder charge. Same as sollicitor and G6 who are whitelisted groups. You can't join any gangs because they either don't trust you as a former cop, or you've already got a 2nd character part of a gang. Leaving only 1 option: delete your 1 year progression I'm sorry to see this was your experience coming back. In the beginning the roleplay was better, guns were extremely rare, gangs did deals in hidden places just to get information about something, alliances were made, wars were fought with switchblades or uzi's from the black market. But then more guns came, unarmed police got guns pulled to them for traffic stops, armed police were outnumbered, so every cop got a gun since then. Guns became harder to get with the black market being removed and you had to make them yourselves with 3 locations and materials you need to get. From there on, robberies happened more just for guns. Add a few months more and you'll have the current state, where a lot of people have guns and rob people for the smallest things, even if it's 250 pounds. People getting robbed at clothing shops, people getting robbed for basically no reason, it's getting really petty, even the NHS has their now and them times they get robbed, but that's extremely rare. Sadly there is not much you can do about this, there will always be people breaking rules, all you can do with them is just report them. I'm happy to see that the NHS was giving you a better experience, sadly the NHS often gets targetted by bad RP as well. But it's true that just 1 faction won't help out the entire community. There are times when I played I was thinking I was in GTA online because the hospital was just a massive team deathmatch area with 2 gangs fighting each other, then the police joining as a 3rd party. They want realistic RP but in what world would 2 gangs and cops have a gang war inside of the hospital?
  10. Report a player Your In-game Name: Alesia Smith Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 245 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 12/23/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1845 What best describes this incident ?: G1.2 / G9.4 / C1.2 Please (in detail) describe the incident: I was doing a hospital shift in the NHS when someone dropped a patient out in front of the door. I picked up the patient and walked to ward B, he then decided to said I am a black c*nt. I walk into the ward B and ask him to stop following me. He keeps trying to pick his friend up, but it didn't work. He pulled a knife on me and kept trying to pick his friend up, my panic button didn't work. He then decided to stab me for what I see the only reason is because he couldn't pick up his mate. Around 5 min after my wi-fi died and I tried to reconnect, asked him in OOC to come to teamspeak but he never showed up Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/aBbcd4c81YI This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  11. Come home mother pls thanks.


    - Your abandoned daughter

    Screenshot (1358).png

  12. After the new clothing update, if you buy a full face mask, the imported hair clips through.
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