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  1. RIP, it's sad to see you go Johhny boii Who do I need to send my memes to now
  2. Local rapper begging for donations Recently this week Lil' Kiff announced he will be bringing out his first album where he is rapping about his success in the city. "From being a wannabe Lost MC to a gang leader, I'll rap about it all." Weazel even had the oppertunity to listen to one of the tracks called "all these cars are mine". The album will be out at the end of the month on Spotify and iTunes. Lil' Kiff is also asking for donations of vintage items, things that have been around since the beginning of the island and are barely used. This is to place in his collection of v
  3. At the impound, do you take them off your truck before impounding them? It only happens to me when I used to impound them from my truck, since then I take them off before impounding them
  4. News 8th of April 2021 First man in Los Santos with Onlyfans Weazel news were first to find the first man in Los Santos with an Onlyfans page, where he is posting pictures of his feet for a monthly subscription of £25.00 a month. For a total amount of £50.00 you will be getting personal DM's now from the person itself. If you want to meet this man in person, he will be hanging around the Triads turf later in the week. Chris Lee got caught? Weazel news spoke to Sergeant Viekko Knight about the recent happenings of Inspector Chris Lee, where in surprise we were to
  5. Yesterday as NHS I had issues with the caps lock menu for a while, often having to wait 15 seconds before it shows, and then slowly loading the other options. But things like reviving, or giving bandages worked isntantly even with a slow UI. Besides that was there also the fact that sometimes when eating or drinking, our food or drink was stuck in our hand.
  6. I like the queue thingy on the forums, looks nice! Nice job with coding 🙂

    1. Scott Weiland

      Scott Weiland

      Good job Ciaran 🥳

  7. I'd prefer to see something like instagram but I like this idea too
  8. Nice one Willis !!!
  9. This is what I meant in my bug report, if you're close to them on a bike, it even kills you
  10. I don't have any video's of this, but I've noticed other people seeing it as well. When people are doing fuel delivery missions, they seem to be teleporting all over the place, often completely destroying cars, killing people or worse.
  11. Kseniya


    people who grinded to get it can buy a musket and give it to their friends. The muskets do defenetly need a nerf lol, already saw people get onetapped from miles away haha
  12. Kseniya


    Brief Summary: Remove houses from inactive members & add new houses. Detailed Suggestion: At the moment, almost all houses are bought by members of the community. Some members are still active, but there are some houses owned by people who are either banned or not playing anymore. There are also some places where you could add a new house to create more housing. First part of the suggestion is to make a system that removes the house of a character that hasn't been active for a set amount of minutes in a month. When the new month comes, the script
  13. Kseniya

    Prison Sentences

    I do agree that 12h is too much, I remember accidentally putting someone in for 2h back when the server was new and it was the meme of the month. Suddenly 2h because one of the minor punishments.
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