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  1. This is what I meant in my bug report, if you're close to them on a bike, it even kills you
  2. Kseniya

    Fuel deliveries

    I don't have any video's of this, but I've noticed other people seeing it as well. When people are doing fuel delivery missions, they seem to be teleporting all over the place, often completely destroying cars, killing people or worse.
  3. +1 it is annoying enough to run from sandy to impound without any cars on the road, having a bunch of locked cars pass by only annoys more.
  4. Kseniya


    people who grinded to get it can buy a musket and give it to their friends. The muskets do defenetly need a nerf lol, already saw people get onetapped from miles away haha
  5. Kseniya


    Brief Summary: Remove houses from inactive members & add new houses. Detailed Suggestion: At the moment, almost all houses are bought by members of the community. Some members are still active, but there are some houses owned by people who are either banned or not playing anymore. There are also some places where you could add a new house to create more housing. First part of the suggestion is to make a system that removes the house of a character that hasn't been active for a set amount of minutes in a month. When the new month comes, the script
  6. Kseniya

    First Aiders

    I understand and it does make sense.
  7. Kseniya

    First Aiders

    It was an example of how you can die over something stupid if the NHS is too busy with other things. Other examples could be by being beaten up by a fist, forgot to eat for a few minutes, getting tased and it got lethal, etc. The suggestion is mainly to give people a chance of longer survival if the NHS is too busy and open more roleplay scenario's. I understand someone cannot survive a shot in the head and it would be rediculous to give that a bloodbag, but on the other point, it is a bit sad to see someone die because he got knocked out.
  8. Kseniya

    First Aiders

    I understand this, but it is a bit sad to die because you get hit multiple times by snowballs. Maybe it could be seen with the triage system currently in the NHS, if it is black you cannot help him, if it is red, you can only help him once, etc.
  9. Kseniya

    First Aiders

    +1, I'd prefer to make it so they won't see the patients at all As long as you RP it, you should be good, but I've seen examples on altis where the dude was rping his head was blown off yet he kept being bloodbagged to get his gear. Saw these things from both rebels and police side, so I'd rather not give the same option.
  10. Kseniya

    First Aiders

    Brief Summary: Ability for people to get a first aid licence Detailed Suggestion: A licence that will allow people to apply first aid to people. When they apply first aid and they have the proper tools (like bandages), the bleedout timer will reset. This will allow people to roleplay as first aiders on events, or can keep their friends alive until the NHS arrives. People who are in whitelisted factions, like police, can then roleplay as medical trained officers. However, to prevents an Altis like situation where people constantly bloodbag you to prevent you from dying,
  11. Kseniya

    Prison Sentences

    I do agree that 12h is too much, I remember accidentally putting someone in for 2h back when the server was new and it was the meme of the month. Suddenly 2h because one of the minor punishments.
  12. the evidence locker isn't in the same room anymore. I won't say where exactly it is, but by breaching 1 lock, or even bypassing it, you are there... won't be much of a challenge, and if you know how to be a sneaky boi, no one would even realise.
  13. This my good sir, deserves a big fat +1. It would bring me closer to finally catching a lot of those criminals out there.
  14. Maybe if there would be 2 servers then, else -1. Don't really see a difference between playing with 100 players and playing with my internet.
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