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  1. I would say 2017 (before I joined the community) or 2018 when I first joined the community. Player base was good, server was full everyday. UNMC had just fallen and Poseidon had just come in. Economy was great.. Most people I met during that time have stayed in the community like Riz. Experienced players didn't touch new players (unlike now). Roleplay was good. I could RP as Police without people wanting my Beret
  2. If you wish to get a refund you need to fill in a compensation request here https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Compensation_Request
  3. My bad i didn't read the forum part
  4. Are you trying to link your REAL twitter account? If so that's not how it works. You create an in-game Twitter account
  5. Damn I haven't done ETS MP in a while, gotta get back into it
  6. I am still having issues, however they are less frequent than previously. But when they hit I use the same methods as I did before (turning VC off etc) and it works again
  7. This has happened to me multiple times, it mainly seems to be when the server is at 80+ players for me
  8. Fair enough. Nah I'm just saying thats what I was offered tho, and cause of what I've done in the past I know what people are like lol
  9. I'm not saying I sell the locations, because I don't unless they're gonna be offering me 100+ hours of grinding or something ridiculous. I'm just saying that when I've seen it, its typically been around 100k-200k like I've been offered
  10. Unless you have a friend who will tell you, or you pay somebody, or you find it yourself, you won't get it. Nobody who doesn't know you won't tell you for free. I'm lucky, I have friends who told me where it was. So your best bet is to search for it yourself. The best tip I can give you, is to look at the link below. Its the only free tip anybody will give you. Also for another tip, don't do Meth. There are other methods which are legal, faster, and can make you money much quicker https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/GTA:Drugs
  11. Mate the only LEGIT people will sell you the location for 100k-200k+. Why should be tell you for free, when we can have 30k+ from every weapon you buy from us? Better for our business
  12. There is one in Paleto Bay for sale for 480k that is unowned
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